Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews

"Williams", restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews

In this short article we will talk about a verya popular Moscow restaurant type restaurant with the name "Williams". If you do not know where to have a good time, then be sure to read this material.


The author's restaurant Uilliam's is located inhistorical part of Moscow, at the Patriarch's Ponds, at Malaya Bronnaya Street, house No. 20a. The place is very busy, after a delicious dinner you can stroll around. The nearest metro stations are Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya.

"Williams" (restaurant)

We recommend to book a table in advance, becausethe restaurant is very popular in Moscow. Reservation is better in a few days. The restaurant "Williams" on Bronnaya is open to you from 10:30 until midnight, it works without days off.


This restaurant was opened in 2011 by WilliamLamberti, a man with a Michelin training. The institution is part of the famous and successful network of Ginza Project. William Lamberti is listed as her brand-chef. The restaurant does not adhere to a certain cuisine, there are no strict limits and rules. Many dishes are a mix of Italian, Russian, French cuisines, have an international character.

In his work the chef is guided by simpleprinciples: "Tasty, useful, easy." William Lamberti is very hospitable and sociable, open to everything new. He will gladly invite you to participate in the cooking process, if you want to share a signature recipe, or maybe include it in the restaurant menu with attribution.


"Williams" - the restaurant is rather small,designed in a European format. It is very cozy. Tables here are close to each other, but this does not interfere with the conversation, but on the contrary, it creates the feeling that you are in a big friendly company.

Restaurant "Williams" on Bronnaya

The open branded red kitchen Molteni in the hall gives an extra chic to the place. A huge number of sparkling saucepans, pans and other kitchen accessories are simply mesmerizing.

On the sides of the kitchen are various lockers. If you like to observe the process of cooking and the harmonious work of the cooks, then you will definitely like it here.

You can book a table in advance or settlenear the kitchen. Separately, I want to note comfortable chairs and neat square tables that can be moved at any moment, so that a large company can perfectly accommodate. In summer you can have a great time, sitting directly at the exit on special pads. Restaurant "Williams" on Malaya Bronnaya has a wardrobe, located directly at the entrance to the institution.

You will certainly remember the unusual and colorful chandeliers above the kitchen, made from empty upturned glass bottles.

Also, you must pay attention to the livingflowers in vases and striped napkins on tables that betray the institution of uniqueness. A variety of pictures and photos on the walls of the restaurant will not let you get bored while waiting for the dishes and will create an absolutely comfortable and slightly homely atmosphere. It is in such a place you will necessarily want to return.


The menu of the restaurant is placed on one sheet, buthere everyone will find themselves dishes to taste. Food is simple, nothing superfluous, but the presented dishes are able to satisfy even the most refined taste of the visitor. All dishes are author's, beautifully decorated, prepared according to carefully verified recipes from the freshest products. The menu of the restaurant is updated every two months. Some dishes especially liked by visitors can return to the menu in 1-3 months, but necessarily in an updated form.

Restaurant "Williams" on Malaya Bronnaya

You can choose for yourself as a light snack,and soups, pasta, meat or vegetables on the grill. Bruschetta with crab, black ravioli, French onion soup, brandy duck-confit with cauliflower - all this is impossible to try at once, but for several trips to the restaurant you should get. Therefore, visitors return here again and again.

In the institution you can taste a chicken on a spit,rack of lamb and beef tenderloin on the grill. And for lovers of fish dishes and seafood delicious seem baked dorado or octopus on the grill, snack with octopus, seafood soup. On the secret Italian recipes, they prepare delicious lasagna, spaghetti, risotto. Well, a large selection of delicious desserts will make forget about the diet all the beautiful half of humanity. However, especially not to worry, all the dishes on the menu are light enough.

All products are purchased from reliable and trusted suppliers. Preference is given to chilled raw materials, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Prices for meals in the restaurant can not be called low. But after all author's tasty food a priori can not be cheap. The average bill for lunch or dinner is about 2000 rubles per person. Breakfast will cost you a little cheaper. The menu may not contain certain dishes, depending on the availability of fresh products from the supplier.

Restaurant "Williams" (Moscow) does not hold any corporate events, but here it is always unusually quiet and peaceful.


Restaurant "Williams" (Moscow)

The bulk of visitors to the restaurant - people from 16up to 45 years. However, elderly couples also come here. And if you still decide to visit the restaurant "Williams" on the Patriarch's Ponds with children, then an open kitchen will undoubtedly attract the attention of small visitors and take them for a while. Tasty ice cream and cakes will certainly please small sweeties. In summer this place is especially popular because of the open terrace.


A warm and friendly atmosphere - visitingcard of this institution. Attentive waiters will promptly take your order, tell you about the composition and method of cooking any dish, help you choose wine for meat or fish and advise an excellent dessert. All this will be done with the most sincere and warm smile, as well as a sparkling sense of humor.

The chefs of the restaurant, led by chef William Lamberti, are working with virtuosity and will be happy to show you their culinary skills.

Restaurant "Williams" at the Patriarchs

Virtually everyone who has ever visited a guest at William Lamberti, come back again and again to try the new culinary achievements of the chef.

"Williams" (restaurant), whose address you can find a little higher, daily receives new guests. Come, you will not regret!


Many people dream of visiting Williams. The restaurant is really chic. At various forums, you can find and read a lot of positive reviews about the cuisine of William Lamberti and the warm atmosphere of the institution. Many visitors say that in reality it is still better. They recommend trying bruschetta with crab, duck-conf and carrot cake. Bruschetta justifies all expectations, the combination of crab and avocado is unusual, but very tasty.

The duck is simply incredible. Many visitors argue that the duck-confit with a garnish of cauliflower is even more delicious! Juicy, perfectly fried with an appetizing crust, the bird will delight everyone.

When you come here, be sure to try onion soup andlasagna. Hot looks very appetizing. Lasagna is also delicious. After satisfying your hunger, proceed to unhurried tasting of desserts. Carrot cake with coffee, according to many visitors, is very gentle and absolutely not heavy.

This restaurant can be visited and with itsfamily. Prices, of course, in some situations are somewhat higher than visitors expect, but here everything is very tasty. Especially you will like grilled dishes and soups.

The people here are always very much. Visitors are mostly young people. The waiters perfectly communicate with foreign guests in English.

In general, the service is quite fast, despite the large number of orders.

We recommend this place to visit!

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  • Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews Williams, restaurant (Moscow): photos and reviews