White magic at home: plots for health and money

White magic at home: plots for health and money

It is believed that a person can practicedifferent types of magic, only for everyone requires the use of their resources. In this, perhaps, lies the catch, especially for those who are fascinated by the power. For example, both black and white magic at home can be fully used, but knowledge is best acquired from a competent and experienced mentor. This will make this practice safe.

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What is magic in general? What are its types?

According to statistics, most people in thethe planet believes in the supernatural. Of course, depending on the region of residence, this indicator may either decrease or increase. For example, in cities, large megacities this percentage is much lower than in rural areas.

This is understandable. If we talk about magic, then most often all sorts of witches were found in the villages, where the healers lived, endowed with this power. Some believe that for more successful use of it, it is necessary to feed from the forces of nature.

However, if we talk about megacities, then therethe supernatural emerges from the super powers of a person - such as the spiderman, the characters of the X-Men movie, and the like. So, the magic changed a little?

But let's talk about traditional magic. Perhaps the most famous in this direction are white and black. Their difference is that white mages use light power, and black ones use dark power. It is believed that white magic is only good, but black can carry evil. And not necessarily explicit. For example, to force a person to do something other than his will is already evil. It is completely different with white magic. Its goal is to serve the good, multiply it.

To date, black and white magic at home (conspiracies, for example) are used quite often.

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Using White Magic

How can you use white magic? For what purpose? The most important thing to remember is that it is necessary to use this force for good. With its help you can not harm people, impose your will or restrict someone else's. And also the action of this force should not lead to the death of a person.

So, if you decide that you need whitemagic at home is practiced, you need to know that it does not fit for all activities. For example, it is impossible to bring damage to a person with the help of light forces. But other actions are possible.

Healing. Yes, healing requires the presence of light forces. Helping people predetermines a pure heart.

Prediction. This does not mean a fortune. Prediction is possible only with a pure, unadulterated glance and trust in God's power and holding.

Spells and Attractions. There can be any - and a loved one, and money, and luck.

Of course, this is just an approximate division,but the essence is as follows. However, it is necessary to use caution with some kind of conspiracy, conduct rituals. Especially if they are not checked. All this can cause harm not only to another person, but also to the practitioner himself.

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How to learn magic?

Magic can be learned in various ways. For example, gain strength initially, as an innate ability, or achieve this through prolonged learning and work.

However, there are also their requirements. For example, to use the power of light, you need to be pure both spiritually and physically. Very often, one who uses such magic has a great connection with God, and also passed a rite of baptism (this can be any other similar, but in his religion).

If we talk about the way of life, then to getThis force should be abandoned alcohol, smoking, drugs. Also, regular posts are needed, since during the famine, the person's internal reserves are cleared and activated, and willpower is trained. Thus, proceeding from this, it is necessary to limit the use of meat, and even completely stop eating it. It is believed that the meat retains the vibration of the murder, which can affect the purity of consciousness, besides, it is a heavy product.

In any case, it is believed that the magical powersthere is every person. They just have a lot of them, but others have less. In addition, you should know that even unconsciously used white magic at home. Conspiracies, as well as spells - this is not an obligatory attribute. If a person has enough personal power, then he can simply use his energy, for example, to heal.

But those who decided to take this seriously, shouldfind an experienced mentor. This is a prerequisite. It is not in vain in all religions, magic is not welcome. You can get off the right track, even if you carefully move forward on this issue.

Also very important is the training of will. This can be meditation, and fasting (as it was written above), and other actions. And, of course, books. It is necessary to find the true magic literature and study it. It is necessary to learn to understand many processes, to study the universe.

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Who are magicians?

But still, who are the magicians who are subject towhite magic at home, who practice conspiracies, carrying out various rituals? We can say with confidence that these are people who are endowed with a special gift (developed or received from birth). Of course, not everyone can use this for good, and black magicians appear.

It should also be noted that a real white magician adheres to the principle that one can not use his powers for evil, he sees the consequences of each of his actions.

White magic tools

White magic at home involves the following tools:

  • maps for fortune-telling;
  • a knife for the performance of rituals;
  • a prayer book or a book of conspiracies, which records everything that a magician uses, based on his experience;
  • a pendulum for receiving answers;
  • candles;
  • crystals, minerals, stones.

This is not a complete list of items that a white magician can use. In the process of gaining experience each acquires "its" attributes, which work more accurately and more easily.

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How to attract money with the help of white magic?

A white magician can use his powers to,to draw money into the house. However, one should be very cautious here, as in other practices. White magic in the home (for money) - it's certain rituals and conspiracies.

Let's consider one of the ways. To conduct this rite is necessary on a new moon, which provides a greater probability of a successful outcome. Before the ritual (per day), prepare the place where you plan to conduct the procedure. It is necessary to make an altar in the center of which to put what is symbolized by the four elements: a feather, a coral, a pebble, a lighted candle.

The ritual itself must be done at midnight. Concentrate on what you want, repeat your desire until you feel that inside it becomes very easy.

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How to attract love with the help of white magic?

White magic at home (for love) -very common practice. For an inexperienced person, this can be dangerous, this should be remembered initially, since, in principle, there is a very fine line between fascinating and attracting love. I want to note that for the use of true white magic it is unacceptable to impose one's will on some person. If you want to find your soul mate, then the ideal option is to read spells and perform rites to attract love into your life, and not a particular person. In this case, fate itself will send the right person, that single and destined.

Remember that white magic at home onthe love of a guy (that is, rituals to attract a person you know and who you like), can end with the usual fascination. There is no room for light.

For the ritual to attract loveIt is necessary to choose a clear night, when the moon is at the stage of growth. It is also advisable to do this on Friday, since this day is considered the day of Venus, the goddess of love. Smell the scented candles, read the plot. You can use crystals that attract the energy of love, for example, quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst.

How to draw luck with magic?

Very popular is white magic at home for luck. There is a very wide range of rituals, which are quite diverse. For example, there is very interesting.

Sew yourself a small bag,using any green fabric (but preferably natural). After it is ready, put basil (10 pinch), mint (5 pinch), large salt (3 pinch). Also peel off the three apples, dry and grind. Also put in a bag. Still need to put coins there - 3 from copper (for example, ten kopecks), 1 of white metal (for example, five cents).

Now it remains to read the plot. "Business is behind, business is ahead, profit is in the middle." This bag should be in the place where you work. Every week (at the beginning of it) read the plot, holding it in your hands.

white magic at home on the love of a guy

How to attract health through magic?

An interesting point is also that whitemagic at home on health is also a popular practice. It can be like various conspiracies and rituals to attract health, and the creation of talismans-amulets.

By the way, there are certain days,When the magic directed to this channel, works more effectively. For example, the day of Ivan Kupala. The dew collected on this day has magical healing properties - it is known since ancient times.

There are also numerous conspiracies thatYou can read if a person is hurting something. They are different. For example, a conspiracy for headache, eye diseases, toothache, chirry, or high temperature. Of course, this is not the whole list. And one should know that conspiracies are not a cure, but only activate the forces of man in the fight against the disease. If the ailment requires urgent medical attention, then be sure to contact him.

Spells that use white magic. Conclusion

So, as is clear from the above, white magicat home (spells rituals, as well as various rituals) is entirely permissible. The results depend on the personal power of the magician, on his experience and knowledge.

Speaking of the spells you usewhite magician, then when they are spoken, relaxation, concentration and visualization of the desired are important. The spell itself (at the beginning of the path) is better to use already ready and tested. Only after a while, experience is acquired to compose their spells.

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  • White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money White magic at home: plots for health and money