Where is Yeisk located Rest in Yeysk

Where is Yeisk located? Rest in Yeysk

This article tells about an amazing place. This is a city called Yeisk. After reading this article, you will find out where Yeisk is and what is interesting for tourists in this village.

But let's start with the title. The very word Eysk comes from the name of the river Eey, which, in turn, gives names to the peninsula and the estuary.

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Territorially the city belongs to the southernthe federal district, the population of Yeisk in 2014 is about 86,000 people. The city is inextricably linked with the water element, and even on the coat of arms of this village there is a water inhabitant - a sterlet fish.


So, where is Eisk located? The city is located in the most northern part of the marvelous Krasnodar region, more precisely, 250 kilometers from the city of Krasnodar, at the end of the Yeysk peninsula, between the Azov Sea Bay (under the name of Taganrog) on ​​the west side and the Yeisk estuary from the east. Yeisky estuary, by the way, is the largest in the North Caucasus.

Climate and air temperature

Location of the city in the Southern Federal Districtthe county determines that it is favorable for recreation. A resort holiday is, above all, the sea and the beach. In this city, from almost all sides, you can go to the sea, which means that Yeisk is great for a good pastime. The more famous Russian health resorts are Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik. They are called resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, or resorts of the Kuban.

where is the town of Eisk

Not everyone knows where Mr. Yeisk, he is known much less than other resorts of the Kuban. Although its northernmost location suggests that the Kuban begins precisely with this city. The slogan of Yeisk and Yeysk district sounds as follows: "Kuban begins with Yeisk".

The climate of this region is moderately continental: a warm mild summer and a short winter, snow does not fall before the middle of the first month of winter.

where is the city

The average temperature in the summer, for example, in July -about +24 degrees Celsius. In the same latitudes, where the city of Yeisk is located, there are such cities as Odessa, Budapest, Tiraspol, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. By the way, the climate of the above-mentioned settlement (as for the average annual temperature) is similar to the climate in New York, only it is softer, and in the Russian city there are no such sharp temperature changes and prolonged precipitation, as in the American metropolis.


So, we found out where Yeisk is. Rest in this place will be wonderful. We will share with you information on this topic. Where this wonderful city is built and thriving, there is everything for a family holiday. A lot of water parks, modern beaches, and a dolphinarium are built on the territory of Yeisk and the district. Now the family vacation is gaining in popularity And it is in such a wonderful place that any member of the family will find many ways to relax and have fun. Separately, I would like to note that children's camps are successfully functioning in the city and district. The packages in them are bought up long before the beginning of the summer season.

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Beach vacation - one of the standard anduniversal options for a vacation or a weekend. Almost every peninsula has its own port. So the peninsula, where Yeisk is, was no exception. To the south of the pier there is a beach called a sauna heater. The coastal zone of sand with seashells gradually changes to pebbles, constant tides and outflows form small islands in the sea. Beach vacation in the city is good and the fact that you can swim in the shallow sea in May.

Healing Sources

80 kilometers from the place where theYeisk, there is a wonderful lake called Khanskoe. It is the source of therapeutic mud and water. These waters are used in the same name with the city of the sanatorium "Yeisk". This living water has a healing effect on the human body, removes extra salt from the body, heavy metals, radionuclides have an anti-inflammatory effect, and improves metabolism. So I want to say: where Eysk is located - there is your health.

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Healing mud, life-giving water and warmThe sunny beaches are not the whole city. Yeisk is more versatile than it seems at first glance. In this city there are competitions of windsurfers and competitions on water skiing. In addition, tourism is actively developed, hiking, parachuting. Therefore, even lovers of extreme sports will not be disappointed, having visited this marvelous place.


The administration of Yeysk monitors the well-being of thisport city, and therefore it is considered the greenest in the Kuban. At the same time, the architecture of the city is actually divided into three time periods - the Tsarist era, the Soviet era and architecture of the 90s. Each of them is unique and attractive in its own way. In the district there are a lot of cultural and historical monuments, so in this place there is not only where to go, but also what to pay attention to.

Yeisk - Hero City

Where is the city of Yeisk, we have already learned. But now let us recall the facts from the history and find out why this settlement is a real hero. During the Great Patriotic War, the city was constantly bombed from the air by German air forces. These attacks began in April 1942. The occupation of the city lasted until February 1943. This time was very difficult, many people died, including 214 children of the orphanage. Mass repression destroyed not only human destinies, but also their small Homeland. Where Yeisk is located, the grandsons and great-grandsons of real heroes who have put their lives in the struggle for freedom still live there. This once again proves the versatility of the city. A small town absorbed both modern goods and the cultural heritage of its ancestors.

The title of the city-resort Yeisk was appropriatedrelatively recently, only in 2008. And to this day he does not cease to surprise us with his kindness. This resort, in comparison with the cities of Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa and others, is the most economical in spending for rest. In Yeisk, food and accommodation are much cheaper, although this small, friendly town is in no way inferior to the more famous Kuban resorts.

Now you know what the settlement of Yeisk is, where it is. You can see his photo in our article.

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