What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite

What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite?

After an insect bite, there is swelling, because ofwhich a person has a lot of trouble. Redness and itching may begin. It is necessary to take timely measures to eliminate these unpleasant symptoms. If the leg is swollen after an insect bite, the method of treatment depends on what pest it was. More details about this are described in the article.

General recommendations

Insect bites most of all cause discomfort with allergies, because they have an allergic reaction, and the itching does not disappear within a few weeks. But this can affect all people.

the leg after an insect bite has swelled up

To facilitate the process, you need:

  1. Treat the bite site with ammonia.
  2. Wipe the sore spot with vinegar, dilute soda, vodka and lemon juice.
  3. Take the remedy for allergies.
  4. Use an ointment with a cooling effect.
  5. Consult a doctor if the tumor does not pass.

Bite of midges

After biting midges, the patient must be treateda place with ammonia. If there was an itch, then you can use the traditional medicine. For example, you need to treat the sore spot with a cotton swab treated in vodka or cologne. Often, leaves of birdflies are effective, which should be applied to the bite for 15 minutes. Always take with you creams, lotions, which will protect against insects.

swollen leg after an insect bite what to do

Why did my leg swell after an insect bite? A tumor is called a natural reaction of the body, because when it bites into it foreign substances enter that destroy the cells. In damaged areas, blood accumulates and the volume of intercellular fluid increases. When inflammation in the soft tissues accumulates lymph, so they increase in volume.


When a person suffers from an insect, the following symptoms appear:

  1. Redness.
  2. Sealing.
  3. Pain.
  4. Itching.
  5. Swelling.

Necessary actions

If the leg is swollen after an insect bite, what should I do? It is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. If the sting is in the skin, it should be pulled out.
  2. The wound is treated with iodine or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Then, ice is applied to remove the edema.
  4. You need an anti-allergenic agent that is used inside.
  5. On the wound, an ointment is applied to remove the itching.

the child has swollen leg after an insect bite

The given actions are enough. But often there is intolerance to the poison. Then you need to see a doctor. And before his arrival, use an anaphylactic package, which consists of:

  1. Antihistamines.
  2. Injections with adrenaline.
  3. The harness.

Folk methods

If the leg is swollen after an insect bite and reddened, you can use folk remedies:

  1. After the midge skin must be treated with iodine or alcohol.
  2. If it was a gadfly or a horse, it requires ammonia and soap in a ratio of 3: 1.
  3. Eliminate the tumor with an aloe leaf or plantain.

Bite stalk

Slepen is a big fly that has sharp andSolid cutting stilettos located in the proboscis. After skin lesions, you should wash the place with warm water and soap, and then dry it with a towel, but do not rub. The wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide, and then spread with greenery.

If the child has swollen leg after bitean insect, then there are effective means too. Severe pain usually lasts more than 30 minutes. It is desirable to provide an anesthetic. In this case, the affected area should not be scratched. On this place it is necessary to attach a plantain.

If the leg is swollen after an insect bitenature, then you can use the medicinal herbs and flowers. In addition to plantain, a dandelion helps. With it you can relieve the pain and itching. Only need to apply the ration with the juice.

If there is a onion, it can also be used with bites. When the itching and pain do not pass, then antihistamines are needed. At high temperature, nausea, you should consult a doctor.

the leg after an insect bite has strongly swelled up

Mosquito bite

Only mosquito females bite. This is necessary for them to obtain protein from the blood and deposition of eggs. When the proboscis pinches the female releases saliva, in which there are substances that interfere with blood clotting. People get a reaction in the form of itching or redness. If the leg is swollen after an insect bite, effective measures must be taken.

When the mosquito bites, do not scratch the bittenplace, because because of this you can put an infection. The skin should be washed with soap and water to remove germs and contaminants. It is necessary to prepare a remedy: soda (2 tsp) is mixed with water (1 spoonful). The solution is applied to the affected area. It should wait until it dries.

Essential oils help, for example, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint. If the swelling is severe, then you should take the remedy to eliminate swelling. "Difenhydramine", "Hydroxysin" will help.

Bite of the Gadfly

These insects are striking in a peculiar way: some individuals distract a person, while others crawl, bite and lay out larvae. Detecting an insect on contact is difficult. First there is pain, itching, and then swelling. Eruptions are formed in allergy sufferers. When this happens, you need to give first aid.

After an insect bite, my leg swelled and turned red

If the leg is swollen after an insect bite and it hurts, the following procedure should be performed:

  1. The place of the bite should be crushed with a hard object so that the allergy does not spread.
  2. The skin should be cooled, and then rinse with soap and water.
  3. Then it is treated with antiseptic, green, alcohol or iodine.

You can use the juice of plantain ordandelion, which need to wipe the affected area. If there is salt, you can compress. If the leg is swollen after an insect bite, then ointments and medicinal lotions are used. The following tools can be used for this:

  1. Glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory ointment, with which it will be possible to eliminate swelling and cones on the leg. It should be applied every 3-4 hours.
  2. Antihistamine drug, available in the form of tablets and injections.
  3. Compresses with "Dimexide" are used to get rid of swelling. The product is diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 3, after which the solution is applied to the painful place of the skin.
  4. When pus appears, painful cones need surgical intervention. Under the antiseptics and novocaine, the skin is cut, and the wound is removed from the wounded tissues. Then the doctor puts on a bandage.

The bite of the wasp

Wasps sting in soft tissues, leaving in the skinhole. The painful place turns red and begins to flow. If the stinger remains in the wound, it is podged with fingernails or removed with tweezers. You do not need to put pressure on the skin, so as not to increase the swelling. The wound should be washed with antibacterial soap, and then processed by any means:

  1. Peroxide.
  2. Vodka.
  3. Tincture of calendula.
  4. Nitrate.
  5. Iodine.

after an insect bite, my leg is swollen and sore

You can use the antiseptic "Chlorhexidine""Miramistin." Disinfection of the bite is mandatory, because in the sting there can be many bacteria. After using alcohol on the wound, a gauze bandage is applied, and then a patch is applied.

Bite sting

Often people are bitten by bees. First aid is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to examine the place of bite. If there is a sting, it must be removed. And it must be done carefully. This is done by tweezers or tweezers for the eyebrows.
  2. Then it is necessary to disinfect the bite site using an antiseptic.
  3. You need to use an antihistamine drug, for example, "Suprastin".
  4. To remove the itching, you need to dissolve the slurry from the salt and apply a compress. Helps the ice wrapped in a napkin.

If the leg is strongly swollen after an insect bite, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This will eliminate negative consequences.

What can not be done?

To prevent allergies, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. The bite site can not be ground. This causes the spread of substances over a large area.
  2. Redness from midges should not be treated with any means related to household chemicals. This can cause allergies.
  3. Do not comb the problem areas, because you can infect the wound that will fester.
  4. If the doctor prescribed hormonal ointments, they should be applied to the skin near the wound. When applying such funds to the site of the bite, burning occurs and healing slows down.
  5. In case of complications, antibiotics and antihistamines should not be neglected. Do not self-medicate, appoint a doctor should a doctor.

why the leg swelled after an insect bite


To exclude insect bites, you should follow simple guidelines:

  1. Residents of private homes need to eliminate excess vegetation of the site.
  2. The windows should have mosquito nets.
  3. If you plan a trip to the forest or just to nature, you need to take protective sprays and creams.
  4. When planning a walking tour in an area with large vegetation, you need to wear long-sleeved clothing. The legs should also be closed.
  5. You should not walk late in the evening when there are many insects.

Thus, the bites of insects give a lot of inconvenience. It is necessary to provide timely assistance. And if the swelling does appear, you need to treat it with proven means.

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  • What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite What should I do if my leg is swollen after an insect bite