What is theater

What is theater?

The theater has firmly entered our life. And even if we do not talk about the option of entertainment or pastime, then for sure many people heard Shakespeare's "whole life-theater ...". What does theater mean to people, and what do people do in the theater both as actors and as spectators? It probably depends on the context in which this word is used. And values, as practice shows, a lot.

What is theater: definition

The theater is a Greek word and literally translatedmeans "a sight, I look". The most general definition could be: theater is a kind of art in which different directions are connected, for example, literature, music, choreography, vocal, fine arts and others. And what do the actors in the theater do? Accordingly, actors in the theater can read poetry, sing, dance, tell anecdotes, perform various tricks. But this is not the only interpretation of the theater, there are also such meanings:

  • The theater is a spectacle, to designate a play or a play.
  • A theater is a scene or arena (often used to refer to a portable meaning, for example, "theater of military operations, etc.).
  • The theater is like a world of ideas and creative images of the author of the production (for example, "Chekhov Theater").
  • Theater as a building.
  • Theater as an institution legally registered (for example, Taganka Theater or Malaya Bronnaya Theater).

We see that the theater develops according to itsthe parent - to the society, acquiring new meanings. And if earlier the theater was perceived literally and used only in the literal sense, then with time the meanings became wider. And they were enriched and expanded due to the fact that the word began to be used also in figurative metaphorical form, reflecting not only the physical world, but also the inner and spiritual world.

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