What is IZHS

What is IZHS?

Among the narrow-profile specialists and in variousdocumentation of the state sample, a lot of reductions are used, which sometimes can be difficult to understand. One of these terms is IZHS or Individual housing construction. This reduction means one of the ways to provide citizens with housing by building private houses with the right to own them, which is performed at the expense of citizens or with their direct participation.

According to GRKRF, the object of IZHS is a stand-alonea house that has a height of no more than three floors and is used for living as a single family. At the same time, there are certain norms that restrict the placement of this housing relative to the road, neighboring sections, power lines, etc.

What is IZHS section?

It should be noted that individual housing withlocation in rural areas, towns, and cities usually gives the right to register at the place of its location. In some cases registration of a residence permit is quite problematic, since housing can be located in a remote area from the state authorities. In addition, in some cities, the reception of citizens from all the surrounding villages is carried out in one office, which leads to considerable time costs when processing documents.

On the site for IZHS can be located variousAncillary facilities and outbuildings, as well as manor houses, etc. Such a land plot should be located near power lines with a minimum capacity of 15 kW, and also have clearly defined boundaries in the state act.

Now there are quite a few sitesunder IZHS through the expansion of the boundaries of various villages, cities and settlements. Those lands that were previously used for agricultural purposes are re-registered and introduced into the housing stock. After that, the construction of capital structures is permitted on their territory. In addition, centralized sewerage, electricity, gas pipelines, etc. are brought to some sites. It is worth noting that the cost of land for individual housing construction is much higher than for agricultural activities.

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