What honey. College of Volgograd choose

What honey. College of Volgograd choose?

Occupations of secondary medical level no less thanare in demand, than posts of doctors and heads of departments. You can get appropriate education in specialized educational institutions. Most honey. colleges of Volgograd practice full-time and part-time form of education on a budgetary or paid basis. Some institutions operate on the basis of institutes and universities, which makes it easier for students to enter a university in the chosen specialty. Let's consider profile educational institutions of this direction in Volgograd and the region, as well as their features, contacts and proposed specialties.

honey college Volgograd

1 honey. College of Volgograd

The educational institution guarantees the provision of quality educational services in the following areas:

  1. Training and training of mid-level medical specialists.
  2. Advanced training and retraining of employees with secondary medical education.
  3. Profile courses for managers of medical institutions.
  4. Further training in the direction of the organization of work of educational institutions of secondary vocational education.

Considered honey. College of Volgograd offers training in the following specialties:

  • Nursing specialist. The term of training is 46 months after the 9th grade, 34 months after the 11th grade by full-time correspondence, 58 months - in-depth study.
  • Laboratory diagnostics. Duration of mastering the profession 4 years 10 months after 9 years of school education.
  • Obstetrician - 43 or 46 months. Type of training - full-time, full-time.
  • Orthopedic dentistry - from 34 to 58 months, depending on the education and depth of study.

Educational institution on the basis of VolgGMU

Honey. College of Volgograd on the street. Kim provides training in four areas:

  • Nursing matter. Duration of training is 34 months, full-time education on the basis of 11 classes, the cost is from 45 thousand rubles a year.
  • Orthopedics and dentistry - full-time education after 11 years of schooling, the number of budget places - 45, annual cost - 60 thousand rubles.
  • Specialist in preventive dentistry. The term of training is 22 months, the cost is 40 thousand rubles.
  • Pharmacist. Admissions are accepted after 11 classes, the period of study is 34 months, the number of budget places is 40, the cost is 50,000 rubles per year.

Honey. the Volgograd College on the basis of VolMGU practices pre-diploma and postgraduate training of mid-level specialists in the medical field. The institution is popular among residents of the city and the region.

honey college 1 Volgograd


Mediko-ecological technical school of Volgogradis an innovative educational institution, training specialists in the field of pharmaceutics, ecology and technology. In college, full-time and part-time education is practiced.

From medical specialties here is taught"Pharmacy". The term of study is 46 months on the basis of nine classes or 34 months after 11 years of schooling. The cost is 32 thousand rubles, the number of budget places is 50. Other specialties: commodity expert and expert in the quality of consumer goods, food service technologist, specialist in fire safety.

Contact information of this honey. Volgograd College can be found on the official website. The institution is located in Svetloyarsky district, Svetly Yar settlement.

honey college 2 Volgograd

2 honey. College of Volgograd

This institution is the second most popular in the category of medium-sized educational health facilities of the middle category. Exact address: Volgograd Region, Volgograd, ul. Kazakh, 12.

Secondary vocational schoolstate model of the State Voluntary Medical College "Volgograd Medical College" was established in January 2013 through the merger of medical educational institutions of the city and the region. Reorganization was carried out in accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Volgograd region. Now the institution is a modern educational complex, equipped with an improved material and technical base. The teaching is conducted at a high level, allowing to prepare highly qualified specialists of the middle category in the medical field.


  1. Obstetrics.
  2. Diagnostics.
  3. Medical and nursing.
  4. Orthopedics and dentistry.

The annual cost of training is from 20 to 57 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen profession. Total attendance is 415 people.

г Volgograd honey college

Branch on the basis of agrarian university

Honey. the College of Volgograd on SHI prepares the following specialists in the field of medicine and veterinary medicine:

  • Specialist in the prevention of especially dangerous diseases in animals and humans. The term of study is 5 years, the cost of annual training is from 41 thousand rubles.
  • Veterinary and sanitary expert. Duration of training 4 years, 40 budget places, 86 thousand rubles a year, passing point - 145.
  • Zootechnician - 4 years in full-time, 5 years in correspondence education, passing grade - 131, number of state employees 65, cost - 86 thousand rubles a year on full-time form.

The address: Volgograd, Universitetsky Avenue, 26.

Zooveterinary College

The full name of this honey. College of Volgograd - Dubovsky Zoo Veterinary College. Hero of the USSR AA Sharov. It was founded in the days of collectivization for the training of specialists in the agrarian sphere, including veterinarians. Now the educational institution has a decent base with laboratories, offices, modern equipment, a dog nursery, a veterinary clinic, an educational pond, a sports ground and a hall.

honey college Volgograd on the streets

The institution trains the following specialists:

  1. Agronomists.
  2. Workers in the hotel sector.
  3. Ichthyologists.
  4. Cynologists.
  5. Specialists in arts and crafts.
  6. Veterinarians. Full-time education, term - from 34 months, the cost - negotiated, specialty - veterinary assistant.

Address: Volgograd Region. Dubovka, Backbone, 10.

Novoanninsky agricultural college

This school is equipped with a stablematerial and technical base, including laboratories, a library, modern classrooms. The educational and training program is aimed at realizing the personal potential of students. Among the teaching staff is one Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, 17 teachers of the highest category, 11 teachers of the first level.

Disciplines taught:

  1. Agronomy.
  2. Veterinary Medicine.
  3. The right and organization of social. security.
  4. Zootechnics.
  5. Garden and park and landscape direction.
  6. Branch commerce.

The term of training is from 22 to 58 months, payment is negotiated. Practice full-time and evening form of education after 9 or 11 years of school education.

Address: Volgograd region, Novoanninsky rn, st. Podtelkova, 67.

honey college at Volgograd Academy

Volzhsky branch of VolMET

Representative office of Volgogradmedical-ecological technical school is located in the city of Volzhsky on the street Road, 7. The institution is popular. After all, it offers a wide range of sought-after specialties.

The institution is aa multidisciplinary institution, focused on modern teaching methods. The college is equipped with computer rooms, laboratories, a library, sports equipment.


  1. Fire safety.
  2. Technology of food production.
  3. Commodity and an expert in the quality of products.
  4. Pharmaceuticals.

The cost of training is from 19 to 32 thousand rubles a year, applicants are accepted after 9 and 11 classes, the period of study is from 34 to 46 months.

Conditions of receipt and receipt of documentation

Honey. Volgograd College at the Academy, like most similar institutions in the city and the region, accepts documentation from June 20 to July 25 (full-time form) and until September 1 (evening training). Admissions are accepted on the basis of incomplete (9 classes), full (11 classes) secondary education and persons who graduated from other educational institutions.

A prerequisite for admission isminimum content and knowledge of basic educational programs in biology within the framework of a complete general eleven-year education. For graduates of grade 9, the basic basic biology program should correspond to the stipulated general educational level.

honey college ul kim volgograd


In Volgograd and the field of professionalThere are several medical educational institutions of the middle level. The conditions of admission are approximately identical. Students can choose between budget places and a paid alternative. A wide range of sought-after specialties along with high quality of education is the main factor of the popularity of medical college colleges. The cost of training is quite acceptable and ranges from 20 to 80 thousand per year. For students wishing to undergo in-depth study of the discipline or planning further admission to a profile university, an extended educational program is provided. For more exact information, please call the selection committee.

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