What are the groups of animals

What are the groups of animals?

The world is full of mysterious creatures, they constantly surprise humanity. There are many kinds of animals that strike with their uniqueness.


There are such groups of animals:

  • Mammals.
  • Shellfish, echinoderms.
  • Fish, lancelet, cyclostomes.
  • Birds.
  • Reptiles.
  • Amphibians.
  • Arthropods.

Many groups of pets became humanbecause without them he does not represent his life. But there are wild creatures that people can never tame. By the way, the first animal that was subordinated to a man was a wolf. It happened about 15 thousand years ago. He became domestic, eventually evolved into a dog. Now this is the man's best friend.

How to identify an animal group?

groups of animals A certain group corresponds to different beings. The animal world is diverse, therefore each classification has its own characteristics. Namely:

  1. Mammals include warm-blooded animals. They are covered with wool, they have a four-chambered heart, and the mammary glands secrete milk. At childbirth they have a live calf.
  2. Birds are warm-blooded animals that lay eggs. They are covered with feathers, they have wings, the heart is four-chambered.
  3. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Their body is covered with scales, the heart is three-chambered, they lay eggs.
  4. Amphibians are also cold-blooded. They have a three-chambered heart, they breathe through their skin, their larvae live in water. Through the shell of the egg, water can penetrate.
  5. Chord animals include in their list some species of fish and organisms similar to fish.

Varieties of living creatures depending on the food used

You can divide the animals into groups according to the methodpower supply. There are herbivorous living things. They feed on leaves, seeds, fruits, roots, etc. Their oral apparatus has its own characteristics: they have more horny plates or incisors, molars. Nature thus created a device for grinding food of vegetable origin. But aphids, bugs, cicada have sucking apparatus, which gives them the opportunity to eat the juices of plants. In the digestive tract, additional departments are developed, such as a scar, a cecum. They allow you to process fiber. Herbivorous mammals have peripheral vision. Such animals have a muscular system rather coarse and not as developed as in predators of the same group.group of animals

Isolate animal predators that feed onother creatures. They have the skills to attack the victim. Of all the teeth, the fangs are considered to be the most developed, this difference is observed in mammals. The crocodile has an elongated mouth, and the shark has a number of rows of teeth directed inwards. Birds of prey have developed and sharp claws. Predatory mammals have good visual acuity. Attack the victim carnivores in a special way: they wait, they make a sharp jerk. They are hardy, have exact coordination, very fast.

groups of pets In a special way the starfish destroys the enemy. She crawls into the mussel, waiting for the time when the sashes open, and then injects the enzymes into the sink.

But woodpeckers eat larvae of insects that liveunder the bark of trees. To do this, they have a strong large beak, special paws, with which the birds keep firmly on the tree trunk. To every creature, nature has created certain adaptations, with the help of which it is possible to obtain food.

There are groups of animals that eat leftoversorganisms. A vivid example can be bird scavengers. They have a long neck, a narrow muzzle, a good sense of smell. But, for example, the food of larvae of flies is the organic remains of plants and animals.

One of the groups is isolated by parasites. They feed on the tissues, the juices of their host. They are also adapted to their environment, since their bodies are not digested in the body in which they live. Parasites are very similar to predators, but they do not kill the host immediately. They use it as a place of residence. These categories are divided into:

  • microparasites;
  • macroparasites.

Parasites are usually such animals:

  • round and flat worms;
  • insects such as fleas, mosquitoes, bugs, mosquitoes, lice, midges;
  • mites;
  • crustaceans;
  • Cyclostomes.

animals by group Also there are groups of animals by the method of nutrition,who eat food of plant and animal origin. They are called omnivores. They are endowed with features that resemble both predators and herbivores. Such animals are bears, crickets, rats. Among the reptiles here include geckos, agama and other reptiles. This group includes a person.

Interesting information about animals from different groups

There are some facts that amaze many people:

  1. The giraffe has the largest heart. This animal has a black tongue, the length of which reaches 45 cm.
  2. The bones of the fish are green.
  3. The cat is unable to move the jaws.
  4. The beat of the heart of the whale is 9 beats per minute.
  5. The octopus pupils are rectangular in shape.
  6. A record flight of a chicken was recorded. It is 13 seconds.
  7. The muscles of the caterpillar predominate in number over the human.
  8. The female armadillo can prolong the pregnancy to 2 years if it experiences stress.
  9. The titmouse sometimes feeds its cubs a thousand times a day.

Groups of dangerous animals

Classify all the entities in the world and you canother criteria. For example, groups of animals that are dangerous to human life are isolated. At first glance they may seem harmless. Such an animal is a mosquito. He is a carrier of malaria. The insect infects the infection through the blood. About 2 million people die each year from the bites of these animals.to which group of animals does

Replenishes lists of dangerous living beingsAustralian jellyfish. She has very long tentacles, which reach 4 meters. Their number at the same time is 60 pieces. At the same time, a jellyfish is capable of killing 60 people. And many other animals are dangerous to humans.


So, to determine which group of animalsrefers to a particular creature, simple. The main thing in this case is to know the criteria for grouping. After all, animals are divided by place of residence, food, classes, species and other factors. Each living creature is adapted to its habitat, has its own characteristics, eats different foods.

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  • What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals What are the groups of animals