VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor

VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor

In this article you will learn about the car VAZ2106. The carburetor is the basis of the engine power supply system of this car. About how the fuel injection system is correctly tuned on it and cleaned of contaminants, will be described below. Despite the fact that the injector has gained popularity among motorists, there are still a lot of cars, which supply the engine with the carburetor. Of course, most of the carburetor vehicles are our domestic, as well as old models of foreign cars. From time to time there is a disturbance in the operation of the power system, for this reason you need to know how the carburettor works, as well as the principle of its repair. It is worth noting that this work is not simple. If you are not confident in your abilities, then contact an experienced master who will make repairs qualitatively and quickly.

Carburettor: basic information

VAZ 2106 carburetor

Inside the carburetor "Solex" on the VAZ 2106 is dividedon two chambers, in them during work the fuel-air mix arrives. It is in these chambers that gasoline is mixed with air. And also the normal distribution and subsequent injection of this mixture into the intake manifold. Most domestic cars, including the VAZ 2106 model, are equipped with two types of carburetor - Solex or Ozone. Of course, carburetors went into oblivion, on new models of cars are installed injector motors that meet environmental standards, they are more economical. On the car VAZ 2106 only carburetor engines were installed. This model was produced before 2006 inclusive, even among the latter you will not find a car with an injection system of injection. If the owner has not independently installed this system. For the carburettor it is necessary to look after, wash and make adjustments from time to time. And now it's worth talking about a thing like a repair kit. This is also in order to repair the carburetor "Solex" on the VAZ 2106.

Why the carburetor breaks down

VAZ 2106 adjustment of the carburetor

It should be noted that it is possible to confuse breakdownscarburettor and ignition system. They are very similar, so first you need to make sure that the ignition system is working in normal mode. And only after this is done on the VAZ 2106 carburetor settings. The engine does not start, there is an increase in fuel consumption - these symptoms will indicate to you that there is a malfunction either in the ignition system or in the fuel system. Sometimes, with excessive fuel consumption, the level of gasoline in the float chamber helps, as well as the adjustment of the jets in both chambers of the carburetor. If this does not help, then you will have to completely repair the entire device. And for this you need a kit with spare parts. In addition, you still need a special fluid that is used to clean carburettors. The cost is quite small, you can buy it at any auto parts store. As with any other repair, the first thing to do is remove the terminal from the negative battery terminal.

Where to start disassembling the carburetor

carburetor solex on VAZ 2106

Now you can start disassembling the carburetor. For this, the first thing to do is to unscrew the three nuts that secure the cover to the air filter housing. Without this, removing the carburetor simply does not work. Then remove the lid, remove the air filter. Look at how many studs the bottom of the case is holding. With the key on the "8" it is necessary to unscrew all the nuts with which the fastening is made. Disconnect the breather hose if it is connected to the air filter housing. Then turn off all the wires that go to the carburetor. Typically, this is the control wire for the idle valve. Do this all before you adjust the carburetor VAZ 2106.

Removing the carburetor

Then loosen the fastening of all the cables anddisconnect them. From the fuel hose, the clamp is loosened and pulled out of the carburetor. Also it is necessary to disconnect from it a branch pipe that makes a connection to the cooling system, a vacuum hose. Only then can you unscrew the four nuts that secure the bottom of the carburettor to the intake manifold. After removal, make sure that the gasket that is on the exhaust manifold is intact and has no damage. Otherwise, it will also need to be changed. On the car VAZ 2106 carburetor has one degree of fuel cleaning (except for the filter installed in the hose break).

Cleaning the device

how to adjust the carburetor VAZ 2106

Install the entire carburetor on a flat surface,let it dry up a little. Pay attention, that at dismantling it is necessary to achieve that in a float chamber not to break a level of gasoline, otherwise it is necessary to carry out adjustment. If the carburetor is equipped with a solenoid valve, it must be unscrewed. This is done using the key to "13". But some have a turnkey face on "10". The very first thing to do is rinse the carburetor. At the gas station you can rarely find quality gasoline, therefore, all carburetor elements are contaminated with various chemical compounds. A carburetor VAZ 2106 (price of a new order of 3500 rubles) is a sensitive element. Very often, gasoline contains many metals, including lead. It settles on the walls in the chambers of the carburetor. All grooves designed for passing gasoline must be thoroughly washed. The carburettor parts are cleaned separately. After thorough washing, it is necessary to put the carburetor in order to dry it properly.

Substitution of elements

carburetor VAZ 2106 price

The next step is to replace the airjet. Pay attention to the accelerator of the fuel pump. If it is apparently normal, there is no damage to its elements, then it is quite possible that only cleaning will be enough. At the connection point of the fuel hose is a filter designed for fine cleaning of incoming gasoline. It is impossible to install a carburetor on VAZ 2106 without preliminary cleaning and defecting the units. It is advisable to install a new one, but if there is not one, you can get out of the situation: simply flush it in a solvent or acetone, then carefully blow it out with compressed air. This is an element that practically does not fail, for this reason it can not be changed. If there is a desire to do everything qualitatively, or there are damages on this filter, it is best to replace it, since it is included in the kit.

Pay attention to the features

It is carried out on VAZ 2106 carburettor adjustmentlong enough, because you need to completely disassemble this mechanism. Further, all the bolts that secures the halves of the carburettor are removed, the gaskets are changed, and then the entire mechanism is assembled. Pay attention that it is impossible to process gaskets and seal rings with silicone sealants. The fact is that gasoline simply corrodes these sealants. As a result, this terrible mixture can enter the carburetor chambers, as well as into the intake manifold. It leads to catastrophic consequences, therefore, to a very quick repair.


carburetor installation on VAZ 2106

And now about how to adjust the carburetor VAZ 2106. The first step is to adjust the level in the carburetor float chamber. First, the engine starts and warms up so that its temperature reaches its operating value. Pay attention to how the floats are located. Their axes should be parallel, if it is not so, then it is necessary to bend a little in the right direction. For a more accurate setting, you need to use a thin wire and small patterns of cardboard. It is necessary to ensure that the opening and closing of the needle valve occurs at strictly defined positions of the float.

Idling and air damper

how to adjust carburetor VAZ 2106

Then it is necessary to adjust the startingdevice on the VAZ 2106. The carburetor can not function properly without this procedure. And to carry out this adjustment is most convenient with the dismantled carburetor. It is necessary to close the air damper. Then measure the distance from the chamber wall to the edge of this shutter by means of a caliper. The value should be in the range from 1 to 1.3 mm. The end itself is adjusted idling. Before this the engine must be warmed up to the operating temperature. Try adjusting the screws to a value of 900 rpm. Please note that depending on the time of year, the value will change. To adjust the idling speed, two screws are provided on the body of the carburettor - the quality and quantity of the mixture. That's all, on the VAZ 2106 carburettor is configured, you can continue to use the car and not be afraid for the consumption of gasoline.

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  • VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor VAZ-2106: carburetor. Installation and adjustment of carburetor