Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo

Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo

Two characters, two opposing views onlife, two completely different heroes came together in the novel "Plus to the minus." But what is surprising, despite the "difference" of the author's styles of two science fiction writers, it turned out to be a bright, lively work. Of course, as in any book in the genre of fantasy and detective, there are chases and harassment. But most importantly, it has understanding and wisdom. In a word, the acceptance of another person.

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Mysterious author

A real writer hides his real name, writesUnder the pseudonym Andrei Ulanov. The author's biography is not known. Only a few facts. Andrey Ulanov was born on January 22, 1966 in Kiev. I entered RAU, but I did not finish my studies. Interested in small arms. He is fond of military history. Now he lives in the capital of Latvia - Riga.

Such different worlds

The creative debut of Andrei Ulanova was the novel "FromAmerica with Love. " For this work, the author was awarded in 2005 "The Prize. Tita Libya ", which is awarded to science fiction writers for achievements in an alternative historical format. Ulanov Andrei books wrote in the genre of combat fantasy, alternative history and fantasy. His works with humor, where often there are facts of military history. The first books he wrote in co-authorship with V. Serebryakov.

But incredible success brought creative tandem withOlga Gromyko, a writer from Belarus. Olga writes briskly, brightly, with details. Books are very easy to read, they are distinguished by irony, often turning into sarcasm. The main characters of her books are trolls, witches, werewolves, vampires, dragons. As an author, Olga made her debut in 2003 with the novel "Profession: Witch", received for him the "Sword Without a Name" prize.

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Creative tandem

Two science fiction writers, Andrei Ulanov and OlgaGromyko, each with their own style, methods and favorite themes, choose a completely different genre. Their readers were waiting for a surprise - from the fantasy in their joint novel there is not much left. The novel "Plus on a minus" is more likely a love story, a detective story and an action drama. She is a "fifa-blonde," which destroys people's conflicts and is deceived by her beloved. He - a hero who returned from the war, "slightly shifted," moreover, he betrayed the girl. But now they are partners.

Their reluctance to work together does not bother anyone -snap at each other in your spare time, and work, whatever one may say, will be together. Of course, only work did not stop there. At the first joint exit they get into a mess, and in free time we have to put up a cross. Together they will hide from murderers, police and their own superiors. Together they will search for the reasons, the clues and understand who and why they were involved in this matter.

It turned out that "FIFA" perfectly drives a car, inperfect mate, loves fishing and is not afraid to go to scouting. And next to the "contused psycho" is reliable and calm. He knows how to not only get a rabbit, but also to cook a delicious stew from it. She knows the habits of the undead, he has combat experience. Yes they are perfect partners!

In this detective story, each insignificantthe detail will play a role. But, given that the detective is also "ironic", the characters will do a lot of stupid things. How else? If the main character is a blonde. It should be noted that the authors Andrei Ulanov and Olga Gromyko remarkably "played their characters." In this novel and the chase, and the search for evidence, and the difficulty with the undead, and even a happy love. But the essence of the work is not in this.

First of all, here the understanding and acceptance of the otherrights. About how difficult it is to be around quite different people. Love is not "for", but "in spite of". Quarrel and save from stray bullets, put up and insist on his own. Two heroes, two opposing characters, two views on life from different angles. "Plus to minus" is rather not the addition, but the multiplication of the author's strengths. Ulanov Andrey and Olga Gromyko are worthy of all praise for an unusual creative approach and a wonderful novel.

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The idea and process of writing

The idea of ​​co-authorship belongs to Andrei Ulanov. One day he, by the way, suggested writing a joint book. Since the case was at the convention, there were always some brothers around the pen, it was not possible to discuss the idea. Further promises it did not go. Ulanov Andrey worked on the "Princess Sergeant", Olga - on the "Flower of the Kamaleinika."

Having finished work on another book in the genrefantasy, Olga thought about it - she wanted diversity. I caught a file with sketches of text. So, small notes, and throw out a pity. I knocked at Andrei's "Mail.Ru Agent". He hesitated. He has experience writing joint books, but it's one thing if the co-author lives a few minutes from you. It is quite another to write with a man who is also "in several", but the hours of flight.

Once again, when Olga "knocked" in theThe agent with his idea, he agreed. Agreed on a joint story, and she sent him the first piece of text. Ulanov Andrey answered. Olga read, looked - liked. So a piece by piece, page by page, they wrote. As the authors recall, "fun began," worked almost around the clock, but it's very exciting - you not only write your own, but read someone's text.

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Perhaps the most difficult was to put up with a strangerstyle, recalled co-authors. Olga tried to rewrite for Andrey, to adjust to her text, but the charisma of the main character disappeared without a trace. Most of the dialogues are written in the "Agent" - a replica behind the replica. As a result, through several chapters of his creation, the co-authors observed with pleasure how the difference of styles complements each other, and as a result, a voluminous, luxurious "picture" is obtained.

"Kosmobolukhi" is another remarkable novel created by the creative duet Olga Gromyko - Ulanov Andrey.

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  • Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo Ulanov Andrey: the story of one creative duo