Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board

Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board

Almost every owner of a private houseunderstands that his territory should be protected. Let this fence be conditional, but it must necessarily be. There can be several reasons for this at once: if the house is in a crowded place, then always extraneous eyes will look at the private territory, this building will save from curious personalities. Also, the fence protects from uninvited guests, and sometimes just serves as decorative decoration.

Factors determining how the fence will be

types of fences for private housesBefore choosing the material for a future fence for a private home, several aspects should be considered:

  • Location. If the house is in the city, with a noisy road nearby, then in this case the owner of a private household will have to acquire a deaf and high stone fence. It performs not only protective and aesthetic functions. Also it will prevent the ingress of a large amount of dust and noise that come from the road.
  • Dimensions of the house. There is one unspoken rule, to which most owners of a private house adhere - even the highest fence should not be higher than the first floor of the building.
  • The style of the building. One more important aspect should be taken into account when choosing the material for the fence - the style of the house. All elements of a private area must be combined with each other. It would be very ridiculous to look at the most modern three-story house and the fence from the mesh-mesh.
  • Local landscape. It is necessary to take into account the fact that groundwater can flow in the territory, there is hilly conditions and there are other features of the terrain. Based on the specific conditions of the landscape, a specific type of fence is selected for the private house.
  • Budget. In modern realities, this factor is one of the most important. Not every person can afford an expensive stone fence, so you have to replace it with cheaper materials that have the same useful properties.
  • Relations with neighbors. Do not forget about this aspect. Neighbors are completely different, so sometimes you have to put strong enough fencing so that unexpected guests can not enter your house.

What are the fences

Currently, there is a large selection of different materials from which the fence is made. Their spectrum is quite wide, but it is possible to identify the main types of fences for private houses:

  • wooden;
  • stone;
  • metal;
  • from polymeric materials;
  • Slate;
  • from corrugated board.

Metal fence

fenceFence made of metalfence, is quite popular among private house owners who do not have a lot of money. Like any other material, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Fence from the fence is a very affordable and high-quality option. It is worth noting and the duration of the service. The period of its operation is about 40 years, with the first 10 years - warranty.

The fencing material itself is sufficientdurable. Such positive indicators were achieved thanks to a special profile and modern technologies. It's worth mentioning the perfect metal look.

The advantages of a fence from a fence can beattributed to the fact that the consumer can choose his own fencing such as he himself wants. That is, in this case, the developer has the opportunity to purchase a deaf or open fence. It turns out that everyone chooses for themselves the degree of security and privacy that suits him best.

You can make a fence that will passenough light, and it will see more people passing by what was happening behind him, but to enter the territory will be quite problematic. In the case of installation in a checkerboard pattern of land will be unavailable for other people's eyes, but at the same time, Inland will penetrate the fresh air.

Metal fence can be purchased in anycolor and in any size. If the landowner has always dreamed of a three-meter fence, then no problem, such barriers are installed quickly and simply. Moreover, from this material it is possible to make a small front garden inside which the mistress of the house can plant a lot of beautiful flowers.

If necessary, you can combine a metal fence with other materials, such as stone and concrete. If a person has a good imagination, then this material is combined even with wood.

But, despite the large number of positivemoments, yet the metal fence has one very significant minus. Since the material of the fence is made of metal, it is corroded, because of which the owner of the private house will have to remove the rust and paint the barrage every spring.

Despite the fact that this type of fences for privatehouses appeared relatively recently, but he already had time to fall in love with many landowners, because the low price and quite good aesthetic properties pleasantly please the average consumer.

Types of metal fences

This type of fence for a private houseis made of rods or fittings. But there is a small complexity in the installation: just stick the metal into the ground will not work. The rods must be welded to some base, and the joints are immediately treated with a special anti-corrosion agent. However, the technology of manufacturing a metal fence allows the owner of such a fence to stop corrosion if he additionally zinced the barrier.

More popular are fences fromProfile pipes, the cross-section of which can be not only round, but also square. This kind of fencing will be considerably stable and qualitative. Installation of the fence is as follows: welding of the frame and profile pipes.

Fence price

Most private sector ownersthey acquire a metal picket precisely because of the low price. It is worth noting that one meter profile can be purchased for $ 2, and this price is incredibly small. A complete set can be purchased for 500-600 dollars. If you take into account the average market prices for forged or stone fences, in this case a person can save a lot of money (the price for a stone fence is about 10 times higher).

Sectional fences from mesh

Fences for a private house from the grid are usedquite rare, mostly they are installed in a fairly quiet areas of the city where there is not much traffic and people who pass daily near the house. However, if this type of fence is right for you, then it has a lot of advantages.Fences for a private house from the grid

This variant of a fence for a private house haslong service life, easy to install. A person who has acquired such an obstacle, there is no need to have welding skills for installation. Installation is quite simple, without welding.

As for the price, the cost of the sectionalThe fence will be even lower than the fence of the metal fence. However, in this case, the landowner is almost completely deprived of privacy, the site and the house are completely visible through the fence. In a greater measure, it serves to prevent the entry of various animals into the territory, or, conversely, various animals escape from it.

Fences made of stone and concrete

Fences for a private house made of stone look simpleexcellent and impressive. A person who passes by such a barrier, understands that people who have high status reside inside. Stone fences have a lot of advantages over other types of fences. But it is worth noting the main plus - reliability. Stone barriers do not require any care, while their service life is from 50 years. The stone is a strong material, which is not afraid of various weather factors, it is not afraid of insects or pets.varieties of fences for a private house

The difference between this type of fence and all others -they can approach almost any design and landscape. Barrier structures made of stone can be of any height and shape: high, low, deaf, with gaps, only of stone, stone combined with other materials.

It is quite difficult to install these structures, for starters, the owner of a private site will need to acquire a solid foundation. Support pillars must necessarily be thicker than a wall made of stone.

Fences made of stone are very high quality, beautiful andhave many advantages over any other materials. However, for such an excellent quality will have to put out a lot of money. The main reason that many people do not install stone fences is price.

Also to drawbacks of this fence can be attributedthat alone an unprepared person can not make an installation of the barrier. Therefore, the installation must be entrusted to professionals, which further raises the price of the construction. In order to save, you can buy an artificial stone, which has a significantly lower cost with fairly similar characteristics. Moreover, it is much easier to mount a fence from such a stone.

If financial opportunities are strictly limited,then in this case, you should pay attention to the fences for a private house of concrete. This is also a very reliable option. Such barrier structures have all the same positive qualities as stone fences (except for high prices), only the price for them will be much less. It is also worth noting that the installation of a concrete fence will be much faster and easier. If a person has basic construction skills, he can install it on his own, without the help of special workers. Those who are not satisfied with the banal gray concrete slabs can purchase modern imitations for wood or brick.

Recently it has become very fashionable and quitethe rational decision to install brick poles and concrete walls. Thanks to modern production of plates, the appearance of the fence will be simply magnificent. A person receives a high quality fence and is quite modern in appearance for a very small amount of money (relative to a stone structure).

Fences for a private house from corrugated board

Fences for a private house from corrugated boardingThis type of barrier is sufficientpopular and easy to install. The owner of the land plot should only determine the line through which the fence will pass, then install the poles and cross racks on which the profiled sheets are installed.

These cheap fences for a private house gotrecognition of many land owners, since the barrage from this material is strong enough and reliable. The positive qualities of corrugated board can be attributed to the fact that such a fence muffles the sounds coming from the street. After all, this material has sound-absorbing properties.

To install the fence from the proflist - the taskquite feasible without the involvement of additional specialists and technology. However, it is still necessary to have a certain set of tools and at least initial skills in working with this material.

The sheet is also good because it can be purchasedpractically in any color, thanks to which this type of fence perfectly fits almost any house and the adjacent territory. Separately it is worth noting and the service life, which under certain conditions can reach more than 25 years.

Wooden fences

fences for a private house made of woodIn most cases, fences for a private home fromwood are used only if the living quarters are located outside the city. The main advantage of this barrier is low cost, as well as environmental friendliness. It is quite difficult to imagine a house in the city around which there is a wooden fence. It does not have that margin of durability and reliability, like structures made of metal and stone.

However, thanks to the tree, you can create enoughAn unusual composition that will harmoniously fit into the landscape design. Each landowner determines for himself that he wants more - paint the tree or leave it a pristine appearance.

By the minuses of this structure can be attributed,that wood - a material rather short-lived, therefore, even in case of due care, the fence will last for a maximum of 20 years, and this is ideal. In practice, the wooden barrage is much smaller.

Brick fences

Fences for a private house made of bricksAnother expensive option fence for privateat home. This material is popular, modern, but at the same time and quite expensive. With the help of a brick, the landlord can make a unique design of the barrier, but it can be of any height and shape, which is undoubtedly a big plus for the consumer.

Fence for a private house made of bricks isthe best option for the middle class. The price of a brick is lower than that of a stone, but more expensive than a metal. Separately it is worth noting and durability. With proper care of the structure, the brick fence can stand for at least half a century without problems.

Forged fences for a private house

forged fences for a private houseIf a person likes original things and that there is"Not like everyone else", then this is exactly what you need. Forged fences do not have certain patterns, metal masters can do almost anything the client wants.

However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that such aThe fence type absolutely does not protect the owner of the house from prying eyes. Therefore, if privacy is required, it will be necessary to plant thick bushes near the fence. But if the views of passers-by do not frighten you, then forged fences can be installed on your site.

As for the price category,is rather vague, since the cost depends on the individual order. If the construction is simple and uncomplicated, the price will be much lower than the cost, for example, of a brick fence. In the case of exclusive figures and very complex work, which will require the maximum labor costs from the master, the cost can reach the price level of an expensive stone barrage.


So, to choose an obstacle - it's enoughuneasy. It is necessary to consider many different factors simultaneously, so that the chosen type of fence for a private house does not disappoint. If the budget is very limited, then you should pay attention to the fences from the metal fence or from the corrugated board. If the budget allows you to purchase better materials, you should look to a stone, concrete or forged option.

Everyone should first of alldetermine the amount that he is ready to give for the construction, and only then choose the type of barrage that is necessary. After all, they can be either completely closed, or open, classical and unusual. In general, it is necessary to include your imagination, and then even the most inexpensive barrier will turn into a beautiful ornament of any private house.

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  • Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board Types of fences for private houses. Fences made of fences, of stone, of corrugated board