Top games similar to Mafia 2

Top games similar to "Mafia 2"

Games similar to "Mafia 2" differ in the firstturn freedom of action and criminal plot. Most of them offer their unique elements of the gameplay and are able to interest not less than the legendary series from Czech developers. The list includes several projects that deserve attention in the first place.

Ideological ally

When they start looking for games that are similar to "Mafia 2"then the mind immediately comes the Grand Theft Auto series, namely the fourth part. There is an open world loved by everyone with a lot of freedom of action, an interesting story, attractive graphics and a bright main character. The story is completely tied to criminal elements, but GTA love not only because of this. In each new part, the social element becomes more developed. Your character can be dressed, improved, bought for him transport, real estate and many more. Some players are amused by driving on the roads in the virtual world, observing the rules of the road. There are a lot of opportunities here, and that's why the line of games is at the head of the list.similar games for the Mafia 2

Asian crime

Fans of Eastern stylistics among games of similaron "Mafia 2" will especially like the taste of Sleeping Dogs. This is a colorful action movie with a lot of melee fights and a history in the spirit of espionage. The player assumes the role of policeman Wei Shen and rubs himself into the confidence of the most dangerous group in Hong Kong, in order to work undercover. He set himself the task of destroying this villainous conglomerate from within and beginning to act by his own methods. A man is a master of martial arts, and so many fights are based on close combat against several enemies. There will also be missions using a variety of firearms. Developers have put in the game the map of Hong Kong with the maximum realism, and therefore the player will be able to immerse himself in the atmosphere of this huge metropolis. Most of the users came to the taste, the critics differed, but in general the game was rated at 75. The approach of developers to implement their ideas will find than to catch the usual similar to mafia 2

Madness in the open world

When it comes to open world and games,similar to the "Mafia 2", then it's worth remembering the Saints Row lineup. This is a project very similar in concept, where full freedom of action is realized. Players do not necessarily strictly follow the central story, but you can just have fun in the virtual universe. It is in this lesson that the main feature is revealed - an unusual humor. Here there is a real madness in this regard. The player can use the most unusual objects as weapons, side tasks bring a lot of fun, because they put the player in unimaginable situations. On the other hand, the game can be taken seriously and think about each decision. From this choice depends the behavior of the gangs and the growth of the influence of the protagonist in his own city. You can become a criminal authority in a single company or with a cooperative passage. Call friends and start this story together, because it will be at times more interesting and similar to mafia 2 list

Maximum similarity

If you look for similar games for "Mafia 2" bystyle and atmosphere, it's worth noting immediately The Godfather II. This is a story about how in America 50-60 years there were disassemblies between different criminal "families". The protagonist is a member of one of them, his main task is to spread influence and gain the authority of his own group. For this, one often has to confront other criminal elements. The gameplay will be familiar to all players from the "Mafia". Here the action with a third-person view, a lot of skirmishes and the most simple control of the hero. During the game, the user will visit Cuba, Miami, New York and several other large locations in North America. Although the game is made in the spirit of the eponymous film, it has only some connections with it. Events here go in a chaotic manner and often parallel to what happened in the movies. Nevertheless, the project is deservedly included in the list of similar games for "Mafia 2" for its atmosphere and pleasant similar to mafia 2 on pc

A look from the other side

A work with a detective slopeL.A. Noire for GTA San Andreasis listed in the list of similar games on "Mafia 2" on PC,although he gives a look on the other side. Users will take on the role of the police Cola Phelbs, who returned to World War II from his post and tries to clean up the streets. At this time in America there was a peak of criminal activity of the mafia, and the protagonist will try somehow to resist all "families". The main feature of the project was a system of interrogations and conversations with prisoners. The user must determine by mimicry and gestures a lie, and at the same time play on the person's emotions opposite. The system is incredibly interesting, capable with a head to immerse a player for long hours into the virtual world. Stylistics strongly resembles the first and second part of the series "Mafia". Familiar world will be like a native, even car models will feel like. Critics appreciated the project rather highly, and the average score of many reviews was 85.

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