Top 10 best games for every taste

Top 10 best games for every taste

Currently, many people are subject tocomputer games. Some may call it a disease or gambling, but with complete certainty it can be said that this is one of the most accessible ways to spend time. This leisure becomes more accessible than the same trip to the cinema or theater. However, over time, all games become boring and begins, so to speak, a crisis of the genre. Today we will present you the top 10 best games on the computer, to which every self-respecting gamer should play.

top 10 of the best games


Let's start with one of the most popular genres -zombie apocalypse. Than it is possible to explain unexpected rise of the given genre, to tell difficultly enough. Perhaps this is due to the improvement and improvement in the quality of game graphics and special effects, but earlier there were hits in which thousands were flirting. So, the top 10 of the best games about zombies:

  1. Resident Evil 1-3. Classics of the genre, with which it all began.
  2. Resident Evil 4+. Starting from the 4th part, the game turned into another shooter, which received negative feedback from the fans.
  3. Half-Life. All parts remain a legend and are interesting even now.
  4. Left4Dead. The plot mode is interesting to pass even to one.
  5. Dead Island.
  6. The Walking Dead.
  7. The Last of Us.
  8. "Plants vs. Zombies". It can not be said that this toy is amazing, but it will allow you to relax and calmly spend your evenings.
  9. Dead Risining.
  10. Day Z.

It is worth noting that we did not rank as such. It's just a list. Each of the games has its advantages and disadvantages. Different players like different games.

top 10 best games on the computer


The next top-10 of the best games on PC is dedicated to the genre, not the idea. If in the previous top we considered more of the plot and the universe, now we will give you a list of the best strategic games.

  1. Stronghold 1-3. All games of the series are famous for the advanced economy and intensive fighting.
  2. Warcraft 1-3.
  3. Starcraft 1-2. Although 2-3 places could be combined into one. Blizzards know how to get the player to really high-quality products.
  4. Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It was the third part of the series that became the game's benchmark. Of course, other parts deserve attention, but any player with confidence will say that nothing better than this campaign.
  5. Civilization. A game that deserved the right to get into the top 10 best games at least by its constancy. For the entire time of this series, graphics have improved, new features, troops, resources have been added, but it's still the same old kind of "Civilization" that everyone knows.
  6. Disciples 1-3. Despite the fact that, according to most players, the third part is inferior to the previous ones.
  7. Spore.
  8. Age of Wonders.
  9. Command & Conquer. All series of games are similar to each other, although they differ.
  10. X-COM.

In this rating we are in most cases onone place exhibited several parts of the same game. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to determine which part should be placed in the top 10 of the best games, because each player always finds something of his own. Someone likes the plot, and a person plays old games, despite the graphics, and someone is more attracted by special effects, and he sets himself on the computer the most recent parts.

top 10 best games on the PC


Top 10 best games to playonline or simply in a cooperative with friends, interests very many. Unfortunately, at the moment the choice is not very great, and similar projects are not striking with a variety of ideas. "Run the crowd and shoot" or the usual RPG (with its features, but the difference, in fact, a small).

  1. World of Tanks. And other games of the series about airplanes and ships.
  2. World of Warcraft.
  3. Dota.
  4. Prime World.
  5. Perfect World.
  6. Tera-online.
  7. "ParaPa".
  8. LineAge.
  9. Damned.
  10. Any strategy for your taste. Each person has his own views on how to look like a strategy, which is worth playing against friends. Let's leave this place free so everyone can put his favorite toy here.

We brought the top 10 best games in whichyou may need to register online. Many toys do not require such actions. You just need to install them on your computer and create a local network with your friends. Therefore, it is possible to enumerate similar applications indefinitely.

top 10 best zombie games


Drawing up a list of top-10 best games - businessthankless. There will always be someone whose favorite game they forgot to mention, or, on the contrary, one who believes that they put a toy on the high place that is complete nonsense. Most of the tops, compiled by magazines and official publications, are based solely on the technical component, which does not affect the value of the game content as such. In general, the presented tops do not pretend to the truth in the first instance. It's just three lists of games, which really should at least try to play.

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  • Top 10 best games for every taste Top 10 best games for every taste Top 10 best games for every taste Top 10 best games for every taste Top 10 best games for every taste Top 10 best games for every taste