TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services

TM "Holtz House": information about the company. Reviews of products and services

A wooden house is not only a fashion forenvironmentally friendly housing, this is a return to normal habitat. It is the desire to live in harmony with nature caused by a boom in the construction of houses from a wooden beam.

Holtz House

Technology of production of laminated veneer lumber

In Russia, many companies are engaged inconstruction of houses, but only some offer a comprehensive approach to the production and erection of buildings, one of them is Holz House LLC. Glued timber offered by the enterprise is produced on its own equipment, and construction specialists and architects implement the most complex projects of modern houses.

Glued beam - relatively new, advancedtechnology of production of environmentally friendly building material. The invention is about thirty years old. The technological process of bar production includes a process that qualitatively improves the characteristics of the tree. The raw materials are the most common wood species: pine, spruce, cedar or larch.

Logs are sawed, subjected to primaryprocessing, dried. At the drying stage, the wood is treated with antiseptics. Then lamellas are glued together with organic mixtures at a pressure of 10 atmospheres. The beam is collected from lamellas (long sawn-off boards), in a single beam there are from two to eight boards, most often three to five. A finished product can have a length of up to 12 meters.

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Advantages of laminated veneer lumber

The qualitative advantages of glued beams consist of several positions:

  • Quick erection of the house. The house of laminated veneer lumber is built for two or three months, that is, within one season from the moment of the order you can enter and live in a new house.
  • Own production of the bar guaranteesqualitative adjustment of each groove and other components under the finished project from the company "Holtz House". Houses are built qualitatively and reliably, as all the nuances are taken into account.
  • Delivery of the finished building guarantees your settlementand a comfortable life for any season. The density of the bar, manufactured by modern technology, keeps the heat or cool much better than the processed log.
  • Glued beam keeps all quality andecological characteristics of natural wood. In this house it is easy to breathe, because in wet weather the walls absorb moisture, but in dry give. This bonus guarantees you no allergy.
  • The house of the beam will last more than 100 years and will truly be a family home for several generations.

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Disadvantages of the material

The disadvantages of the material include its morehigh cost, in comparison with the profiled beam, but it pays off the length of the product and the absence of cracking of the material. The main disadvantage may be poor quality gluing of lamellas in the finished product, but the specialists of Holtz House give a guarantee of quality.

For gluing the beam, Germantechnologies, materials and equipment, which guarantees a high-quality product at the cost of the domestic manufacturer. The company holds promotional offers every month, thanks to which it is possible to get an excellent bar at a very pleasant price.

Holz House Kirov

Types of timber

It is easy to build a house from glued beams, because there are several types of material adapted to the needs of construction:

  • Wall panel (insulated and without insulation).
  • Building material for the installation of individual structures: bent, supporting, girder, etc.

A wallboard with a heater is more preferablefor construction in our latitudes. Its use makes it possible to erect external and internal walls without additional insulation and preserve the beauty of natural material.

Window and door glued beams are also manufactured according to separate standards. They take into account the requirements for the external and internal sides of the building material.

Support, bent, beam and other typesconstructive filling of the house are made, according to the standard design of the house or at the request of the client, piece samples. Individual project will cost more than the proposed options for 10-15 percent, but it guarantees its own style and unique embodiment, with full respect for quality and durability.

In the production of building wooden beams, Holtz House is guided by European quality standards and GOSTs of the Russian Federation.

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Popular sections of the bar

The company "Holtz House" produces the required types of timber in construction with the following sections:

  • Holz - Optima.
  • Holz - Comfort.
  • Holz - Favorite.
  • Holz - Finland.
  • Holz - Exclusive.
  • Holz - D.
  • Holz - 2D.

When using this material, quality construction is guaranteed, taking into account the technological features of wooden architecture.

Holz House House

The house of your dreams

Everything has its own life span, and the house including. An important advantage of the facilities from Holtz House is its own production lines and a practically closed production cycle. The company guarantees to its customers high-quality building materials, a team of builders who know all the subtleties of erecting houses from glued beams, and a large database of ready-made architect projects for every taste and purse. On the pages of the site you can look in detail at the projects of houses sold.

It is possible that one of the projects is builtnear you, and it can be seen directly on the site. The geography of construction covers many cities: from Tyumen to Krasnodar and St. Petersburg - everywhere you can find houses from the Holz House company. The testimonials of the company's clients show the well-coordinated work of professionals, the speed of construction and the quality of the house. Also, some people note the company's desire to make housing as convenient as possible for the needs of specific customers.

Holtz House

Innovation and Traditions

The production base, except equipment andexcellent collective, has at its disposal forestry, leased by the Holz House Company. Kirov, where the main capacities are located, is located in the northern part of the country, leased forest areas are located in the taiga forest zone. This gives qualitative characteristics of wood used in the production of timber. A tree grown in a region with predominantly low temperatures has a more dense structure, which ensures the durability of buildings.

Architectural bureau "Holtz House" offers fivetypical and more than a thousand individual projects of residential buildings. Also in the asset of the project bureau there are proposals for the construction of non-residential facilities. In addition to the production of laminated veneer lumber, design and construction of a full cycle, the company sells lumber, sells glued timber according to the requirements of third-party organizations, and offers advantageous dealership terms for cooperation.

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Representations "Holtz House"

For the comfort of their customers and for improvingquality of service in the company opened offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg. The main office is in the city of Kirov, where the production base of the organization is located. The company's website details the route by which you can reach the offices.

If you have a dream to build a wooden house,please contact Holtz House. You will gain time, get quality services and a new home in a short time. And this will not be an accident: the Holz House company is one of the five leaders in its industry.

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  • TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services TM Holtz House: information about the company. Reviews of products and services