The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts

The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts

A chain of picturesque mountains stretched to the west of Ukraine Carpathians. The sights of these places will not leave anyone indifferent: high-mountainous landscapes, dense forests, mineral springs and resorts ...

Ukrainian Carpathians

In ancient times, this mountain range, located ineastern part of Central Europe, called the Sarmatian Mountains. The modern name "Carpathians", most likely, comes from the word "stone", which existed even in the Pra-Indo-European language. They stretched across the territory of eight states - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Austria. The highest point of the Carpathian Mountains is the Gerlachovsky Stit. There is a mountain in Slovakia, in height it reaches 2655 meters.

Carpathian Attractions

These mountains are usually divided into Western, Southern andEastern. The latter includes the Ukrainian Carpathians. The sights of the mountains are mostly peaks. In all the Carpathians there are quite a few, only the Slovak Tatras have 25 high peaks. Within Ukraine is located 10% of the territory of the Carpathian mountain system. The highest point is Mount Goverla, reaching 2061 meters in height.

The Ukrainian Carpathians take their origin from the Xiang River,and from there they stretch for 280 kilometers to the Suceava River. They affect four areas of the state: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian.

Carpathian Mountains: attractions

The smooth shapes of the Carpathian mountains give the impression,that these are old formations, however the Carpathians are very young and are now at the stage of active formation. 200 million years - this is the approximate age, which the Carpathians can boast of. Sights of the mountains - this picturesque mountain ranges, rocky peaks, pine, platan and beech forests, full of blueberries and cranberries, water springs and waterfalls, such as waterfall Guk.

This region has valuable recreational andmedical resources. In the Carpathians there are many mineral springs, near which there are various sanatoria and recreation centers. The most famous resorts are in Morshyn, Nadvornaya, Skhidnytsya, Truskavets.

Hook waterfall

A huge number of attractionsis associated with water bodies. In the Ukrainian Carpathians there are many lakes. The highest mountain is at an altitude of 1,801 meters, this lake Brebeneskul in the Rakhiv district. In addition, there are about 19 waterfalls in the region. The most visited are the waterfall Hook, Whisper, Proby. The highest is the Manyava waterfall, its height is 16 meters.

Conquest of vertices

What to do in the mountains? Of course, climb them! In the Carpathians, almost everyone can do it. There are different heights and complexities of the summit, all the elevations to which are marked. The Marmarosh massif is interesting with more rocky and steep peaks than in the other part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The highest peaks belong to the massif of Chernogor, among them the mountains of Goverla (2061), Brebeneskul (2032), Petros (2020), Pop Ivan (2028). Here, as on the Svidovets massif, there are many glacial lakes (Nesamovite, Upper, Maricheyka, etc.).

cable car in Bukovel

In winter, walks on the peaks are not so accessible, to replace them comes skiing. Beginners often choose the ski resort Verkhovyna. It operates only four small tracks.

Near the village of Polyanitsa is a resortBukovel. There are 63 trails of various difficulty levels, snow parks and even a ski school. The cable car in Bukovel, like the whole resort, operates in the summer. At this time, tours on quad bikes, rafting, wakeboarding and much more are available here.

What else can you visit?

Despite the abundance of resorts and sanatoriums,Carpathian Mountains are places with original villages and unforgettable traditions, mysterious forests, grassy meadows, magnificent views. In the Transcarpathian region there is a reserve Bukovye pralesy where untouched beech forests have been preserved in their original form.

mountain ski resort of Verkhovyna

Very close to the city of Khust, in the tract Kireshi,is the valley of the daffodils. You can see it in all its glory in mid-May. In the village of Bubnishche there are Dovbush rocks, which have fancy shapes in the form of stone idols about 80 meters high. Rocky fads can be seen in the village of Rostoki. There, in the huge rocks formed a lot of holes, because of what the place is now called Pierced Stones. The crown of natural creativity is the arc-shaped rock Falcon eye.

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  • The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts The Ukrainian Carpathians. Attractions and resorts