The series Gymnasts: actors and roles

The series "Gymnasts": actors and roles

The ups and downs, the desire for victory, intrigues and the struggle for a place in the team - it's about the series "Gymnasts", the actors of which showed the inner world of elite sports.

Sports drama

"To achieve or break" is the original name of the television drama, which was launched on ABC Family channel in June 2009. The pilot series gathered 2.5 million spectators from the screens.

gymnasts actors

The reason for the deafening success, thanks towhich the series lasted three seasons, became a sports theme. The author of the idea Holly Sorensen, along with producer Paul Stupin, could keep the fans of the drama in suspense, because it was almost impossible to predict the turn of the story.

Do you like the series "Gymnasts"? Actors (whose biography, unfortunately, the topic of a separate review) and interesting facts will be described in our article.

In the center of the plot

The struggle for the pedestal in the national championship of the USA- the main goal in life Kylie Cruz, Payson Keeler and Lauren Tanner. Girls have known each other since childhood, because the training camp in the town of Boulder has long been their second home for them.

Unexpectedly among the gymnasts a newpretender to the medals - Emily Kmetko. She had to grow up quite early and be responsible for her disabled brother and mother, who struggles with her parental responsibilities. Financial problems, insecurity in the future and the absence of a mentor hinder the talent of Kmetko to reveal himself fully.actors of the series gymnasts

Another feature of the series "Gymnasts" - actorsand the actresses were supposed to portray not only professional athletes, but also teenagers. According to the fans, it was the Chelsea Hobbs (Emily Kmetko) that was the best. It is interesting that in the career of an actress this is not the first role of a gymnast - in 1997 the Canadian starred in the film "The Ideal Figure."

Worst of all, the arrival of the "newcomer"Lauren Tanner reacted. The "queen of the log" after the mother's departure from the family was spoiled by a loving father. In the series Cassie Lynn Serbo got a negative heroine. Lauren says and does mucks, thinks only of himself. At some point, she realizes that she was not right, but epiphany does not last long. On the road to success, Tanner uses all available methods - intrigues, betrayal of the best friend and even the coach.

"The Golden Girl"

Kaylee Cruise has everything you can dream about. Purpose in life and a favorite pastime, ideal family, boyfriend and the best advertising campaigns - from the first minutes Kayli became the favorite of everyone who watched the series "Gymnasts".

Actors and roles, according to fans, coincidedideally. The image of talented Cruz was a great success for an American Josie Lauren. The captain of the team also fell a lot of tests. Parental divorce, friend betrayal, grueling workouts and the fight against eating disorders - for a single moment everyone thought that the fragile Cayley could not cope with the problems and would leave the race.gymnasts actors biography

And, finally, persistent, courageous and enduring PaysonKeeler. This gymnast is obsessed with sports, she accepts and respects all rules. From the screenwriters of the series, the clever Payson gets a serious back injury, after which any other girl would complete her career. However, Keeler does not give up, recovers from injury and again joins the fight for a ticket to the Olympic Games.

Before the shooting in the series "Gymnasts" actors inFor four months they brought their sports uniform to perfection. Performer of the role of Payson Keeler - Aile Kell was the easiest, because she has been professionally engaged in ballet since the age of 14.

Success and criticism

For many, an amazing discovery was the fact thatthe actors of the series "Gymnasts" are not professional athletes. The shooting was attended by a whole team of understudies, brilliant performances which were included in the shot. It is interesting that the statement of actresses on the main roles occurred after the selection of gymnasts.

During the preparation, Hobbs, Kell, Serbo and Lauren, under the guidance of the Canadian coach, mastered simple gymnastic elements, and the hall in the town of Boulder was equipped with real simulators.series gymnasts actors and roles

From the very beginning, the enthusiasm of the public was not criticizedshared - for them rather soap opera resembled the series "Gymnasts." The actors were chosen perfectly, but from season to season no new twists and turns took place in the plot. The life of young athletes consisted of preparing for competitions, the competitions themselves and problems with parents and boyfriends. Monotony ultimately affected the ratings - viewers, who were interested in the premiere of the third season, were 40% less. After eight episodes the story of the drama "Gymnasts" was over.

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  • The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles The series Gymnasts: actors and roles