The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion

The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion

The process of website promotion is quite laborious, but at the same time fascinating and interesting process. It consists of many steps that need to be done gradually and correctly.

html meta

One of the most important stages in the promotion of the site is its optimization. And it, in turn, is carried out with the help of meta-data, without them there can not be any speech optimization about the site.

Where are the html meta tags located

The site (or its separate page) has a certain structure. In the simplest form this is:

  • The upper part, which is called the head (literally from English - the head, or one more name - the cap);
  • body (body).

As you can see, the names speak for themselves. Actually, in the head of the site (page) are prescribed html meta tags (almost all of them are not visible to the user, except for certain, these tags are for search engines, and they usually contain information that helps the search engine determine what this page or site is about ), and in the body - the content of the page itself (this is the information that is visible to the user).

For example: now you read this article, you do not see any tags, except for the title of the article (this is also a tag), but you can see the body of the article in the form of article text and pictures.

Basic meta tags and their description

There are many different meta tags. Each of them is designed to describe certain information. The most common html meta tags are:

  • "title" tag;

  • "keywords" tag;

  • description tag.

html meta content

Title in its essence - the name (again the siteor a separate page of it). This tag is one of the few that is important not only for optimization for search engine robots, but also for the user, since by name one can determine whether we need this or that information or not. For example: you are looking for an article on kidney diseases in the search engine, of course, you do not need an article called "Holidays in Turkey", since this is not a topic at all, and you will continue to search for the rest of the site. In other words, the title is a very necessary tag, as it carries the name to the material by which you can determine whether the material is necessary for the user or not.

Keywords is a meta tag that is responsible forkeywords. Keywords are words or phrases that most accurately characterize the content on a website or page. At the moment they do not have such a value as, say, 10 years ago, but still all webmasters agree that they are needed.

The description tag is a description of the material. This html meta-tag is very important for the promotion of the resource and for explaining to the user what will be discussed in the material. To write a description, one or two sentences are sufficient. The main thing in these proposals is to reveal the essence of the article or, for example, if it is a film, the essence of the film. Description when searching with the help of search engines is under the name of the material. If you make an incorrect description, the search engine will ignore it and create its description, taking pieces of sentences from the body of the article.

html meta refresh

Example of page code, with the tags considered

<meta name = "keywords" content = "Keywords fit here">
<meta name = "description" content = "There must be a description">
<title> This is where the article or material title is located </ title>
</ head>
<body> Content (material) located on the page </ body>
</ html>
It should be noted that there is no difference which of the meta tags will go up or down, the main thing is that they should be.

What is html meta content

This attribute is not a specific tag, like title or description. Its role is to assign a value to a specific tag. For example:

<meta name = "description" content = "Vasya Pupkin, his story and autobiography">

In this example, as can be seen, is useddescription tag. But in itself, it does not cost anything without the following content attribute, which assigns the tag description value "Vasya Pupkin, his story and autobiography." It is thanks to content when searching for information on the Internet in the description under the name will be the specified description.

Html meta content is a kind of key component of any of the meta tags, since it is with it that you assign a specific value to any of the attributes.

But meta-data can be assigned without using content, although a professional approach to optimization requires it. Two examples (how you can use or not use content):

  1. Using<meta name = "description" content = "Vasya Pupkin, his story and autobiography">Is the most correct use of html meta content description.
  2. Without <description>Vasya Pupkin, his story and autobiographydescription>.

Additional meta tags that help optimize the resource

There are many meta-data that havetheir specific properties (with the help of them you can register the author of the material, index the page by the search engine or not, the frequency of indexing and much more). For example, html meta refresh can refresh the page in the browser in the specified time range (it is set in seconds). In addition, this meta tag can load in automatic mode (also at intervals, if necessary) any document or other web page.

html meta charset

In one article it is almost impossible to describe everythingmeta-tags, which occur in the layout of web resources (because there are a lot of them). Particular attention should be paid to the html meta charset, as it uses the encoding of the page (site). If you specify this parameter incorrectly, when you open a text page, it will display an incomprehensible set of characters.


Of course, to fully understand all the tagsyou need to learn the html language. But to optimize the site for a newcomer it will be enough to have the basic meta tags. Even they can easily take your site to the top search engine.

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  • The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion The most popular and necessary html meta-tags for web promotion