The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo

The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo

The civilization of Egypt is one of the oldest. It was the Egyptians who built one of the seven wonders of the world - the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists still can not understand how, with the available building technologies, it was possible to erect such a monumental structure.

The Valley of the Pyramids

pyramid of mykerinIn total, more than 100 buildings have been found in Egypt, howeverthe most famous of them are near Cairo, in the Giza Valley. There are three ancient memorials: Cheops, Khafren and the Pyramid of Micherine. Also in the large funerary complex is the Sphinx and a museum with an inside ancient boat. Egyptian pyramids, regardless of size, have great historical and cultural value. Interest in them does not fade even today.

Pyramid of the Mikerin

Egyptian pyramidsPharaoh Mekerin (2532-2503 BC), asand any ruler of that time, had to perpetuate his reign and build a tomb. Its pyramid has modest parameters, compared to all located on the plateau of Giza. It was laid in the southwestern part of the Giza complex, some distance from the tombs of Cheops and Khafre. The tomb of the Mikerin is in the shape of a regular pyramid. Evidence of those times argue that this pyramid was the most beautiful on the plateau, despite its size. The locals call it "Heru", which means "high" in Arabic. The pyramid of Menkaure, as it is also called, is the last of the great pyramids. Later, their height was standard and did not exceed 20 meters. The tomb is surrounded by destroyed residential buildings, as well as three mini-pyramids. Presumably in the small pyramids were buried the wife of the pharaoh. Now it is difficult to understand exactly how the pyramid of Mikerin looked exactly, as in the 16th century it suffered significantly as a result of the attack of the Mamelukes on Egypt. Another reason for the partial destruction of the experts consider the haste in the construction of the temple, as well as the use in the construction of raw bricks.

Parameters of the tomb of Mikerin

pyramidDistance from the tomb to the nearest pyramidKhafre is 200 meters. It rises to 62 meters, and the length of one side is 109 meters. The Pyramid of Micherine is in the form of a regular pyramid. Initially, it was 66 meters high, but time and the desert did their job. At the same time, due to the fact that the pyramid was partially protected by a sand drift, the length of the sides and part of the outer lining at the base remained. According to the designer's plan, the pyramid was to have the dimensions of the base 60x60 meters. However, it was subsequently decided to substantially increase the area of ​​the base. During the construction, the experience of building the previous pyramids was used. In contrast to the brethren, the Pyramid of Micherin has in the foundation an artificial terrace of limestone blocks. Usually the tombs were erected on a rocky natural base.
The outer lining significantly distinguished the Pyramid of Mykerin among others. It was made of such types of material:

  • the lower part is faced with red granite;
  • In the middle part, the Türkic limestone is used;
  • the top is decorated with red granite.

Inside the tomb of the Mikerin

the pyramid of the mykerin has a regular shapeThe dimensions of the burial chamber are also modest andcorrespond to the size of the pyramid. Parameters: 6.5x2.35 meters, and a height of three and a half meters. The ceiling of the main room is made in the form of a half-arch and is made up of two adjacent blocks, it creates the illusion of the arch. For polishing the inner walls of the mausoleum, polished granite was used. They also laid the walls of the corridor and the original tomb.

A staircase leads to the room with the after-service utensils. The pyramid was first surveyed in 1837 by an expedition of British Colonel Howard Vence. At the autopsy, a basalt sarcophagus with a wooden lid and bones was found. Sarcophagus was sent to study in London. However, the ship fell into a storm and sank. The lid of the coffin, made in the form of a human body, was attributed to archaeologists by the period of early Christianity. Also, during the excavations, an extensive collection of sculptures was discovered. The most valuable exhibits were exhibited in the Central Museum of Cairo and the Boston Museum of Art.

On the skill of designers says and one-piecea block located inside the pyramid, which weighs about 200 tons. This is the heaviest monolithic block brought to the valley of the Pharaohs. Also in the main part of the temple was found a large statue of the king.

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  • The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo The Micherine Pyramid in Cairo