The former power of the Soviet Union

The submarine "Shark". The former power of the Soviet Union

September 1980 was marked by a launch on the watera giant submarine of a new model, the height of which reached a nine-story house, and the area was equal to two football fields. It was a kind of response of the Soviet Union to the development and construction of the NATO submarine "Ohio" capable of striking from anywhere in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at once for several dozen purposes located on the territory of the USSR. For the advance strike, the General Staff of the Union required a mobilesubmarine sharksubmarine for combat from the Arctic Ocean. It was not possible to track such a tool under the ice sheet even to space satellites.

In all the deep waters of the globe were conductedsubmarine warfare. The only exception was the Arctic Ocean, which, with its unpredictable ice, made it impossible to turn around in full force. In the storm for the North Pole, we won. It was for the waters with such a temperature that the submarine "Akula" was created, the photo of which is presented on this page. In warmer waters, the submarine feels not quite comfortable, its engine and mechanisms are subject to considerable overheating.


shark submarineAccording to the strategic calculation of the General Staff of the USSRtheir permanent duty under the ice was to carry several submarines, each of which had in its arsenal of 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles. At the same time, each rocket had ten separating warheads aimed at the cities of a potential enemy. The submarine "Shark" was not able to make combat strikes from under the ice. For this purpose, a built-in strong felling was provided. She pounded the ice or blasted them with torpedoes. The technical order for the construction of the submarine was complex. The submarine "Shark" was supposed to have 20 launchers for nuclear missiles with the possibility of launching all simultaneously. The strategy of nuclear wars of that time consisted in a momentary strike, with the second chance could no longer be. It was precisely such a weapon that the Shark demanded. The submarine eventually came out just huge - 55% of its 50,000 ton displacement was assigned to the contents of the ballast tanks, which was why it was called a water-carrier. Its length was 172 meters and its width was about 23 meters, it had a draft of the shell up to 11 meters. Not long ago, the journal Science and Life published an interview with one of the officers, who described in detail the interior. It turns out that the submarine "Shark" had very good living conditions. The crew was accommodated in 2, 4, 6-berth cabins lined with plastic undersubmarine shark photonatural wood.Each room had a desk, bookshelves, wardrobes, a washbasin and a TV. To maintain a good physical form of officers, there was a gym equipped with a variety of simulators.

At the moment, from six built submarinesonly three remained. Under the agreement of Gorbachev with the Americans, special equipment for the management of the BR was torn from the submarines. From the former power of Russia there were fragments, which it is time to collect and glue together. And the most notable among them is the submarine "Shark", sometimes even called "Typhoon".

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  • The former power of the Soviet Union The former power of the Soviet Union The former power of the Soviet Union The former power of the Soviet Union The former power of the Soviet Union The former power of the Soviet Union