The film A Dogs Heart: actors and roles

The film "A Dog's Heart": actors and roles

27 years ago, in 1988, the audience for the first timesaw the television movie "The Heart of a Dog," based on the novel by the famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov. The picture was very popular, and the phrases from it immediately became winged expressions: "Razruha not in the closets, but in the minds", "In the queue, the sons of bitches, children in the queue."

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The film "The Heart of a Dog", the actors and roles of which became known in the first days after the premiere to the whole vast country, is now among the best Soviet films.

History of creation

Telefilm "The Heart of a Dog," whose actorswere selected carefully for a long period of time, was shot according to the famous story of Bulgakov. Not everyone knows that the script of the picture on the original is not all like in everything. Directed by Vladimir Bortko himself wrote it and included scenes, situations and characters from several stories and feuilletons of the writer. They organically entered the film and only gave it brightness and color. The director included other works of the writer in the film adaptation in order to expand the framework, go beyond the professor's apartment and show the streets of the city at that time.

The novel written in 1925 was firstwas published in the homeland of Bulgakov in 62 years. Immediately after her reading, Bortko decided to film the "Dog Heart". The actors and roles of this film fell in love with the audience and were remembered for many years.

The country was already restructuring, and the director did not encounter any obstacles from the authorities.

The plot of the picture

A domestic surgeon, a brilliant surgeonProfessor Preobrazhensky deals with the problems of rejuvenation of the human body. His operation is the dream of all aging representatives of power and culture. He has his own theory of complete recovery of the body. To implement it, he selects a stray mongrel on the street and decides to transplant her human pituitary gland and seminal glands.

canine heart actors and roles

This, according to the scientist, should rejuvenate the oldanimal. The professor's theory did not take place - Sharik did not become younger after the operation. He began to turn into a man whose organs were transplanted to him. And it was an extremely unpleasant person, an alcoholic, a hooligan and a boor Clim Chugunkin.

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Preobrazhensky has to take care of that,so that his client received the documents and began to adapt in society. Unfortunately, the good Sharik has adopted all the addictions and the worst character traits of his donor, Klim Chugunkin. Between him, a professor and a disciple of Preobrazhensky, Dr. Bormental, the relationship is growing hotter. When it comes to denunciation and threat of weapons from Chugunkin, the surgeon goes to extreme measures and again takes up the scalpel.

The actors of the film "The Dog's Heart" - people and animals

The candidates were selected for the roles carefully andpainstakingly. Bortko has already become famous as a talented director, having shot the film "The Blonde is around the corner." Therefore, there were many people wishing to play in his new tape of venerable actors. Yevgeny Evstigneev was chosen for the role of Preobrazhensky. He became his favorite character, and shooting in the film "The Heart of a Dog," whose actors are still beloved by the audience, literally saved the artist, who was at that moment in a serious mental state. Evstigneev could not recover from the conflict with Efremov, and a new role was very useful.

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If the actors were selected for other roles for a long time, thenBoris Plotnikov, who played Ivan Bormental, was approved by Bortko as soon as he saw him at the Moscow Satire Theater. The young actor was at first afraid of playing with such an eminent partner as Evstigneev. But the latter encouraged his colleague, saying that on the set they are equal.

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In the film, another interesting actor was shot. Sharikov, whose canine heart appears in the picture as a metaphor, is Vladimir Tolokonnikov, a talented and extraordinary person. Bortko looked through a lot of samples, but he did not find one who can embody the image of both dogs and man. Tolokonnikova found on the photobase of actors. His first test was so successful that he was immediately approved for the role of Polygraph Polygraphovich.

canine heart actors

The most unusual member of the crew wasdog Kary - a mongrel who played the role of a long-suffering Sharik. Bortko said that he had never seen a smarter and more professional dog. Hari performed all the commands from the first take and was just an ideal actor. For a four-legged artist, this was the first, but not the last work in the movie - later Cary was shot in four more films.

In addition to the service dog, in the scenes where Sharikov eliminates the flood in the apartment, they removed several cats.

The film "The Dog's Heart" - actors in episodes

Anzhelika Nevolina (typist in the officeSergei Filippov (patient of Preobrazhensky), Natalia Fomenko (member of the house committee, assistant to Shvonder), Roman Tkachuk (Professor of Persikov) and many other actors remembered the viewer with their episodic but bright roles. They managed to recreate the true atmosphere of Bulgakov's satirical works.

canine heart actors and roles

Curious facts about the film

Vladimir Tolokonnikov on the first trial so convincingly portrayed drinking a glass of vodka, which struck the director on the spot. After that, he was immediately approved for the role of Sharikov.

The film "The Heart of a Dog", whose actors are so fond of the audience, on many domestic and foreign ratings is on the first place in the list of the best Soviet paintings.

Dog Kari, who played the ball, had an honorary list of 38 detained criminals. The fact is that he was on duty in the police.

Songs and ditties, sounded in the film, written by the bard Yuri Kim.

Director Vladimir Bortko played in the film an episodic role of street gapers.

Monuments to Polygraph Polygraphovich and Professor Preobrazhensky are installed in Kharkov.

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Evgeny Evstigneev and Vladimir Bortko received for their work on the film the State Prize of the RSFSR.

Reviews of viewers and critics

In the first days of the premiere, a huge numberviewers saw the television movie "A Dog's Heart". The actors who played in it instantly received all-Union fame - Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Boris Plotnikov, Olga Melikhova, Roman Kartsev, Alexei Mironov, Nina Ruslanova.

If ordinary viewers were delighted with the picture,then the reviews of some critics were impartial. Despite this, the film "The Heart of a Dog", created by Vladimir Bortko and his crew, is today one of the best adaptations of Bulgakov's works.

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