The drug Ismigen: reviews, prices

The drug "Ismigen": reviews, prices

How is the drug Ismigen used? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors will be described further. You will also learn about whether it is possible to give this medicine to children, how much it costs, what composition and form of release it has, how it works on the human body, etc.ismigen reviews

Form, medicine package and composition

In what form can I buy the drug Ismigen? Instruction, reviews of specialists report that this drug goes on sale in the form of flat-cylindrical tablets of light cream color with a risk, brown impregnations and a weak aroma of mint.

The active substance of this medicine isbacterial lysates. As for the auxiliary ingredients, they include glycine, calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, magnesium stearate and mint flavor.

You can buy the drug in cell packs, which are placed in packs of cardboard.

Pharmacological features

The drug "Ismigen", reviews about which are wornan ambiguous character, is a combined immunostimulating agent of bacterial origin. This medication is intended solely for sublingual (i.e., sublingual) administration.

The medicinal product "Ismigen" is polyvalentantigenic complex, which includes bacterial lysates, that is, the frequent pathogens of various respiratory infections. The components that make up this preparation are obtained by mechanical action.

As with other immunostimulants,bacterial origin (second generation), the medicament in question is capable of providing a specific vaccinating and nonspecific immunostimulating effect.Ismigen price feedback

Sublingual tablets can affect different parts of the immune system. They are able to stimulate both humoral and local cellular immune response, and systemic.

This drug increases the content of lysozyme insaliva, activates phagocytosis, and also increases the number of immunocompetent cells. It increases the metabolic and functional activity of macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

Also, the drug in question will activateoxidation processes and expression of adhesion molecules on granulocytes and macrophage-monocyte cells. This effect ensures its cooperation with antigen-presenting cells and T-lymphocytes, destroying infectious agents.

What other properties does the drug "Ismigen" have? Experts say that it is able to stimulate the secretion of prostaglandin E2 with macrophage-monocyte cells, activate natural killers, release anti-inflammatory cytokines, and increase the concentration of secretory immunoglobulin in saliva.

After the course of therapy in patientsthe duration, severity and frequency of acute respiratory infections are reduced. There is also a leveling and relief of symptoms such as cough, fever and shortness of breath. In patients, the need for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy is reduced.ismigen instructions

One can not help saying that people with chronic respiratory illnesses are warned against exacerbations when taking this medication.

Indications for use

What is the purpose of the drug Ismigen? The doctors' comments inform that this medication is intended for the treatment of subacute and acute infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract:

  • tonsillitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • Otitis, including complications after the flu (as part of complex therapy).

It should also be noted that the drug in question is often prescribed for chronic bronchitis (as a prevention of exacerbations), recurrent infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract.

Contraindications for use

Under what conditions is it forbidden to use sublingual tablets "Ismigen"? The specialists' reviews report the following contraindications:isigen user's manual

  • period of pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to the auxiliary and active substances of the drug;
  • breast-feeding;
  • children under three years old.

How to take the drug Ismigen?

The price, reviews about this medicine will be presented below.

Tablets should be placed under the tongue and kept until dissolved. It is necessary to take this medication on an empty stomach. Sublingual tablets are not allowed to dissolve, swallow whole or chew.

In subacute and acute infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract, patients are prescribed one tablet a day until all the signs of the disease disappear (at least 10 days).

With recurrent infections of the lower and upperrespiratory tract, as well as to prevent exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases, it is recommended to take one sublingual pill for 10 days.

The preventive course of taking this drug includes three cycles of 10 days each with an interval of 20 days.

It is advisable to administer this medication no more often than 1-2 times a year.ismigen children reviews

Side effects

What side effects can causethe drug in question? What does the instruction (description) say about this? Ismigen is a relatively safe drug. His reception rarely causes undesirable phenomena. In some cases, this medication can cause side reactions from the skin, which manifests itself in the form of urticaria, impetiginous dermatitis and folliculitis. It is also extremely rare that this drug causes inflammation of the salivary gland, rhinitis and acute laryngitis.

Drug Interactions

The drug "Ismigen" is allowed to be used simultaneously with other drugs that are intended for the treatment of chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

The drug interaction of this drug with other drugs has not been described until now.

Special recommendations for the use of sublingual tablets

How should I give Ismigen to children? Pediatricians report that babies aged 3-6 years who are given pills should be under special supervision of adults until the drug dissolves completely in the oral cavity.description ismigen

It should also be noted that taking this medication does not affect the ability of patients to manage complex mechanisms and drive vehicles.

The cost of the drug and its analogs.

The price of the drug in question is quite high. So how much are the tablets of Ismigen (0.007 N10)? Immunomodulators with bacterial lysates are estimated at 550-600 rubles. If you need more of the drug (N30), you will have to pay about 1400 rubles.

As for analogs, similar propertiespossess such medicines as "Echinacea" "Arpetolid", "Estifan", "Arpeflyu", "Engystol", "Bioaron C", "Citovir-3", "Broncho-Vaxom", "Taktivin" "Broncho-Mun "" ruzam "," Broncho-moon "," Poludan "," Galavit "," Imunofan "," Gerbion "," Imudon "," Dr. Theiss "," Immunorm "," Immunal "," Immunomax "," Immunex ».

Reviews about the medicine

Immunomodulators are often usedparents in relation to those babies who are prone to regular colds. Therefore, often before the beginning of the autumn-winter season, children are given a full course of stimulants to strengthen the bronchopulmonary system.ismigen 0 007 n10 immunomodulators

According to the patients' reviews, thethe drug should be taken only on the advice of a doctor. Its use for prevention can reduce the frequency of colds, and for medicinal purposes - promotes rapid and complete recovery. Although it should be noted that not all people are filled with such enthusiasm. Some of them report that the process of using sublingual tablets has not given any result. Specialists also argue that the effect will be evident only after passing the full course of therapy.

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