The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations

The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations

The drug "Anaferon" - one of the few drugs,which can be used without a doctor's prescription. The homeopathic remedy "Anaferon", whose responses differ in emotional color, is a representative of the group of antiviral drugs. This immunoprotector increases the resistance of the organism to the negative effects of viruses, activating cellular and humoral immunity, increasing the level of interferon production.

The drug "Anaferon", doctors' reviews are unanimous (inunlike reviews of patients), significantly and rapidly increases the level of antibodies in the body, activates the phagocytic activity of cytokines and macrophages, thereby reducing all respiratory symptoms, removing signs of intoxication (pain, fever) that occur in ARVI or influenza.

The drug helps prevent the attachment of other infections to a weakened organism, does not allow the development of superinfection.

Preprate Anaferon, the patients' opinions on this quality of it are unified, allows to reduce considerably the amount of antipyretic drugs recommended for influenza.

Homeopathic remedy "Anaferon" is often prescribed for children with low immunity, adults with different infections. It is recommended for treatment:

  • prevention and treatment of influenza, colds, SARS, pharyngitis, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases;
  • herpes simple genital and other herpetic infections (eg, chickenpox);
  • immunodeficiency states of different origin;
  • rotavirus;
  • tick-borne encephalitis;
  • prevention of complications after various diseases.

The drug "Anaferon", reviews of doctors and othersexperts agree in opinion, practically has no contraindications. Only in some groups it can cause allergy symptoms, which occur immediately after discontinuation of this drug.

Anaferon is not recommended for pregnant women.

Since the homeopathic drug can be drunk without the permission of a doctor, you should carefully read the instructions in which the prescribed course of medication.

Usually adults are recommended to drink the drug for 3 days. First drink a pill every half hour. The fifth, sixth and seventh tablets are dissolved in the same day. The next two days take the pill at the same time intervals.

If no improvement occurs in three days, you will have to go to the doctor.

For the prevention of diseases, the drug "Anaferon", doctors' reviews are unanimous, it's enough to drink on a pill for 3 months.

In order to get rid of genius herpes, you have to drink 8 tablets in the first three days and four - in the following. The course of treatment for herpes can not be less than a month.

The advantage of the drug "Anaferon" is that it perfectly combines with drugs for the treatment of bacterial, viral and other infections.

The drug is harmless. In case of an overdose, only mild diarrheal events are possible that take place without additional treatment.

There were no side reactionsbackground of taking this medicine. The only people who should be more cautious about taking it are those who have an individual drug intolerance.

Does the medicine "Anaferon" help all withoutexceptions? Of course not. Despite its effectiveness, the drug can not take into account the characteristics of each person and adapt to them. Therefore, it is likely the existence of a group of people whose body will be insensitive to this medication. They should consult a doctor and choose another remedy, for example, the drug Remantadin, Interferon, Lavamax.

That is why, despite the fact that homeopathicdrugs are sold without a prescription, it is better to consult with a doctor about which particular medicine is suitable for a particular person. You can do this once a year. Time spent on visiting a doctor will be compensated by the timely reception of the right drug, which does not allow the disease to interrupt the habitual way of life.

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  • The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations The drug Anaferon: reviews and recommendations