The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair)

The airline "Tunisian Airlines" (Nouvelair)

"Tunisian Airlines" (Nouvelair) - a company operating in the sphere of charter transport for more than 20 years. It is the largest charter carrier in Tunisia and North-West Africa.

Information about the airline

Tunisian Airlines

"Tunisian Airlines" is an African carrier,whose activity is the organization of charter flights from major European cities to the popular resort destinations of Tunisia. Despite the narrow specialization of the company, the air carrier was able to become the second largest passenger traffic in the country. The airline is famous for its high level of service and safety.

The company was founded in 1989.As a subsidiary of the French company AirLiberte. Initially, there were only two units of MD-83 type aircraft in the aircraft park, and the geography of flights was limited to several international flights. The active phase of development came in 1995 after the purchase of a part of the shares of "Travel Group". Within four years, Tunisian Airlines was able to purchase its own airliner, Airbus A-320. By 2000, the company had transported more than 1,000,000 people. Gradually, the old MD-83 was replaced with "Airbus", and the enterprise began to function as an independent organization.

Now Nouvelair is betting on a high levelsafety of air travel and technical condition of aircraft. Aircraft cleaning is also given special attention. For its efforts, the company was repeatedly awarded certificates of many well-known organizations in the field of civil aviation.

There are more than 10 Airbus A-320 and A-321 airplanes in the fleet designed for the transportation of 180 and 215 people respectively. Moreover, their average age is about 12 years.

The volume of passenger traffic during the year is about one and a half million people. Major air transport hubs of the country - Tunis, Djerba, Monastir - are home airports.


Tunisian airlines nouvelair

Geography of flights of the company "Tunisian Airlines"includes more than 130 directions. At the same time, air traffic is oriented not only to Tunisian cities (Monastir, Tunis, Enfid, Djerba), but also to the resorts of the Old World.

Flights are performed in almost everyEuropean countries (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Sweden), and also to Turkey. Also flights are made to Ukraine (Kiev) and Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg). Russian flights are made from the airports "Pulkovo" and "Domodedovo".

"Tunisian Airlines": check-in for a flight

Tunisian Airlines check-in

You can register for flights only inairport. The airline recommends arriving at the airport in advance - at least 2 hours before departure time on schedule. The end of registration takes place 45 minutes before departure.

In the cabin of aircraft allowed to carry up to 7 kg of hand luggage per passenger. You can carry baggage free of charge with a weight not exceeding 20 kg.

Tunisian Airlines: Feedback

Tunisian Airlines reviews

The main advantages of the company include:

  • low cost of flight;
  • comfortable and welcoming atmosphere;
  • professionalism of the flight crew;
  • courtesy and responsiveness of flight attendants;
  • cleanliness of aircraft;
  • good condition of aircraft.

Among the shortcomings, air passengers distinguish the following:

  • registration and landing in Tunisia is much better than from Russian airports;
  • During peak periods, delays often occur;
  • lack of information on unscheduled delays;
  • staff speak English only;
  • a small space between the seats in the cabin;
  • onboard food of average quality;
  • no hot dishes;
  • to ensure information is not communicated information on the use of emergency equipment during flights over the sea;
  • flight attendants do not check the position of the seatbacks before take-off;
  • basically all flights from Russia are performed at night.

"Tunisian Airlines" is a company thathas been working in the sphere of charter transport for more than 20 years. It is one of the leading airlines in North Africa. During its existence the company has made great strides. Recently, it began to work with the Russian market. In general, passengers are satisfied with the services provided, but there are still moments to work on.

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  • The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair) The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair) The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair) The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair) The airline Tunisian Airlines (Nouvelair)