Summary of Romeo and Juliet

Summary of "Romeo and Juliet" - the saddest story of love

It is generally accepted that the most tragic play aboutlove was written by the great Shakespeare. "Romeo and Juliet," the summary of which is not capable of expressing the whole heat of passion and the horror of the ending of the work, is undoubtedly a very sad story. But, frankly speaking, the story itself is not so unusual as for the tragedy of love. Modern life is full of situations and more terrible. Why is this Shakespearean tragedy considered "the saddest story in the world of love" so far?

Summary of Romeo and JulietFirst, because the author himself is sodescribed his play in its ending. And secondly, but this can be understood only after reading the play in the original, and not a short summary of Romeo and Juliet, the amazing syllable and subtlety of describing the images made this play a work of art.

So - Verona.In the main square, the fight of servants of two warring families - Capulet and Montague, which ends with the intervention of the prince, who banned a collision under the sign of death. Romeo appears on the stage. He is still unhappy in his love for the beautiful Rosaline. Juliette, the only daughter of Capulet, at this time learns that her father wants to marry her to Paris, a very enviable groom. She does not mind. The girl is not yet fourteen, the heir is used to submitting to parents.

Summary of "Romeo and Juliet" can notto convey the intensity of emotions that was hovering at the ball in the house of Capulets, where the main characters met quite by accident. If you read this episode in the original, their sudden and very keen love for each other does not at all seem unrealistic. Juliet soon learns that her lover is the son of Montague, hated by her family.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet short summaryThe secret rite of marriage, which committedattorney Romeo - brother Lorenzo, did not bring a couple of long happiness. Soon, at the hands of Tibald (Juliet's brother), Romeo's best friend, Mercutio, perishes at the hour of death, both families. The summary of "Romeo and Juliet" is just "dry" information about the facts that the great poet laid out in his immortal work. But the tragedy of the situation is clear even to those who have read this play in this way. Romeo avenges the death of a friend, having dealt with his murderer, for which the prince exiles him from Verona. Juliet is shocked! She mourns for her brother, but her heart is torn from melancholy for Romeo. Only a few hours they managed to stay together before Romeo left.

The invented Lorenzo reunification planbeloved falls through. Juliet, having taken sleeping pills, fell sound asleep. Romeo, not warned about this trick, kills himself near what he thinks is a dead beloved. The summary "Romeo and Juliet" can only record the events of the tragedy, but not transmit the emotions with which the work is saturated. Waking up, the girl kills herself, because her Romeo at that time is already dead.

Shakespeare's tragedyCertainly, many authors have repeatedly beeninvented and more "twisted" stories of love stories. But this play is a classic, the relevance of which will not fade, probably never. After all, in literature, by and large, the main thing is not the plot, but in what words the author puts it.

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