Stone for Taurus

Stone for Taurus

As you know, every sign of the zodiac is suitablecertain stones that give their owners the qualities they lack, or develop existing ones, and also reduce the negative characteristics of the owner, nourish the energy of their owners. Carrying a charge of the earth, these natural amulets take care of the health of the carrier.

calf stone

Taurus Stones: Amazonite

Taurus as representatives of the earth elementThey stand on their feet, strive for material well-being, balance and harmony in everything. Stone for Taurus should have a bluish or greenish tinge. For example, amazonite. Of these ornamental stones, easily amenable to processing, you can make jewelry - amulets. These are rings, pendants, beads, earrings.stones for the calf of a womanYou can also make a statuette that willprotect the house and fill it with positive energy. This stone for Taurus creates a wonderful state of health, mood, gives courage and courage, relieves fatigue and anxiety. Amazonite strengthens the bonds of marriage, bears the material benefits of Taurus.

Taurus stones: turquoisestones for the body by the horoscope

Another stone for Taurus is turquoise. Especially - the old turquoise, i.e. greenish. It is believed that it brings good luck and victory. Turquoise is also a powerful amulet, which cope even with poisons and poisonings. She is advised to wear risky people, striving to defeat the evil and win over it. This amulet helps both in matters of finance and in family matters, stops quarrels, brings peace to the family. In ancient times, even engagement rings were made of this stone.

Taurus stones: malachite

The next stone for Taurus is malachite. His mystical properties are endless. It is said that he fulfills his desires. Malachite develops intuition, clears consciousness, eliminates unnecessary grievances and anxieties. The strongest is malachite of a light shade. The stone absorbs the negative, and its owner bears peace and harmony.

Taurus stones: chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a stone for Taurus, which is usefulduring meditation (since it connects a person with cosmic energy). The worries and fears of the carrier of this mineral leave. There comes wisdom and contemplation, which is important for the representative of this sign.

On a notestones for calf

For effective wearing or storagetalismans, amulets and amulets is very important to realize what goals you pursue, what you want to receive. Let's say that the stones for Taurus (on a horoscope) are valid for other signs, but much less pronounced than for a representative of this zodiacal constellation.

Taurus women

I also want to note which stones are suitable for Taurus-women. The beautiful half of this sign is recommended jewelry with emeralds, sapphires and yellow pure agates (without inclusions).calf stone

Taurus stones: sapphire

Sapphire - purity and devotion, balance,spiritual strength, modesty and tranquility. He personifies friendliness and justice. Taurus is suitable for blue sapphire. Not suitable - black, giving rise to hatred and pride.

Taurus stones: emerald

It is he who will prompt the way out of any unpleasant situation. Defender of Taurus in any turmoil.

Taurus stones: yellow agate

Longevity and good health gives agate. This stone for Taurus is an amulet against diseases, cures cough and other diseases peculiar to this sign of the Zodiac.

Rings, earrings, pendants made from these stones will not only protect women-Taurus, but they will pleasantly please.

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