Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

Sleep (“Everyone has his own share ...”). Taras Shevchenko

The spirit of truth, his own peace cannot stand, for it cannot be seen, he knows it below.

John, chapter 14, verse 17.


Everyone has their share

I sviy way wide,

That muru, that ruin,

That bear the eye

Over the edge of the lightning gap,

Chi is not a country,

Scotch tanning і with him

Take the domino.

That aces pick up

Matchmaker in yogo house

And that niche in the bag

Gosdrit nіzh on brother.

And the one, the quiet taweresies


Yak kishechka pіdkradetsya

Vizhde nescale

You have an hour to run.

Pazuri in the furnace, -

І do not bless: do not enter

NI children, ni zhinka.

And that one, that generous rosette,

All the crap of Muru;

That fatherland so love

So behind him,

So іz yogo, hearty,

Hell, yak water, sharpen! ..

And brothers move sobі,

Vitrіshchivshi very!

Yak lambs. "Lean, - as well, -

Mozhe, so i require. "

So i need! bo no

Lord on the sky!

And vii yarmi padaєte

That yakogos Paradise

On this sveti good?

No not much

Skoda and pratsі, shamenіtsya.

Usі on sіm svіtі -

І reigns, and starches -

Adam's children.

І that ... and that ... But what about me?

Axis scho, kind people:

I walk, banquet

In week and weekdays.

And you tedious! sorry!

Oh god i don't smell

І Do not shout! I'm my p'yu

And not the hell of a man!


Otac, iduchi popіdtinnyu

Z benketu p'yanyi unochі,

I mіrkuvav sobіdduchi

Poki doplentas to Khatini.

And in me diti not scream

І zhіnka not laє,

Quiet, yak at Ra,

Usudi God's grace -

І in the heart, і in the house.

Otozh I lig spati.

And vpd ppdpil yak a dream,

That want koti harmati -

I don't blink.

That same dream, dream, for example, is wonderful,

Meni have a dream -

Nightweather bi drank,

Mean yidyug giving bi hryvnia,

Schob to sit on the diva.

That devil is two!

Marvel at: so butsіm owl

To fly in meadows, shores, that Netri,

That glybokimi

The wide steppes

That bayrakami.

And I follow her,

I fly th i say goodbye to the land.

Goodbye, bless you, earth,

Stubborn edge,

Moi flour, my lyuti

In hmarov I like.

And tee, my Ukraine,

Beztalanna widow

I'm up to you

W hmary on rozmovu.

At the rozmovu quiet-sum,

To be glad of you;

Opivno Padatima

Dewy dew.

Let us rejoice,

Pokey sun rising

Poki your little children

On the vorog become.

Goodbye ti, my nene,


Goduy ditok; the truth is alive

By the Lord God!


We fly. Marvel, already svіtaє

The edge of the sky is pala

Soloveiko in the dark ga

Sone zostrіchaє.

Quietly, double,

Steppes, fallow deer mr

Between the skies over the gates

Verbi green.

Sadi Ryasn povililis,

Top by the will

Stand sob, mov watchman,

Rose in the field.

І all those, the whole country

Povita beauty


Dew Dew,

Spoken down

Sone zostrіchaє ...

I dare it,

І edge is mute!

Nyhto yogo not dobє

І I do not rode ...

І all those ... My soul,

What does sums up?

My soul is wretched

What is the Marne crying

What toby Skoda? Khiba is not bachish

Khiba ti not crying ludichesky cry?

Then look, marvel; I'll fly

Visoko, visoki for sini hmary;

There is power there;

There smіhu people and not just cry.

He gaze, at the time of the tomb,

Lathan sweat z kalіki znіmayut,

I know the skin, more shod

Princes nedorolikh; and he rozpinyayut

A widow for a pillow, and Sina forge,

Single Sina, Single Sidine,

To one nadu in viyko odoydit!

Bo yogo, bach, troho! And onde pid tin

Ditina swollen, starving me,

And mother wheat panschiny ryne.

And he bachish? Och! Och!

See you

Chom vi zmalku not visokhli

Slizm not angry?

That pokritka popіdtinnyu

3 by shkantiba

Father Mother stupidly

Th strangers do not accept!

Startsі navіt tsurayutsya !!

And the panic did not know

The twentieth, short,

Souls are drunk!


Chi God bachit iz for hmari

Ours, grief?

Mozhe, bachit, that help,

Yak і from i burn

Ancestors, political

Human blood! ..

My soul is wretched!

Very little with you.

Є f’r

In krizі lie down spati,

Let’s send thoughts to God,

Yogo rozpatiati,

Chi dovego on sіm svіtі

Catama panuvati ??

Fly well, my dumo, my lyuta muko,

Take with all yourselves, all evil,

His companionship grew up with them,

With them kohalas, their heavy hands

You povivili. Take it, fly

That across the sky the horde rozpusti.

Thou shalt chorny, chervonі,

Half over,

Neha Znova Riga zmії,

The corpse of the earth is cree.

And without you, I de nebud

Serce I like

That time I shuffle

On the brink of heaven paradise.

І znov I treat the don of land, І znov I say goodbye to her.

Hard mattr

Have bezverhіy hati,

And even more divitsya

On the slopes that lati.


I heal, I fly, and i'm bi,

In front of me is a snail bіlіє,

Around bori ta marshes

Fog, fog and emptiness.

People a little bit, do not know and slіdu

People scared legs.

І vorogi and nevorki,

Farewell, on a visit not!

Get drunk, banquet -

I don't even think

One sobі navіk-vіki

In the night I spend the night.

I leave you to see

Right now,

Not watered, bloody,

Then I will ...

Odpochinu ... Already I hear -

Zaguli Kaidani

Under the earth ... I will be surprised ...

Oh the people of the furious!

What do you do? What is a robish?

What is ti shukaєsh

Under the earth? Hi, Vr, Mabuchi,

I don't wanna

І to the sky! .. For scho car,

For me flour?

Who am I asking for?

Chiy heavy hands

In tіlі soul ate,

The heart was kindled

І galichy force

Dumi rozpustili ??

For scho, I do not know, and punished,

І hard to punish!

І if i'm late,

If i'm on edge,

I do not know bachu !!


Screwed pustina.

Mov із tіsnoї domovini

On that last terrible judgment

Dead for the truth stand up.

That is not dead, not killed,

Do not ask for trial!

Then, people, people,

In kaydani filled.

NOR nor gold for the grapes,

Schob pellet pour

Beared! .. That is catarrh.

And for scho? Those know ...

Almighty ... And mozhe,

You don’t add.


Onde villain stamps

Kaidani drag;

He is a skating rider

Teeth screoche

Shortage comrade

Zarіzati want!

And between them, bake,

In kaidani cleanings

All the king! King will king

Stamp mark!

In Mutsi, in katarzi not ask,

Do not cry, do not stogne!

Once a good heart

Vіk not proholone!

And de your dumy, rozhivі kvіti,

Followed, smіlі, vikokhanі children,

To whom are your friends, to whom?

Chee, could you have a homage to your hearts?

Oh do not Hovay, brother! Rossip iy, rozkidai,

Come out, grow and grow, and see people!


Whose is it? what are you going to do?

Bude, bu cold

Frost rose awake.


І знов I fly. The land is black.

Drіmaє rozum, heart of mlіє.

Marvel: hati over the gentry

Ta gorodi zstoma churches,

And in the cities, mov Zhuravlі,

Zamoshtruvali moskalі;

Satisfied, shoes

І kaydans okuty,

Moshtiruyutsya ... Daly look:

In the valley, in the mouth,

On the bagnichi city mrір;

Above him

Heavy fog ... Dolіtayu -

That city without land.

Chi is Turkish,

Chi then Nimetsky

And, those, that Moscow.

Churches, Ta Palati

That pani puzati,

I ni odnіsіkokoi hati.


Death is ... fire by fire

Around ignited

Already zlyakavs I ... "Hurray! Hooray!

Hooray! "- shouted.

“Tsu-tsu, fools! to sham

What do you think!

Scho burn? ”-“ Eko crest!

Does not know the parade.

We have a parade! Himself if you please

Today is a walk! ”

"Ta de won, taya tsatzya?"

"See, the wards."

Shit me; already a countryman

Thank you, admit,

With tzinim tziki:

"Did you get here?"

"From Ukraine". - “So what do you mean

Th speak not vm_єsh

In the local? "-" Ba ni, - I show, -

Speak mind

I don't want that. ” - “This eccentric!

I always know

I serve here, if you like,

I will try to the palace

Bless you. Just know

We, brother, educated, -

Do not scoop up half the battle ... "

Tzur tobi, merzenny

Kalamaryu ... І earned

I know invisibility

That th fucked at the palace.

Oh my god єdyny !!

So from de paradise! Already nascho

Gold drenched

Bludolizi; already the axis and himself

High, angry,

Vistupa; around yogo

Tsaritsa- neboga,

Mous marsh drying

Thin trade

That is, on famously, heart

Hit the head.

So that goddess is that goddess!

Very little with you.

And I, naughty, do not bachivshi

To you, blessing, th times,

That th povіrivstupid

Your virshemazam.

This is bad! and the batch

On a checkout

Moskalev; from i read

І вмити їм іри!

Behind the gods - pancy

In silver and gold

Mow boar happy,

Pikati, puzati! ..

Already potіyut, that tovplyatsya,

Schob then do you know

Kolothemselves:maybe go

Dubu dati

Favor; want a little

Want pіvdulі, abi tіlko

Go to the peak.


Ніби безЬязикі -

Anіtelen. Tsar tsvenkaє;

A marvelous queen,

Mov that chaplya between birds

Jump, badore.

Dovgenko vvdoh similar,

Mov sich_ naduti.

That schos nishkimi -

Zdaleka not chuti -

About the country,

That new onebuttonholes,

That about mudrah new novshih! ..

And then the Queen

Handles on jazzle.

I marvel, the king p_dhodit

Until the most ... in peak

Yogo yak flooded! ..

Licked neborak;

That man in the belly -

Already spree! .. And sobі

A Little Ace

Mezhi shoulder; that young man

And the smaller,

And that others, and others

Already beyond the threshold

Yak throw on the streets,

Ta nd come on

Nedobitkiv Orthodox,

Ti golititi;

That squeal; that yak roar:

“Gulya our father, ghoul!

Hooray! Hurray! Hurray! aaaa ... ”

I, the same year;

And th

Taki good. Before svit

All those fell asleep

Til [ki] de de Orthodox

At the corners stagnali

That, stognuchi, for the father

The Lord blessed.

Smіh і slozi! From pishov I

City of Downturn.

There nich, yak day. Marvel at:

Palati, Palati

Ponad quiet rikoyu;

And the shore is stitched

All stone. Marvel at

Mov nesamovyy!

Yak something vrobilosya

Z kalyuzhі takoї

So marvelous? .. Otut blood

Spilled by people

І without a knife. By Tim Botsi

Tverdinya y dzvinitsya,

Mow that shvaika zagostrena,

Already wonderful to marvel.

І dzґarі calf.

From I turn -

Already kin fly, hoards

Skeleton ribbing!

And on the horse sit ohlyap,

Have a suite - not a suite,

І without a hat. Yakim sheet

Head povita.

Kіn basuє - from-rychku,

From ... from ... skip.

And vіn hand is simple

Mov svit uves want

Sagarbati Who is it?

From my own reading

Scho on the skeleton forged:

Firstthe second

Such a miracle instructed.

Now I know:

Tse tofirst oneScho

Our Ukraine,

BUTthe seconddokanala

Widow orphan.

Kati! roll it people!

Were both

Nakralis; scho

On that svit za?

Heavily, it was hard,

So, I read MOV

History of Ukraine.

I stand, freeze ...

And with the quiet hour, quietly

That sum spіvaє

It is also invisible:


«Із city із Glukhov

Shelves Vistupali

Spurs on lіnіyu,

And they sent me

On the capital with Kozak

Let's punish Hetman!

Oh, God, our mercy!

O king of scum,

The king of curses

Asp Nesity!

So what is it like to go goats?

Swamps zasypav

Noble bones;

Putting the capital

On their dead bodies Katovani!

І in the dark prison

Mene, free hetman,

Hunger tortured

At the Kaidan. King! to the king!

І God does not divorce

Us with you. Kaydans

Shackles with me

Navi-wiki. Heavily me

Head over the Neva.

Ukraine far,

Mozhe, vzhe nemє.

Fly bi, marveled,

So God does not start.

Mozhe, Moscow vipalila

І Dnipro let down

In the blue of the sea, rostered

High graves -

Our glory. Good God,

Sorry, dear me. ”

Ta th zamklo; I wonder,

Bila Khmara Kri

Sire sky And in hii

Mov star in the ga.

That is not Khmara - bila bird

Hmaroyu came down

Above the king Tim Musyandzhovim

I yelled:

"I am bound with you,

Anyone, serpent!

On the terrible on the ships

Mi god we will close

Odin your eyes unchallenged.

Ty us from Ukraine

Having driven, naked and hungry,

Have sn_g on a stranger

Ta porіzav; And from our skins


Sewing veins hard

І zaklav the capital

In new ryasi. Come on:

Churches and houses!

Have fun, lyutiy kate,

Curses! curses! "


Roslet, rosypalis,

Sonia got up,

And I was standing, wondering,

That was already scary.

Already in trouble

At work, they started

І moskalі on rozputtyah

Already moshtruvalis.

Cover the street

Zaspani divchata

That is not a house, but a house!

Has settled mother

On tsilu nich pratsyuvati,

On the bottom.

And I stand, having been praised,

I guess I'm guessing

Yak is the hard one of those

People zarabylyat

From i brother slunk

Senate writers,

That podpisyuvat, that draty

І from father and brother.

And between them and countrywomen

De de overlooked.

In Moscow, this way and that,

Smile in the barking

Batkiv svoyh, scho zmalelechku

Zvenkat not podvilili

In a way - and then now

І sour in chornilakh!

P'yavki! p'yavki! Mozhe, dad

Stay a cow

Zhidam sell, leave vivchiv

Moscow Movi.

Ukraine! Ukraine!

O thou your children,

Your young people,

Chornil polit.

Moscow blackened

In greenhouse greenhouses

Muffled! .. Crying, Ukrainian!

Bezditna widow!


No more marvel

To the king in the palms,

Scho there to be timid. Prikhodzhu,

Foreman puzata

Stand next to; sopa, horro,

She hoped

Yak indiki, i on the door

Koso glanced.

Already the axis of the stench was dressed.

Nenache with lair

Medvіd Vilіz, Ledve-Ledve

Carry legs.

That Audience, already posin,

Pohmіllya damn

Yogo tormented. Yak crick

On the belly themselves -

All puzatі to one

In the ground have failed!

Vіn Vilupiv bathki s forehead -

І everything got busy,

Scho left; mov sayings

On smaller gooka -

І t_ to the ground; Vіn to other -

І ti disappear!

Vin to servants - and servants,

I servants gone;

Before Moskaliv - Moskalik,

Tіlko zasognlo,

Go to earth; marvel

It became on svіtі.

I marvel at it

Scoo budey roby

My Bear! Stob sobі,

Head drooping,

Siromaha. De jalas

Bearish nature?

Mow Kosheni, such a wonderful.

I'm already laughing.

Vіn і feel, that yak zikne -

I turned over

That th prokynuvshis ... Otake something

Prisnilosya wonder.

Wonder yaksyas! .. take tіlko

Dream foolish

That p'yanitsyam. Don't rise

Brothers love mile

Scho did not tell you

And those scho dreamed.

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  • Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko

    Sleep (everyone has his own share). Taras Shevchenko