Sights of Biysk. Biysk, Altai Territory

Sights of Biysk. Biysk, Altai Territory

What can be more interesting and exciting thana trip to the Altai Territory? Located far from Moscow, Altai attracts tourists with its wealth created by nature. He combined all natural zones in himself: here the steppe passes into the forest-steppe, the impenetrable taiga is replaced by mountains with beautiful landscapes. In the territory of the region there are a lot of different water bodies with no less beautiful views. One of the most interesting cities for visiting here is Biysk. About him and will be discussed in this article. You can get acquainted with the history of the city by visiting museums in Biysk.
sights of Biysk

Rest on the Altai

The climate in the Altai Territory is continental, withunpredictable weather - the summer is always warm, but the winters are very harsh. Rest on the Altai can be very different. For tourists there are excursions along the edge, trekking through numerous caves, for fans of extreme sports there are organized rafting on mountain rivers and much more.

Having visited this picturesque part of the country, it is necessary to visit the city of Biysk, which is located in the south-eastern part of the Altai Territory.

Biysk and its history

Biysk was founded in the eighteenth centuryPeter the Great as a fortress and played an important historical role. It is the second largest and most ancient settlement of the region. Settled the city of Biysk on the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers - Bie.

It has long celebrated its tercentenary and takesan honorary place in the union of historical cities of Russia. Today it is one of the largest industrial centers, the social and economic branch is widely developed, science and education are at a high level. Historical Biysk is rich in monuments of architecture, archeology and nature. And also he is known for interesting and unusual notable places.

Biysk city

"Black arrow"

Places of interest in Biysk cause delight. The first thing that visitors of the city will see is a locomotive bearing the name "Black Arrow", which will meet you at the station. Its name is due to the writer Vasily Shukshin. A large train is a tribute to the builders who built the Siberian Railroad. An original architectural creation is the building of the railway station itself, the opening of which was an important event for the city.

One of the interesting sights of the cityis a bronze rider - a monument to the emperor Peter the Great. It seems that the monument fled from St. Petersburg and found a cozy place in the park Garkavy. The city of Biysk, Altai Territory, is the third settlement where the monument to the great emperor is located.

Biysk Altai Territory

Assanova's Mansion

On Lenin street there is Assanov's mansion, inwhich is now located in the local history museum. There you can see objects of life and life of natives of different times, who once lived in this region. In the museum's collection there are about one hundred and forty thousand exhibits - many museums of the world can envy such a collection. Here you can find historical artifacts, see rare books, some of them date back to the seventeenth century. It will be interesting to see the mysterious sarcophagus, the weapons of ancient ancestors, strange adaptations of Altai shamans, Buddhist sculptures, ancient watches and samovars. Emotion causes and the building itself, created in the Art Nouveau style.

Passage of the merchant Firsov

What else is worth seeing attractionsBiysk? Attracts the attention of tourists the passage of merchant Firsov. This is the largest building for trade, created in the form of eclecticism, closely interwoven with the modern style. The structure is located in an ancient corner of the city, it was rebuilt by Firsov, then a merchant, even before the revolution. Inside the beautiful building there are trade halls, the building looks very advantageous against the background of other merchant buildings.

Monument to spouses

Sights of Biysk include a monumentspouses - Saint Peter and Fevronia of Murom. This married couple has become a symbol of eternal love, loyalty and longevity. It is believed that they had an unusual love, magic. Until 1917 the inhabitants of the Russian Empire celebrated the holiday of the family, later it was forgotten, but now it has found a second life, and on July 8 it is possible to raise a glass of wine for the well-being and strong love of your family.

Myths of Altai

The city of Biysk, Altai Territory, has its own legends. One of them is connected with the Ob river, which originates from the water resources of Biya and Katun. The water of these two rivers has a different color and for many kilometers they flow without mixing their colors. Historians argue that in these places was the holy dwelling of the Golden Baba, an idol, which for many centuries was worshiped by local peoples. Well, it should be noted that the Ob is the longest river in Russia (more than five thousand kilometers).

historical biys

A wonderful landmark of the cityis a planetarium. Visit him entertaining both adults and children. It is here that the model of the Zeiss planetarium is being presented to cosmonauts by Biysk. At one time the astronauts learned to move around in the open space among the stars. With this model, tourists will be able to look at our planet as if from a height from a spaceship, and the most fascinating is the viewing of six thousand stars in our sky.

Zest of the city

The bright pearl of Biysk is the Assumption Cathedral,which adorns the old part of the city with its beautiful facade, an excellent architectural solution, and the chic and inimitable interior of the temple will be remembered for a long time by the visitor.

The cathedral is one of the main notable places of the city,created in the Russian-Byzantine style. The temple has a rich history. With him there was once a church school, a parochial school. He survived the cathedral and the persecutions that took place in the church in the 1920s and 1930s. Some ministers were repressed, the church was closed, but despite this, the Assumption Cathedral survived all the difficulties, and today its doors are always open to the parishioners.

 museums of biysk

List all the sights of Biyskit is impossible, every corner of this city is filled with history, interest in which only grows with the years. Traveling along the streets, you will not cease to be surprised by its extraordinary beauty.

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