Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist

Amazing person with incrediblemind, a scientist with a capital letter, and besides an honest and fair politician - Yuri Ryzhov. Biography will be interesting to all fans of his works and will not leave indifferent even those who are not yet familiar with his activities.

Early childhood and adolescence

Academician Yury Ryzhov was born in 1930October 28, (already celebrated its 85th anniversary) in Moscow (in the central industrial area). Ros was raised in the very center of the capital, surrounded by the courtyards and the originality of the famous Arbat Street. From the very childhood I was very fond of reading fiction, often I was making various toys and was interested in the world order, constantly asking tricky questions to elders. When I was a teenager, I was very interested in astronomy, began to study the problems of the origin of the universe, and even specially enrolled in the library to read more serious books.

ryzhov yuri alekseevich

School years

Yuri Ryzhov studied in one of the mostthe oldest gymnasium in Moscow - in the Medvednevskaya (later renamed the 59th school named after NV Gogol). Beginning with the junior classes and until the very graduation, he studied with the famous Russian physicist and mathematician Viktor Pavlovich Maslov. They were friends and two were preparing for the lessons, and also very often argued on a variety of topics. His parents, in particular his mother, tried with all their might to teach him German, although the school studied French. At the end of the 10th grade Academician Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich received a certificate, which indicated the knowledge of two languages ​​(German and French). Although, as the academician himself says, they did not come in handy to him, because all scientific articles and books eventually began to be published in English, so he had to teach him also.

Academician Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich

Special talents

Not everyone knows, but Yuri Alekseevich is absoluteleft-handed, just like Leonardo da Vinci. But he can write simultaneously with two hands, and the left is able to write the same text, only symmetrical written right.

In the school years, our hero was engaged in painting, andthen the teachers noticed that he was left-handed. In Soviet times, it was customary to retrain children, so he was forced to write with his right hand - he eventually got used to and acquired his talent to work simultaneously with his left hand. As Yuri Alekseevich himself admits, he flattered a little when someone compares him to da Vinci himself, citing the fact that he was also able to write symmetrical texts.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Alekseevich Ryzhov

Years of study at the university and the first research work

After the end of the 59th school, the future academicianRyzhov Yuri Alekseevich, for a long time without hesitation, decided to enter the most important and prestigious at that time technical university in the country - in MIPT (physical and technical). In 1949, having passed all the entrance examinations with distinction, he was successfully enrolled in the well-known faculty of the Institute "Aeromechanika". Beginning with the second course, Yuri Alekseevich began to cooperate with the TsAGI Research Institute. Zhukovsky. There he studied aerostatics and aeromechanics of rockets in the air-ground-air system, and he also experimentally proved many theories related to aerodynamics. He worked in TsAGI before 1958, then a great scientist GI Petrov (who respected Ryzhov's research work) invited him to work in a more attractive place. For this reason, since 1958, he began to work at the Keldysh Research Center, he has already studied more complex issues related to aerodynamics of high speeds.

Yuri Alekseevich Ryzhov biography

The best years spent in MAI

In 1961, Yuri Alekseevich Ryzhov (biographywhich was abruptly changed due to this act) decided to take up supervisory work and left NII-1 (Keldysh Information Center). He was invited to take the post of pro-rector, to which he replied with consent. A few years later he became the senior lecturer and then the rector of the most advanced university in Russia, the Moscow Aviation Institute. It turned out that he worked at the MAI from 1961 to 1992, and then again began active work in the same institute, but already in 1999.

During his time as head ofAviation Institute Yuri Ryzhov has done a great job in improving the quality of education and equipment for students' research work. Thanks to his requests, sent to the Ministry, in 1982 a faculty was assigned one personal computer for teamwork. After a while the whole institute was equipped with the most advanced at that time American computers.

The activity of the scientist and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Alekseevich Ryzhov

In his student years, Yuri Alekseevich startedactive activity in the study of aerodynamics of supersonic speeds. After some time he defended his doctoral dissertation and received the deserved title of academician of sciences. He devoted all his works to the most complicated problems, for example, such as the dynamics of rarefied gas, various processes in the gas flow and the interaction of atomic particles with other surfaces, and the processes of non-stationary heat transfer.

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich - Doctor of Technical Sciences,From 1987 to the present day he is considered to be a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For all his work on the study of aircraft several times received awards and awards.

As Yury Alexeyevich himself recalled, back in the 1980she dreamed of reviving aeronautics in Russia. He even asked the government to allocate funds for studying and developing the aircraft. Scientists in the Ulyanovsk Aviation Complex have developed a huge apparatus according to the plan of Ryzhov, which is still in the hangar. Then the whole world, all foreign journals, talked only about the new plan and developments of the Soviet scientist-academician Ryzhov. However, in those years the crisis began, and the Ministry of Science did not have enough money to develop this industry.

After Yuri Alexeyevich returned from Paris(he was the chief authorized ambassador), he developed a new kind of aircraft and decided to build a dirigible. Unfortunately, it was also not completed due to lack of financial support.

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich Russian scientist

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: diplomatic rank and rank

You can talk endlessly about the inexhaustible energydear Yuri Alekseevich, he held as many posts as not a single Russian academician occupied. The scientist Ryzhov has an incredible talent for rational management, perhaps for this reason he was twice offered to head the Russian government (even under Yeltsin). Later, in 2010, the opposition party (leftist opposition of the Communist Party) proposed to nominate his candidacy for the presidency. However, each time he refused a high post.

From 1992 to 1998 he held the post of Extraordinary andPlenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in France. It was one of the most prestigious positions, because the one who possessed it had great power and influence on the solution of global international problems.

Since 1992, he also became a member of the PresidentialOf the Council of the Russian Federation. At this post, he develops proposals and strategies to improve not only the economic state of the country, but also deals with the improvement of the social life of Russians.

Perhaps the most memorable activityRyzhov can be called the period when he was elected to People's Deputies and won, significantly bypassing his opponents. From 1989 to 1992 he was a People's Deputy of the USSR.

At the same time, namely in 1990-1991, heHe served as First Deputy of the Supreme Political Council of the Council of the Government of the RSFSR. In 1991 he was elected Chairman of the USSR Council for Science, Education and the newest technologies.

Ryzhov Yuri Awards

Proceedings of the Russian Academician Ryzhov

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich is a Russian scientist,who invested all his efforts and efforts in the development of aeronautical and aeronautical vehicles in Russia. He studied many issues related to aerodynamics (this is aeromechanics, and aerostatics) of large supersonic speeds. All his works became the basis for studying and developing modern aircraft. In the development of new engines used scientific works of the academician.

Over his shoulders more than 50 years of studyaerodynamics, written more than 40 works, as many scientific articles and publications in solid foreign and domestic journals. Among other things, Yuri Alekseevich has several patents for the development of aircraft engines.

Merits of Yuri Alekseevich before the Fatherland

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich, merits to the Fatherlandwhich can not be counted, has the greatest number of awards and prizes in various fields. In addition to scientific activities, the scientist was engaged in political as well, for this reason he can be considered one of the most active political figures of our time. In the spring of 1999, he received the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the highest degree for his enormous contribution and the effective foreign policy course of Russia.

In Soviet times he was awarded several timesvarious orders. For example, in 1970 he received his first Order of the Red Banner of Labor (the same Order was awarded to Lenin himself) for great labor merits before the USSR in the field of science and public education.

In 1982, for his scientific work "Aboutdynamic hysteresis and aerodynamic characteristics of the wing of the aircraft "was awarded the first-degree honorary prize of N.Ye. Zhukovsky.In addition to these awards, Academician Ryzhov is the real winner of many other prizes (the USSR State Prize, the Order of the Sign of Honor, the RF President's Prize, etc.) .

Ryzhov Yuri A. Doctor of Technical Sciences

Political views of the academician on the current situation in Russia

Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich, whose awards were receivedfor their merits in a variety of fields, ranging from academic to political activities, has always been regarded as a true liberal in politics and economics. Academician Ryzhov is known for his famous letters and signatures demanding the resignation of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He is now in the opposition party and always openly talks about his views on the current situation in the country. He also stated a statement demanding to stop the aggressive policy towards Ukraine, withdraw all troops from the territory and stop providing any assistance (material and military support) to the separatists who are active in the southeast of Ukraine.

In his opinion, Russia has declined, the countryit is urgent to save, and it is necessary to change not only the current government (including the president himself and all responsible officials), but also the management system itself. Having changed the political course, sending all the forces and resources to the development of science and education, medicine and industry, it will be possible to achieve at least some economic improvement of the country, Academician Ryzhov believes.

Children's memories of academician Ryzhov about repressions

"Fortunately, the years of repression did nota great harm to my family and friends, "recalls the academician, but in one of his interviews Ryzhov shared a story about his father, who was nevertheless touched by the harsh laws of that time." A classic story when their family received an anonymous denunciation that their apartment was being collected employees of the Polish embassy (and in those years Poland was considered one of the main enemies of the USSR), of course, his father was immediately taken into custody and immediately to Butyrka - for interrogation! They sorted things out for a long time, after all, as Yury Alekseevich himself says, and mother and father were people I have an iron will, and it was by their example that they taught children to be strong and responsible.

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  • Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist Ryzhov Yuri Alekseevich: biography and merits of the Russian scientist