Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume

Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume

Aroma is the visiting card of any seductress. Good spirits require good money. A fragrance can say more about a woman than a costume, a hairstyle and a make-up together. Therefore, every woman should know all about how to choose spirits in order to acquire something that reflects her personality.

how to choose perfumeFirst you need to understand what kind of perfumeto you. Marine, fern, chypre, oriental, floral - such families of fragrances are singled out for today. There are also their combinations. You need to think and decide which family is more to your liking, more precisely, by smell, personally to you.

It must be remembered that perfume is like an outfit or makeup. That is, some of them can be "worn" during the day, and others - in the evening. The same spirits are not used in the office and at the party. The fragrance for the day should be easy, unobtrusive. The aroma for the evening can be strong, spicy, sensual. Thinking about how to choose perfume, remember what time of the year in the yard, and in accordance with him choose the fragrance. Energetic citrus and sweet floral perfumes are good for summer. In winter, the chypre aroma will be to choose the right perfume

Professional perfumers believe that betweenthe temperament of a woman, the color of her hair and the scent that suits her, there is a relationship. The spicy flavors of the sultry East are suited to burning brunettes. For blondes a good choice will be light aromas with floral notes. Red-haired it is necessary to stop a choice on bright, but fresh aroma. Delicate floral scents are suitable for brown-haired women. Perhaps this is a good way to choose perfume.

Another way to get into the bull's-eye with a choicespirits is to pick them up to your temperament. Oriental and chypre aromas harmonize with calm and restrained behavior. For active ecstates floral and citrus smells are suitable. Sweet aromas should be chosen by romantic people.

choose perfumeOf course, choosing spirits by the rules is notquite right. Relying on your own taste is the only unmistakable tool, how to choose perfume. Advertising, packaging, loud name, seller's recommendations - all this again. The first role is given to your taste and opinion. Do you feel that the fragrance brings unpleasant sensations? Do not take it. You will feel this fragrance throughout the day, so it should be pleasant and comfortable for you.

In how to choose the right perfume, it mattersnot only the fragrance itself, but also the way you "try" it. Perfums distinguish three stages of aroma. The first stage is immediately after application. The smell is concentrated, too strong and sharp because of alcohol. But it is here that its main accents are heard most strongly. The main flavor opens a quarter of an hour after application. It is this smell that will be present around you for 20 hours, so this is the main landmark. Residual aroma is retained for another 10 hours after weathering of the main one.

To choose a perfume, you need a decoraromatic neutrality. Do not use strong-smelling cosmetics, do not use other perfumes. After choosing a fragrance, first get a probe. In a perfume store it's easy to make mistakes, so check out the perfume in another setting to understand their scent until the end. Only after walking with the fragrance for several days, you can understand whether it suits you, or not.

The choice of perfume is a carefully thought-out event. In order not to throw money away, do not get upset because of an unnecessary purchase, go to the choice of flavor seriously.

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  • Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume Rules of aromas, or how to choose perfume