Restaurant Roll House in Angarsk

Restaurant "Roll House" in Angarsk

The delivery restaurant "Roll House" was opened in the city of Usolye-Sibirskoe in 2012. Here they prepare and deliver to the customers dishes of Japanese cuisine and not only.

Experienced cooks who have passed professionaltraining, constantly improving their skills in the preparation of rolls and sushi. The main goal of the institution's employees is not only to cook delicious food, but also to deliver it to the client in the shortest possible time in an impeccable manner. But the masters of their business did not stop there: in 2014 they opened the "Roll House" restaurant in Angarsk.

Order food in the "Roll House" is easy -you just need to make a call. Not later than an hour and a half fresh food will be on the table, or you can pick it up yourself at one of the points for working with customers. By phone, you can always inquire about the composition of the dish and, if necessary, exclude any product. Prepare orders immediately before sending and under the supervision of the chef. They are always delivered in individual packages.

roll house angarsk

"Roll House" in Angarsk

The residents of the city have already appreciated the cuisine and the qualityservice, and convenience of using the restaurant delivery services. But "Roll House" in Angarsk is not only delivery, here the organizers opened a hall for their clients with a unique author's interior. Here you can always peep to have a snack or just relax over a cup of tea in a pleasant atmosphere. You can reserve a table in advance by phone.


As well as it is necessary to a sushi bar, the most part of entertainmentshere belongs to the Japanese cuisine with its characteristic names and ingredients, but the place is reserved for more familiar European dishes. In general, we can say that in the "Roll House" Angarsk, the menu will not disappoint - among such a variety there is always something to choose.

The main place in the menu is occupied by rolls - fromClassical gosomes and hoods to tempura (battered), Mexican, wrapped in cheese cakes and sweet, which serve as a dessert. There are a lot of popular varieties, for example, like "Philadelphia" and "California". For lovers of spicy - the so-called spice rolls with the addition of hot sauce.

roll house angarsk menu

And of course, there was a place for traditionalsalads - Greek (with feta cheese, vegetables and olive oil) and "Caesar", which is cooked with chicken or salmon and, of course, with garlic toasts, cherry and grated cheese.

Hot dishes are mostly Japanesedishes with a predominance of seafood (shrimp, salmon, squid), rice and Japanese noodles. But there are a lot of European dishes, such as potatoes with meat and vegetables in a country style, chicken wings with grilled potatoes, German sausages of different kinds (Westphalian, Bavarian, Nuremberg), pancakes with jam and cottage cheese, fried eggs and bacon, several kinds pizza.

roll house angarsk

From desserts - an abundance of chocolate rolls, cheesecakeswith different flavors (strawberry, apple, creamy, chocolate, etc.), Belgian truffles and tiramisu from tender biscuit with coffee impregnation and mascarpone cheese.


"Roll House" - a young company that is developing and all the time moving forward, following their ambitious plans. And the main achievement of the team is the words of gratitude to the customers.

The restaurant receives many positive reviews. Regular customers note that the food is delicious and fresh, hot meals are always warm, the staff are friendly and try very hard. Those who have already assessed the quality of the services of "Roll House", recommends the institution to their friends and acquaintances.

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