Punishment with a belt

Punishment with a belt.

Probably, there are few people who wouldhave not experienced the punishment of a belt. But which parent thinks about how this education can affect the future of the child? And the more so, no one thinks about what is happening in the soul of the baby at the time of punishment and after it. After all, in fact, he is experiencing psychological humiliation, feeling morally destroyed by his own parents.

If in some countries for corporal punishmentchildren can get a term, then this is the norm for us. Many parents are truly delighted to show their power over a defenseless child. Punishment with a belt only cripples the child's soul, but does not bring him up. Of the children who suffered brutal beatings, eventually people with broken psyche grow up. Some of them are not able to do without psychotherapeutic help.

In addition, a child who has experienced the punishment of a belt, in the future will be prone to lies, hypocrisy, resourcefulness, just to avoid punishment.

Such children look intimidated, they are constantlypursues the fear of making a mistake and not wanting the punishment that follows. This leaves its imprint on the psyche of the child, which subsequently reflects on his behavior in the future.

To an adult who, as a child, wasthe subject of violence, it will be difficult to achieve success in life or career growth. For usual standard situations, criticism or comments, he will react too nervously, excitedly. Such a person will feel that he is being prejudiced and unfair. Also, he will not be able to conduct a conversation within the etiquette with his superiors. And in general, in any life situations without screaming, anger and fury, he can not do. Therefore, such a person will experience certain difficulties in this respect both at work and in relations with people around him.

So it turns out that when parents are too keen on corporal punishment of a child, they, without noticing it, lay the foundation for his future life failures and disappointments, but not success.

Often parents break their own badmood or any worldly failures on the child, again, without thinking that he is keenly aware of the injustice of this attitude, and the worst thing is that along with fear he may have a feeling of anger and revenge towards the mother and father.

Punishment with a belt gives the child a feelingself-doubt, in the future. If we compare people who have not achieved a high professional level or career growth with successful managers or managers, then they essentially differ little from each other. Only one achieved a lot in life, thanks to confidence, primarily in themselves, in their actions and actions, while others showed indecision, the prerequisites for which were their childhood upbringing. Realize yourself in life to such people will be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

Parents who applied the punishment of children with a belt, deprive them of their ability in the future to solve their own simple everyday problems, not to mention more difficult life situations.

Children systematically undergoing physicalpunishment, are deprived of their own interests and needs. For them, everything is decided by the parents, up to what institution to enter, which profession to choose, and, finally, which partner to choose a life. But if you think about it, it's a real tragedy for children. They live not their own, but someone else's, sometimes empty and meaningless life

Therefore, it should be concluded that such aphysical and psychological punishment, humiliation of human dignity is fraught with the fact that parents who wish children happiness, in fact, destroy it with their own hands.

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