Original ideas for a wedding

Original ideas for a wedding

Original ideas for a wedding can become thatthe very pledge of originality and unforgettable holiday. Only this is possible if you know how to apply them most successfully in practice. This is what we will try to convey to you, as well as to introduce some interesting ideas in this article.

The wedding is undoubtedly one of the mosttouching and important moments in the life of each family. It is this bright and magical day that the newlyweds remember for a long time and share their impressions with friends and acquaintances. So why not study unusual ideas for a wedding and not use them, so that not only do you remember this fabulous day? Moreover, it is not necessary to puzzle over them for a long time, it is enough to look through the pages of Internet magazines on this subject and highlight the most interesting moments.

Original ideas for a wedding: a lottery

Why do not you make an entry on your owna holiday by lottery tickets? That is, if each guest invited brings a lottery ticket and presents it to the newlyweds - a chance that the latter will win the lottery is more than high. But what if…

Or the newlyweds themselves can make a certain rallyHis guests with indispensable gifts or surprises. As an option, its guests can distribute programs with certain numbers, which will later be used for the wedding champagne or the first piece of the cake. Such ideas for a wedding are quite simple, however, they will decorate a gala evening and, be sure, your guests will be remembered.

Another great idea for a special holidaycan become a beautifully designed book in which everyone can not only leave a congratulation to the young, but also share their impressions and thoughts about their holiday. The book may well replace the guest reviews in front of the lenses of video cameras. Just a couple of words from a pure heart and after years they will warm the soul to the perpetrators of the celebration or just cause pleasant smiles on their face.

Original ideas for a wedding: a love story in photos

From your own photos, you can create a real"The history of love." To do this, all photos should be placed in chronological order and complement them with interesting details from your life, funny facts or touching verses about love. With such a book, one will certainly want to meet each of those present at the celebration.

By the way, the book can easily replace a wall newspaper or a slide show with the same photos and inscriptions.

Original ideas for a wedding: hot dances of the newlyweds

Everyone is used to the fact that the first dance of the younghas a special tenderness, touching and is able to cause a couple of drops of tears in the most stale guest. But, after all, the first dance does not have to be slow and touching to tears! You are quite able to surprise and amaze your guests with an unexpected and cheerful staging.

Such an unusual performance will thus"Nail" of your wedding and will be remembered for a long time by all present. The main thing is that you should prepare the dance in advance and carefully rehearse it. For this purpose it is necessary to find a good choreographer who will not only create an unforgettable number for you, but also teach him how to perform at the proper level.

Hollywood Wedding

If you are a hot fan of the Dream Factory anddream of stellar life and glory, why do not you become stars for one day? What is needed for this? First you need to do a place for celebration: decorate all the figures of Hollywood celebrities from cardboard, Oscars, garlands of fresh flowers and lay a red carpet. Then you should take care of the invitations: it would be better to make them in the form of tickets. And music can be borrowed from famous Hollywood blockbusters.

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  • Original ideas for a wedding Original ideas for a wedding Original ideas for a wedding Original ideas for a wedding Original ideas for a wedding