New Year in Egypt Is it worth it

New Year in Egypt? Is it worth it?

New Year in Egypt ... How do you like this prospect? Really it would not be desirable for a variety to meet this holiday somewhere under a palm tree, basking in the rays of a warm sun, having plentifully plunged into the sea and examined corals? Let's try to break the traditions, and let there be snowdrifts and snowmen, and Grandfather Frost will rush on a sleigh harnessed, for example, by camels.

Section 1. New Year in Egypt. What awaits tourists?new year in egyptI hasten to respond to those who have already preparedobjection of the type: "Well, there do not celebrate this holiday!". You are mistaken! The elevated atmosphere is felt in this country already in the middle of December. There are lights on the windows, doors and walls of respectable institutions and hotels. Massively decorated shop windows, and New Year's lights are hung even on palm trees.

In many hotels, as a rule, in those thatricher, live Christmas trees are planted with artificial snow. In most cases, trees are brought from somewhere in Europe or directly from Russia.

Although there are no Grandfathers of Frost in Egypt, as, indeed, Santa Claus. Children give presents to someone Pope Noel, and it is they who wait for the whole year.

Section 2. New Year in Egypt. Is it worth to go at this time of year?

weather in egypt for the new yearIf you ask those who have already visited this country for the New Year holidays, the answer will be unambiguous: "Yes!". And there can be several reasons for this.

  • Towards the summer! Of course, in the winter we first of all do not have enough sunlight, the body simply physically needs it. I want to tan and on my return strikingly different from pale friends and girlfriends. Even if sometimes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket or a warm sweater, do not worry, you tan anyway, tk. the sun is quite active.
  • Enjoying fruit! The weather in Egypt for the New Year promotes active growth and maturation of exotic fruits: mangoes and dates. In addition, you can enjoy fresh strawberries and sweet juicy melons.
  • The sea is waiting! And in this country it is actually very beautiful and warm. Even if the traveler for some reason does not dare to sail away from the pier, such water procedures can not but give pleasure. Clean and transparent water, multicolored scurrying around the fish, breathtaking reefs - this is an amazing world.

Section 3. New Year in Egypt. Whether to take a child with you?

weather for new year in egyptIn this regard, the opinions of experts differ. Someone insists that visiting such an Asian country, a sudden change in climate and diet will certainly not benefit the baby. Others argue that it is always useful to breathe the sea air, and you can take food with you or, in the end, prefer a hotel with European cuisine and a special children's menu.

Anyway, with certainty it can be said that in the hot season of the journey with the baby it is still better to give up. But the following months are considered ideal: March-April or October-November.

Winter in this region is more like oursearly autumn. The weather for New Year in Egypt is basically excellent: warm, sunny, it is quite possible to sunbathe and swim. However, you should pay attention to the presence of strong winds. Of course, the beaches of expensive hotels are equipped with special protective screens, but the child is difficult to sit still.

For evenings, adults, children, and children can wear jeans, a sweater and a light scarf. the probability of catching a cold is very high.

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