Minutes of the general meeting: design details

Minutes of the general meeting: design details

In the course of its activities, legal entitiesoften there is a need to make decisions, organizing general meetings. At the same time, the protocol of the general meeting is drawn up, which is a document, the writing of which requires the presence of some knowledge of its drafting and design.

Legislation makes different demandsto the development of this document. First, the minutes of the general meeting should be drawn up no later than two weeks after the event. Two copies of the document are signed, indicating information about the time of the meeting and the place, the results of voting and the total number of votes of the shareholders. When registering papers, the names of the members of the presidium and the presiding person shall be indicated. An obligatory requirement is the agenda.

When registering the protocol, it is necessary to transfer the texts of speeches on the issues on which the vote was taken and its results. As a result, the decisions taken by the meeting are indicated.

Minutes of the general meeting of ownerscollegially reflects the decision-making process that determines the company's activities. These documents are also made in other cases, for example, in the conduct of negotiations, business meetings, meetings of advisory bodies and various commissions. The purpose of the paper is to record the decisions taken and the agreements reached.

The importance of the design of the protocol is explained,that joint collegial solution of issues is of great importance for the normal functioning of any company. Even with the sole decision-making by the director, an advisory body is formed to deal with especially important issues, the work of which is formalized by the minutes of the meeting.

For the preparation and execution of this documentconsiderable preparatory work will be required. This includes collecting and processing the necessary documents, preparing the agenda, informing all participants about the time, place and date of the event. In order to correctly draw up the minutes of the general meeting and correctly conduct the meeting, it is necessary first to distribute the necessary materials to all participants (various references, information on the issues under consideration).

Before the event starts directlyshould organize registration of participants. For this, lists are compiled. For the proper registration of the protocol, this procedure is mandatory. Since the decisions of the meeting are effective only if there is a quorum - the required number of persons having sufficient powers.

The course of the event is accompanied by a manualshorthand or recording of a meeting. For registration, you can also use draft entries, the importance of the various materials of the meeting, draft decisions, references, reports, etc.

Protocol of the general meeting of tenants or legalperson can have a short or full form. The last view reflects all the speeches delivered, the short protocol represents some scheme that reflects only the names of the speakers and the topics of their speeches. Therefore, often this document is called a protocol-scheme. The choice of the type of paper is determined by the chairman or the regulations of the work of the collegial body.

The protocol is drawn up in accordance withwith the requirements of clerical work and GOST to the display of requisites, which can not be neglected. Incorrect registration of the minutes of the meeting may entail unlawful decisions, which may sometimes be of particular importance for the activities of any legal entity.

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  • Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details Minutes of the general meeting: design details