Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use

Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use

The medicine "Maalox" (suspension) instructioncharacterizes as an antacid drug. The agent is able to neutralize hydrochloric (hydrochloric) free acid. This leads to a decrease in the peptic activity of gastric juice. The drug does not provoke secondary hypersecretion. The agent also has an enveloping and adsorbing effect, reducing the effect of negative factors on the mucosa. The medicine does not provoke constipation, it is used with increased acidity of the gastric juice. The medication effectively reduces the intensity of soreness in the upper parts of the digestive system. Anesthetic effect persists for several hours.maalox suspension instruction

Mealox (suspension). Application

The medication is prescribed for ulcerative lesionsduodenal ulcer and stomach (with exacerbation), hernia in the esophageal aperture of the diaphragm, acute gastroduodenitis. The drug is recommended for reflux-esophagitis, dyspeptic phenomena (for elimination and prevention) that appear as a result of taking a number of drugs (NSAIDs, glucocorticosteroids). The drug is prescribed for soreness or discomfort in epigastrium, heartburn on the background of bias in the diet, with excessive use of nicotine, alcohol, coffee. The indications include gastroduodenitis in the chronic course with an increased or normal secretory function in the stage of exacerbation.

Contraindicationsmaalox suspension application

No medicine "Maalox" (suspension) is prescribed,the instructions for use warn of this, with hypersensitivity to components, disorders of the renal function of a pronounced type. Contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use

Medication taken an hour and a half after eatingor with the appearance of pain. Dosage for adults - 15 ml. On the basis of reflux esophagitis, the drug is drunk through a shorter interval after eating. The duration of treatment should not be more than two to three months. To eliminate the consequences of errors in the diet is taken only once. If necessary, "Maalox" (suspension) instructions for use allow re-taking two hours after the first application. Maximum per day allowed to drink medicine no more than six times. To increase the effectiveness of the drug before use, the product is shaken. The medicine "Maalox" (suspension) instructions for use recommends to drink in undiluted form.maalox suspension instructions for use

Adverse Reactions

Due to the use of the drug,development of digestive disorders. In particular, there are constipations, vomiting, taste disorders, nausea. In some patients, encephalopathy occurs, the content of aluminum or magnesium in the blood increases, and a deficiency in the body of phosphorus is observed. In elderly people, probably an exacerbation of lesions of the musculoskeletal structure, Alzheimer's disease. These negative effects develop with prolonged use or in the presence of violations of the kidney system.

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  • Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use Mealox (suspension). Instructions for use