Make-up for gray-blue eyes

Make-up for gray-blue eyes

Heavenly clear blue eye color attracts menits depth and occurs in its pure form is quite rare. "You can drown in such eyes," say many. But do you somehow think that your face looks dim? Find out what makeup is perfect for blue eyes and how to make up so that it is impossible to tear off the opposite sex from them.

Choose the shadows
Shadows should effectively emphasize the beauty of thiseye color, make the look brighter, but it should not become heavy. Delicate, light shades well emphasize makeup for blue eyes. A brunette with gray-blue eyes will look very unusual with such make-up. Dark hair and shining eyes - what can be more attractive?

So, if you are the owner of this beautifuleye color, then the make-up for gray-blue eyes will not do without gray-brown, pearl, turquoise, beige, cream, peach, pale pink and pale green shadows.

Do not be afraid to experiment by choosing a shadeit is to your eye color. For spectacular evening make-up, bright blue or sapphire shades are perfect. Brown eyes do not go these colors, they are like created for the owners of beautiful blue and gray eyes!

Make-up for gray-blue eyes has a number of prohibitions that must be remembered.

  1. Avoid black and dark brown shades - they make the look harder, and the color of the eyes fades in such tones.
  2. Pink and reddish shades create the effect of sick, inflamed or tear-stained eyes.
  3. Yellow will give the impression of fatigue.

Contour of the eye

Using podvodku, you make your makeup forThe gray-blue eyes are even brighter and more noticeable. How to draw a path? Lead a thin line along the contour where eyelashes grow, from the inner eye corner to the outer corner, slightly lift it. A blue eye is a cat's arrow. It is better to use the browning, dark blue or dark gray, the light wire will make the look dull. Mascara is dark blue and black.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes excludes all darktone, this law applies to the use of blush. Delicate peach or pink blush will create an ideal-gentle image, refresh the face and successfully emphasize the color of your eyes.

Bright highlight sponges absolutely nothing-this will justlook vulgar and tasteless. complete light makeup for blue eyes competently selected lipstick.If you prefer, you can use lip gloss. Beige, pale pink or lilac, caramel shine will besuccessful addition created delicate image.
Makeup, drawing attention to the blue eye

Take the silver-light grey shadow completely cover their eyelid. Fold upper eyelid select dark gray shadows.Dark grey pencil well move the eyes through the growth of your lashes.Gently blend drawn line. The lower eyelid to easily draw the same dark gray shadows.Eyelash growth along the route the blue pencil. Inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow, apply a pink gloss shade.

evening make-up

Prokraste pencil eyebrows, giving them shape. take a pale pink shade and apply them to all the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow.The outer corner of the eye highlight violet shadows. at skladochku century apply lilac hue.Dark blue ink prokraste carefully lashes.

Day makeup

Shadows for daytime makeup podojdutpersikovye, beige or corporal, natural.Cover the selected shade of upper eyelids and under the eyebrows in the inner corners of eyes draw glare white shadows.esnicy coat of Brown mascara, and contour (line) lash themselves move the silvery-blue eyeliner, clearly drawing a line to them.

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