Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature

Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature

Writer of the 19th century Louis Jacolliot, authornumerous adventure novels, received special recognition in Russia. At home, his works are little known, but in the Russian society at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the books of this traveler were read by huge masses of inhabitants. And today Jacolliot in Russia is read and even reprinted, and in France only specialists in literature are remembered about him.

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Life Path

Louis Jacolliot was born in a small Frenchthe town of Sharol on October 31, 1837. About his life there was almost no information left. At first, Louis worked as a lawyer, then for many years he was a colonial judge. Jacolliot's whole life consisted of traveling. He lived not very long, but very interesting and rich life. Jacolliot died on October 30, 1890 in France, he was only 52 years old.


Thanks to his work in the colonies of Louis Jacolliottraveled a lot. He spent several years in Oceania, on the island of Tahiti. A long period of his life was associated with the Indian colonies. During the trips, Jacolliot not only worked in courtrooms, but also studied the culture of exotic countries. He collected a large number of ethnographic material, local folklore, art objects of the aborigines. The countries of America and India at that time seemed to Europeans countries full of miracles. And Louis Jacolliot tried to get to know these unique cultures in order to tell them about his compatriots. During his travels, the judge conducted travel diaries, which became his greatest acquisition on trips.

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Creative way

On his return to France, Louis Jacolliot beganwrite articles about everyday life, language, history and culture of the countries that he saw during his business trips. But scientific value of these works did not have, then Louis decided to start writing popular science works. He really wanted his compatriots to know and love the countries of America and Indochina. Out of his pen, more than 50 novels, novels and a large number of stories have been published. Jacolliot actively published his works and for some instant even gained popularity with the French public. But the French reader was spoiled with a large number of annually appearing literary works, and the fame of Louis Jacolliot gradually came to naught. After his death, he almost did not read and did not reprint. But his real literary fate was waiting for him in an equally exotic country - in Russia.

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Jacolliot and Russia

In Russia in the late 19th century books in Frenchlanguage were the most popular reading. Unlike France, Russia was very attentive and favorable to the work of Jacolliot. Here he found his grateful reader. His books were not only read in the original, but also translated into Russian. So, in 1910 in St. Petersburg came 18-volume collection of works by a French writer, such an event did not happen even at the author's homeland. Jacolliot was perceived in Russia as a representative of progressive science, Elena Petrovna Blavatskaya was very fond of his books and often quoted in her "Unmasked Isis".

In the Soviet era, Jacolliot's books were recognizedunscientific and ideologically harmful and were banned. And only in the late 90s of the 20th century Louis Jacolio again returned to the Russian reader. Surprisingly, the reader of the 21st century finds his charm in slightly naive adventure novels about exotic countries.

Creative heritage

In the creative heritage of Jacolliot, twolarge groups of works. The first is an adventure prose about historical and fictional events in exotic countries, about pirates, conquerors, pioneers ("Robbers of the Seas", "Lost in the Ocean", "Slave Hunters", "Journey to the Land of Elephants", "Pirate Chest" "Fakirs-enchanters", "Journey to the Land of Bayaderek"). The second is a work that narrates about different stories in strange countries with large popular scientific insets, which are often not connected with the main storyline of the text (Wild Animals, Black Eagle Beach, Pest Sea, Ivory Coast , "Ceylon and Senegal", "Sandy City", "Monkeys, parrots and elephants").

in the slums of India

But all the same most of all Jacolliot tried to create ethnographic works, he wanted to tell about what he saw on distant travels, his compatriots.

In the book "The Indian Bible, or the Life of JesusKrishna "he presents the results of his comparative study of the texts of the Holy Scriptures and the life of Krishna in Sanskrit and concludes that the Bible in many respects repeats the events of the more ancient Indian text. This allows Jacollio to conclude that the ancient Christian texts are based on the mythology of ancient India. Even the name of Krishna in Sanskrit sounds very much like the pronunciation of the word "Jesus" and means "Pure essence", which also indicates a general characteristic of the two divine beings.

Studying the myths and legends of the aborigines of America and India,Jacoliot first finds references to the land of Rumas, which drowned in the waters of the Indian Ocean. According to Louis, this is nothing more than a story about a land known in Europe as Atlantis. Also this legend found its confirmation in the legends about the land of Mu or the Pacifide, which also went under the water, but in the Pacific Ocean.

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In his book "Sons of God" is first mentionedmyth of the famous Agarta. Jacolio made rather subtle observations of the numerous plot intersections in the mythologies of residents of different countries and continents, which confirms the hypothesis that all people once lived on the same continent. His books in French were published in small editions, some of them were popular during the author's lifetime. But many of the works have gone unnoticed and invaluable.

The novel "Lost in the Ocean"

The ability to compose a poignant plot and complementhis interesting observations from travel were perfectly combined in the adventure novels of Jacolliot. Thus, the work "Lost in the Ocean" is a unique mixture of historical, adventure novels and a fascinating detective. Events take place off the coast of New Caledonia, the plot is built around the abduction of the sacred scepter of the Chinese emperor.

Indian impressions

The novel "In the Slums of India" tells aboutthe famous "Rebellion of the Sipaev" and participation in these terrible events of the French aristocrat Frederic de Montmorren. The novel is full of intrigues, conspiracies and bright events, as well as descriptions of Indian landscapes and cultural monuments. The Russian edition of the novel "In the Slums of India" is decorated with exquisite illustrations of the French schedule by Henri Castelli, it survived 11 reprints in Russian.

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"Robbers of the Seas"

The trilogy Jacolliot "Robbers of the Seas" is the mostknown work of the author. The novel's action tells the story of the young pirate Beelzebub. The writer paints a story about the adventures in the North Sea and the expedition to the North Pole. The novel is devoted to describing the life of a noble hero, who was defeated by the worst enemy. "Robbers of the seas" differ from many of Jacolio's novels by the lack of a love line and a sad end, which was not characteristic of a romantic French writer.

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Traveling in Australia

Impressions of a visit to Australia were the basisfor the adventure novel Jacolliot "Fire Eaters". Romantic love story of the French diplomat Lorague and Russian princess Vasilchikova occurs against a background of dangerous adventures in the wilds of Australia. In the novel there are many excellent descriptions of the flora and fauna of Australia, subtle observations of the life of the natives. The Russian edition came out with beautiful illustrations of the French artist A. Pari.

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  • Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature Louis Jacolliot, the French writer. Adventure literature