Live in your body

Live in your body

I have already written a lot about how important it is for me to live here and now, to rejoice at what is, and not to yearn for that which is not. And today I want to continue the topic of adoption and talk about the body.

Like everything in our society, the body got undersight of marketers, it is torn to pieces and each of this part is recognized as imperfect. Of course, for each "problem zone" there is a mega-solution in the form of a product or service. Immediately recalled an excerpt from the program "Culture in decline", where they fantasize about the topic that if advertising was a person.

Advertising calls for "caring for yourself." Under the care of exhausting loads in the gym, nyxes of beauty, and putting on themselves kilograms of chemicals that "emphasize your natural beauty". In contrast to the photo-beauties show a "neglected aunt" with "excess weight", without manicure and fashionable haircuts. Here is the anti-pattern that dropped his hands, who does not like himself and "let himself go." And it is believed that a young beauty who spends whole days working to maintain her beauty and in constant fears of body changes is happy and successful. A mature woman who goes her own way, is engaged in self-development, educates children, organizes the world around her - she is lazy and neglected, and, of course, does not love herself.

It's clear that I draw extreme samples. To be honest, I'll draw two more extremes. If people are born to shine. Actors, models, sportsmen. They were born with bodies that are considered beautiful in our time, they feel that in full physical development they realize themselves. It's great! Such people shine from the inside, and you freeze from how the perfect form of their body is combined with a powerful inner filling. There are also people who have really dropped their hands and lost their taste for life, and they can be full, unkempt and with a dull look. But it does not take into account that for a person who is not engaged in sports, fashion and cinema, there is no need to bring his body to some kind of abstract ideal. Here I am - a 30-year-old woman, a beloved wife, a reliable friend, a successful copywriter, a homeowner. At me under modern standards of 10 "superfluous" kg. Why they are superfluous is difficult to understand, since I have always been densely knocked down, and this corresponds to my strong strong-willed character. What is inside is outside.

I really like the expression: "If you want to see a body that is ideal for your lifestyle - look in the mirror." The human body is an amazingly flexible structure that adapts to external circumstances. And we must think of him as an assistant in achieving his goals. If my lifestyle suits me, then it means that the body should also be arranged. If my life does not suit me, I should change my life, and not think that it is impossible to be happy, successful and loved with this body. It's a bad habit, imposed by advertising, to think that you need to change the body to achieve something in life. Because there are supposedly goods and services that can change the body. But this lies for two reasons. First, the body from the "magic pill" does not change. And secondly, we must change life itself, understand ourselves, find our own way, our people, our business. We must live our lives and live in our bodies. Perhaps in the course of these changes something in the body will change. Perhaps it will remain the same (as in my case).

If you are in disagreement with the body, if you consider itthe culprit of all ills - stop. You do not deserve to live in this hatred of yourself. First of all, turn off all external sources saying that something is wrong with you. Then write down everything you blame on your body. Maybe you think that because of him you do not have a loved one, or because of him you can not afford to do something. And then think about what you can do right now. Do what you put off until you get the right shape, not postponing. Go small steps to the life you want to live, and do not torture yourself with thoughts of your imperfection.

And one moment. Think about how to move from the idea of ​​"caring for yourself" (as a car) to caring for yourself, as a living person. Think of your body as a living being in need of a good way of life: quality sleep, good nutrition, a variety of physical activities, full rest, touch, pleasant sounds, pleasing eyes, complex creative activities. Fill your life with caring for yourself, pleasing you with trifles. And then you will not have time to dislike yourself and your body - you will gradually get a life that seemed unattainable without an "ideal body". This will not happen quickly, but the very process of change will be encouraging.

Love yourself and live your life in your body!

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