KrAZ-256 - unmanned dump truck

"KrAZ-256" - "unmanned" dump truck

"KrAZ-256" is a Soviet dump truck, which came in 1966year to replace the earlier trucks "YaAZ" and "KrAZ-222". The car was the first postwar heavy truck. Having huge dimensions, it was practically not used in the city economy, but it still works in the quarries today. The release lasted 11 years, after which, with the advent of trucks KamAZ, the need for such a giant has disappeared.

krAZ 256

Production of the machine was restored in 1986, butOf the 18 copies that appeared in that period, none survived. At the same time, you can find a car that was released in the first 11 years. The main features of it are a large load-carrying capacity, a huge weight of components (many parts were made of cast iron) and high traffic.

The lineup

Kremenchug plant was originally built forproduction of heavy trucks, heavy trucks. First, the model 222, called "Dnepr-222", was produced at the turn of the 50s of last century. After 6 years, "KrAZ-256" appeared, which received the best results of the 222th version. Wide application of this machine found on career developments or large-scale construction projects. Its main body was a bucket-type dumper without a back board. At the same time, on the basis of this modification, on-board versions of trucks were also produced, but for a number of reasons these models did not get distribution.

KrAZ 256 photos

For 11 years of release of "KrAZ-256" several timesmodernized, but the changes were mostly reflected only on the cabin and the hood. The main body remained unchanged. Its recognition was given to the car as a simple and unpretentious strong man. Sometimes there are statements: "a strong car - for strong men." If you remember that the prototype of the car was Yaroslavl trucks, produced in the postwar years, the statement gets a different meaning. The controls of the car required considerable physical strength from the driver.

For all the time of release, a lot ofmachines that have the same parameters. One of them is KrAZ-256 dumper. The characteristics of the truck have changed only two times. The first time a model was issued for the conditions of the Far North, which received the symbol "C" in the title. She had a warm cabin and a hood. Also appeared version "B", which had a divided brake system.

External Settings

Consider the external parameters of the car«KrAZ-256». The machine has a wheel formula 6x4, two rear driving axles are reinforced with a pair of wheels on each. The bucket of the tipper in the raised position deviates by an angle of 60 degrees. The total length is 8100 mm, the distance between the centers of the rear wheels is 1400, between the front and the first rear - 4080 (along the axes). From the front bumper to the center of the front wheel is 1005 mm. The width of the truck is 2640 mm on the wheel hubs, height - 2670 mm on the cab and 2830 mm on the peak of the bucket. With the bucket raised, the height is 5900 mm.

krAZ 256 specifications

The bucket capacity is 6 cubic meters, fullunloading takes 20 seconds. For half a minute the bucket is fully raised (lowered). For overturning, a gear pump and a 2-cylinder hydraulic system are used. The ground clearance is 290 mm. The track of the front wheels is 1950 mm, the rear wheels are 1920. The machine is equipped with R20 disk wheels and two fuel tanks.

One of the reasons for the wide spread of this model was the possibility of climbing to a slope of more than 30 degrees ("KamAZ" rises only 18).

Under the hood

Now we turn to other data of the KrAZ-256 dumper. The technical characteristics of this unit are as follows:

  • volume - 14.87 liters, 2100 rpm, 240 hp;
  • V-shaped arrangement of pistons;
  • 8 cylinders;
  • in the form of an option, you can install the preheater;
  • with a large volume of fuel consumption will be 39 liters per 100 km;
  • The car can develop a speed of 68 km / h;
  • clutch - two-disk, friction, dry;
  • pressure springs are located on the periphery;
  • 5-speed manual transmission.KrAZ 256 specifications

Dual-circuit pneumatics did not allow to brakeengine on the slopes, because with this action the compressor was idling, after which it was simply impossible to stop the car. The first circuit of the system worked with the front and middle bridges, the second - only with the rear. The parking lot blocked the rear axle.


As already mentioned, the modernization of the machine over timerelease was carried out several times, but globally it did not change, therefore all cars had one name - "KrAZ-256". The photos presented in the article show the difference between the base model (the first photo) and the version that received the index "B" (the fourth photo). In other respects, dump trucks are practically the same.

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