Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews

Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews

Not many travelers have heard of the island of Kish. Iran is not associated with the resting place of Europeans at all, but with the beach and even more so. But the island of Kish is able to turn all the existing stereotypes about this Muslim country. Of course, the resort area has its own specific, Iranian features. If you rest associated with drinking or sunbathing topless, then you obviously are not here. But if you want to enjoy the sea, the sun and truly oriental luxury and comfort, Kish is sure to please you. And what about the island reviews? We have studied this in this article. About Muslim countries, and Iran in particular, there are many myths. They say that women are restricted in their rights, and they are not allowed to show people. Iran, of course, is not secular Turkey, but not Saudi Arabia. Europe here is enough to throw a handkerchief on her hair.Kish Island

Where is the island of Kish

The most untwisted sea resort of Iran is locatedin the south of the country, in the northeastern part of the Persian Gulf. To come to this island, which is also a zone of free economic trade, Russians do not need a visa. But from Moscow there is no direct flight to Kish. Therefore, first you need to fly to Tehran (Iran). The island of Kish, a holiday on which is very popular among residents of the country and citizens of the UAE, is located from the capital in more than a thousand kilometers (and this, if taken in a straight line). Therefore, after arriving at the international hub of Tehran, you need to move to the domestic airport lines. From there, planes leave for the island-resort three times a day. From Shiraz there is only one flight a week. And from Isfahan, planes fly there only in season.
Isle of Kish Iran

Tours from Russia

Despite the fact that the island of Kish remains for manytravelers of terra incognita, Moscow agencies have already protruded a path to this Iranian resort. Permits are calculated for eight or eleven days. Tourists take a regular flight from Moscow (at 6 pm) and arrive in Tehran at 23.15 local time. After spending the night in a four-star hotel, travelers are taken to the airport by domestic lines and sent to the island of Kish. There they are located in resort hotels. Prices for tours depend on the star rating of the chosen hotel. So, for one person a week in the "four" will cost 750 US dollars (with flights and transfer). Rest in a luxurious hotel "Dariush Deluxe 5 *" will cost $ 1200. Tourists are advised to go not for a week, but for eleven days. Since the package price includes air travel, the cost of a longer stay does not increase significantly.
Iran island kish holidays

When to go on vacation

The island of Kish is located in the dry tropical zoneclimate. All precipitation (literally their entire annual norm) falls in two winter months - in December and January. All the rest of the time the rains are unlikely. Water in the Persian Gulf is always warm. Its temperature even in January does not drop below the mark of +20 degrees. And in summer some coves warm up to +35 degrees! But the air in the northern part of the Persian Gulf someone may seem too cold in winter. The thermometer's column in January shows only +15 degrees in the shade. Therefore, comfortable bathing and sunbathing is best done from March to November. Summer on the island is not as hot as in other regions of Iran, located inside the continent. The sea breeze noticeably refreshes the heat. But the air temperature is still significant: +35 degrees in the shade. Tourists are advised to take sunscreen.
Rest on the island of Kish


The coast on the island of Kish is purely sandy. According to tourists, the beaches here are even better than in the Emirates. And Kish himself takes the second position in the nomination "The most beautiful islands of Western Asia" (after Socotra in the Indian Ocean). The beaches here are free and well equipped. But they have their own characteristics. Since Iran is a purely Muslim country, it is sacredly honored. Therefore, women on public beaches are instructed to swim dressed. Men are allowed to expose themselves to the swimming trunks. But there is one particularly feminine beach on the island. Of the representatives of the opposite sex, only small boys are permitted to go there. On this beach, women can be denuded as much as they like. Men also have their own fenced territories. They, in the opinion of European tourists, resemble sports clubs.

Kish Island: hotels

In recent years, the hotel infrastructurewas enriched with new resort places of rest. Hotels grow like mushrooms after rain. The only thing that complains about the reviews is that not all of them are available for booking through the Internet. The best hotels of the island were called "Mariam Sorinet 4 *", "Shayan International 4 *", "Flamingo 3 *" and "Dariusz Grand Deluxe". Hotels on the island mostly offer breakfast only. But around the hotels there are so many restaurants, cafes and eateries that the issue with food is not worth it.

Another distinctive feature of hotels on theKish Island are the basins. They are, and very nicely arranged. But you can enjoy bathing in them on schedule. There are men's watches and women's watches. Not very convenient for married couples, complain tourists from Europe.

Island kish hotels

Kish Island Attractions

Corals - this is the main wealth of local waters. Divers are attracted to such places as the "Southern Rift", "Jurassic Park", "Oyster Shoal" and others. Despite the modest size of the island, there are its attractions. After all, it is mentioned in the annals three thousand years ago. Then he was famous for his pearls. At the northern end of the island there are ruins of the ancient city of Harire. On Kish there is a dolphinarium and an oceanarium, a garden of tropical butterflies and orchids, a park of exotic birds and cacti. And at the northern cape you can see a Greek ship stranded fifty years ago. Rest on the island of Kish can be combined with shopping. After all, this is a free trade area where you can buy branded goods at low prices. The most interesting mole is underground. This is the whole city - Kariz.

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  • Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews Kish Island (Iran): travel, tours, traveler reviews