IPod Touch - what is it

IPod Touch - what is it?

ipod touch

Ipod Touch is a multi-purpose pocketA computer developed and launched by Apple. This gadget is equipped with a touch screen based on the user interface, and can be used as an audio and video player, digital camera, portable game console and personal digital assistant. IPod touch connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi base stations, and therefore is not a smartphone, although its design and operating system are very similar to the iPhone.

As a device designed for a wide rangeIpod Touch has simple options. All generations of models usually have identical characteristics, processors, performance and available operating system updates, differing only in the color of the external and internal space. Talking about how much is iPod Touch, you need to take into account the specific modification and features provided. Based on these parameters, its cost can vary from 10 to 18 thousand rubles. The exception is the fifth generation - it's a model that is sold without the back of the camera for taking photographs. The memory capacity of this device is only 16 GB, so it is the cheapest iPod Touch - the price is much lower.

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IPod touch works based on iOS(Unix-derived operating system), which includes a set of programs for visiting the Internet, as well as the ability to view maps, send and receive e-mail, read news in the media and work with office documents (for example, presentations and spreadsheets). To enter data, use the keyboard on the screen. The manufacturer's online store allows users to purchase and directly download music, video and third-party software. Since the release of Aipod-tach called journalists "iPhone without a phone."

Serial updates of IOS have been providedusers additional options. So, iPhone OS 2.0 made available to AppStore, which allowed to run third-party applications. Version 3.0, which appeared in 2009, added features such as the ability to cut, copy and paste data, as well as support PushNotification. IOS 4.0, released in 2010, contained Ibooks, FaceTime and multitasking.

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In June 2011, there was a fifth major releaseIOS, which had new features of notifications, messages and reminders. IOS 6 is presented in the fourth and fifth generation of the iPod Touch model, and contains 200 new features, including the book, the integration of Facebook and Maps.

To purchase content on the iPod touch,the user must create an account on the Apple website. This will allow you to download music and videos from the iTunes store, apps from the AppStore and books from the Ibooks store. An account created without a credit card binding can be used to receive free content. In addition, gift cards can also be used to pay for purchases.

The only official way to getA third-party application for iPod Touch is the AppStore. Like all other iOS devices from Apple, the iPod Touch is a tightly controlled and closed platform. Changes or replacement of the operating system violates the warranty on the device. Despite this, hackers have repeatedly attempted to jailbreak devices to add banned or unsupported features. The most famous of them are multitasking in versions of iOS to 4.0, themes for the main screen and battery indicator in percent.

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