Incendiary Georgian dance

Incendiary Georgian dance

Probably, there are no people in the world who do not know thatis a Georgian dance. Those who have at least once seen his performance, can not remain indifferent to this art form. He is able to evoke special emotions, and in addition, even the viewers have a feeling that they have become participants of something special.

Features of Georgian dance

Nobody can say for sure when the Georgian folk dance appeared. Clearly, only one thing - the mountain people have it in their blood.

lezginka Georgian dance

Historians argue that the first mention offolklore of Georgia in general and dances in particular appeared before our era. This is confirmed by the records of the famous Greek historian Xenophon. Dance and military tunes, as well as secular music, were popular with Georgian tribes. Even the military actions of this people could not do without dancing and music. What can I say, even if the funerals of Georgians are accompanied by special ritual dances.

Georgian dance culture is multifaceted andis diverse. But at the same time all dances have a common feature. This is the behavior of the dancers on stage. A girl in such dances always looks graceful and majestic. She moves with small little steps. A man is the embodiment of masculinity and fearlessness. He performs sharp and very complex movements, and some of them are more like acrobatic stunts. These can be high jumps and bold pirouettes.

The Lezginka Dance

Georgian dance has become very popular in the world inFirst of all thanks to lezginka. There are few people who would not know the name of this incendiary dance. But how did this happen? When did the dance become popular in Europe?

Georgian dance

The fact is that since ancient times through the Caucasusthere were trade routes that united Asia and Europe. During these trips, traders drew attention to the dance they had not previously known. Performers of beautiful movements were the local people - Lezgins.

Each Georgian dance has its ownit makes sense. What does the lezginka symbolize? In order to understand this, it is necessary to take into account that the dance is an echo of ancient pagan rites. One of the central images of this faith was the image of an eagle. It is him that the dancer reproduces, showing his strength, dexterity, and temperament. Especially the resemblance to the eagle can be seen at the moment when the partner climbs on the socks and describes the circles, while proudly stretching out his arms. Than reminds the eagle, which is about to take off.

The girl's movements in this dance, as always, are smooth and graceful. Between young people there is a kind of competition, and this is another feature that characterizes the lezginka.

Georgian dance

This very popular and romantic dance is wedding and tells the love story and the relationship of a couple in love. Naturally, he is danced in a pair.

Georgian folk dance

Dance kartali combines two types of movements: male and female. The men's party is called to show the pride, courage and love of a man. Despite the great love for a woman, a man also feels respect and respect, so he keeps his distance and does not touch it throughout the dance. The touches are replaced by a look that he does not take away from the beloved all the time while they are dancing.

As for the women's party, it is differentgentleness and modesty. A woman, like a man, must keep distance. But besides that, she does not even dare look at him. Throughout the dance, her gaze is half-empty, and movements look like a swan that slides on the water.

This Georgian dance is considered to be one of the most difficult, so both dancers must have the real talent and skill to execute it.

Dance cartli has a clear structure, violatewhich can not be done at all. It consists of five parts. First, a man must invite a woman to perform a dance with him, after which they dance together. At the third stage, the solo is performed by a man, after which a female party takes place. At the last stage, the partners dance together again.

The main meaning of this dance is the expression of love and respect for a woman.

National Ensemble Sukhishvili

The first professional dance ensemble,performing the Georgian dance, following the example of which later ensembles were created, became the Georgian national ballet Sukhishvili. The official year of its foundation is considered to be 1945, although in fact this year it received the status of state. Founded the same ballet much earlier, in the late 20-ies of the last century.

Georgian suhishvili dance

The troupe was founded by the famous dancers IlikoSukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili. The couple became the first leaders of the ensemble and played this role until 1985. After that, the leadership passed on to their children, and later to their grandchildren. Thanks to this family, the Georgian dance got world fame as well. Sukhishvili made the ensemble of folk dance a family affair, to which they give their skills and time for three generations of the dynasty.

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