How to pull the ass in a week

How to pull the ass in a week

One of the very first objects of pride and attractiveness of female representatives is undoubtedly their "fifth point". Acts in the most direct to pull the assMen unanimously and unequivocallyinterest in this part of the female figure. Therefore, women are trying to find a way to tighten the ass, if possible, bring it to the most ideal form. Of course, both men and women have different standards of beauty. But most people are more likely to ask how to pull the ass at home and as quickly as possible.

So, to begin with, we will deal with physiology "the fifthpoints ": why is it so easy to gain extra pounds, and what makes it round, and how to remove the buttocks? The fact is that our beautiful female asses by nature have a lot of fat cells. They are vitally important to our body, fulfilling a storing function. Yes, roughly, like a camel has two humps. Therefore, the more often we experience hunger, while sitting on a diet, the more our body tries to "postpone" anything for a hungry year at a convenient to clean the buttocksSo our body works at the cellular level. Fat cells are meant to save us from exhaustion. So we will not get rid of them completely. Observing a certain diet, you can significantly reduce the intensity of their growth. If you want to know how to tighten the ass, then it is necessary to drink a lot of clean water, eat more often, but in a smaller amount, limit yourself to your favorite sweets and do not eat three hours before bedtime.

It should be noted that although our wonderful ass andconsists of several pairs of muscles, but only one is determining the relief and giving the sexual form - this is the gluteus maximus muscle. It is she, being in a tonus, raises and rounds our silhouette. To create the ideal ass is not enough just to remove fat, you need to practice this muscle a little. A charming smoothness and enticing radiance "our pride" will receive from a daily massage.

How easy is it to make the buttocks elastic and how fast? Pull the ass for a week is quite real at home, but it's a lot of work and a lot of patience.

First, take the rule of stickinga reasonable type of food and abundant water use. It is in no way a matter of starvation, but about the observance of some of the already listed rules and norms for food intake.

Secondly, be sure to do a daily massagebuttocks. It is best to do this with a stiff washcloth or brush, if desired, using special means for weight loss. The procedure helps improve blood circulation, which burns fat, removes cellulite, makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Thirdly, daily exercise is necessary for 15 quickly to pull up the assWho knows how to tighten the ass, will say for sure thatThe most effective of these are simple sit-ups. They should be done like this: feet shoulder width apart, hands on the waist, 30 times three sets. Yes, it is not easy. Therefore, do not forget to perform stretching exercises - tilt forward, palms stretch to the floor. Then lying on the abdomen, the upward lifts of the legs are alternately also 30 times and three repetitions. And lying on his back, legs bent - ups of the buttocks for 30 repetitions.

That's all! It takes only a little patience, and everyone will ask you how to tighten the ass.

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  • How to pull the ass in a week How to pull the ass in a week How to pull the ass in a week How to pull the ass in a week How to pull the ass in a week How to pull the ass in a week