How to make lightning in Maynkraft

How to make lightning in Maynkraft?

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How to make lightning in Maynkraft?

In Maynkraft almost everything is possible, including influencing the weather, causing various phenomena when it pleases. Below you will learn how to make lightning in Maynkraft.

How to trigger a zip in Maincraft with the help of commands

You can create a lightning in Maynkraft by writing ingame chat several teams. There are two ways to do this. In the first case, you need to wait for a thunderstorm and enter the following command in the chat: / weather thunder. Then put a space and in triangular brackets indicate the duration in seconds of this weather phenomenon. This should look like this: / weather thunder <15>. That is, the lightning will flash for 15 seconds.

During a thunderstorm you need to be more careful, soas the lighting becomes more dim. However, you can spam several different hostile mobs, so you should take your weapons with you. Also, during thunderstorms, you need to stay away from the creepers, from which the blue light emanates, as lightning has entered them and they can explode.

Also during a thunderstorm you can cause lightning andanother team. You will need to enter the following in the chat: / summon LightningBolt. But you should have a version of Minecraft above 1.8, otherwise it will not work.

Calling zippers with plugins

You can call the lightning yourself after installing a special plug-in called. You can download it here.

After its installation it will be possible to become a real Thunderbolt Zeus, it will only be necessary to craft a rod that erupts with lightning. This will require the following resources:

  • dust of redstone;
  • gold bar;
  • wooden stick;
  • emerald.

You only need to correctly decompose the elements intoWorkbench: in the third upper cell there is an emerald, in the central - stick, in the first lower - dust, in the lower middle - gold ingot. The treasured rod will be in your hands, and you can hit with a lightning of any mob.

More crafting recipes can be found in our Minecraft section.

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  • How to make lightning in Maynkraft How to make lightning in Maynkraft How to make lightning in Maynkraft How to make lightning in Maynkraft How to make lightning in Maynkraft