How to learn credit history for free

How to learn credit history for free?

how to find out a credit historySince 2005, there has been a unified bureau in Russiacredit dossier. Now the lender knows how to find out the credit history of a potential borrower. These organizations collect all information about the clients of the bank who used the services of lending.

Thanks to the CRI, financial institutions can protect themselves against risks of non-return and provide loans only to reliable customers.

How to learn credit history fast?

Any physical citizen or bank can learnabout previously issued loans. Information can also be provided on how the loan was repaid, whether there were debts. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that a citizen can only learn his own file.

You can receive your credit report only once a year for free. When you reapply, you will have to pay a fixed amount.

If the borrower knows his personal code, whichassigned to him at the conclusion of a loan agreement, then you can find out the credit history through the Internet. To do this, you need to go to the official site of the Central Bank, in the section "Catalog of credit histories." In this section, you must enter your passport information and a digital access code to the dossier. This is the quickest and easiest way to get acquainted with your credit history.

learn credit history via internetWhere can I find out the credit history if there is no personal access code?

If you do not know the personal code, you need tosend a letter with notarized data and a signature to the Central Bank (sample letter is presented on the official website of the bank) and wait for a response. The central bank will send a reply letter, which will indicate the address of the bureau where your data is stored.

But how to learn a credit history, knowing only the address of the BCH?

You can contact the bureau at the location address. Handle personally, having a passport with you. To receive a story, you will need to complete a written request. In response to a written request, information will be provided within a week.

If there is no time to wait and this way of obtaininginformation seems complicated, you can just contact the bank that you recently refused. At the time of applying for a loan at a bank, you can always write a statement requesting that you read your file. So you can get several times information on your own debts for free.

where you can find out the credit historyWhat if you find an error?

Unfortunately, banks are sometimes mistaken. This happens in most cases because of non-operational work: the borrower has closed all of its obligations, and the bank has not provided data to the credit bureau.

As a rule, the borrower falls into the "black list"in case of violation of payment terms. But when he corrected his position and repaid the mandatory payments in full, he still continues to be listed as an indecent borrower. Information does not have time to update instantly. In this case, it is necessary to provide the bank with documentary evidence that the debts are repaid, and contact the BCH for making changes. You can check the changes after a few days. After all, how to learn a credit history - for you now is no secret.

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