How to grow tomato one hundred poods

How to grow tomato "one hundred poods"?

The tomato variety "one hundred poods" has a very longFruiting period, suitable for open ground and film shelters. The fruits grow pear-shaped, fleshy, with a slightly ribbed skin, weighing up to 170-250 grams. The color of ripe fruits is bright red, but there are other colors. Ideal for fresh use, but can be preserved if desired. Tomatoes perfectly retain their presentation when transported over long distances. Even a few hours after harvesting, the fruits will look as if they have just been torn from the bush. Also, the tomato "one hundred poods" is suitable for processing on tomato juice, because of its "airy" and slightly sweet flesh, it does not give bitterness for further processing.

a hundred poods tomato

Favorable soil for a tomato

The tomato "one hundred poods" loves the highly fertile, notheavy soil. Excellent predecessors are legumes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots and onions. Seeds sow in late March - early April deep into 2-3 centimeters. Before sowing, seeds should be treated with potassium permanganate and rinse with clean running water. With proper care, the bush grows to 1.5 meters in height. Depending on the height of the bush, the fruits also grow.

tomato variety 100 poods

Watering and top dressing

Ideally, plants need regular watering. Warm water is used for watering tomatoes. During growth, you can use a different kind of top dressing that will be suitable for tomatoes. For more accurate information, it is better to approach a consultant in a garden store, he will select the right top dressing for your tomatoes. You should also make a list of the diseases that bushes on your soil suffered. Thus you can prevent a bunch of ailments and save your harvest.

Useful properties of tomatoes

It can be no exaggeration to say that the verya popular vegetable on the table is tomato, or, in other words, a tomato. Tomatoes are used both in fresh form, and in salads and preserves. But the tomato "one hundred poods" is best used for salads, that is, fresh. Many national dishes are prepared with the addition of tomato or processed tomatoes. The consumption of tomatoes in food has become the habit of many people. Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, they also contain one of the most powerful antioxidants and a complex of vitamins A, C and E. Some even believe that with the help of tomatoes you can treat diseases. For example, boiled tomatoes contain more leucopin than freshly squeezed tomato juice. Fruits favorably affect the composition of blood, which has been scientifically confirmed. It is these qualities that the "hundred poods" tomatoes possess.


If you look at the comments of gardeners onvarious forums, you will notice that this tomato is very simple to grow and yields a good harvest. "One hundred poods" (tomato, reviews about which are everywhere positive) to grow very profitable. Problems can arise when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, under a canopy of film.

one hundred poods tomato

Yield - about 25 kilograms of fruit from onebush. This, of course, inaccurate results, depending on the weather, the crop can vary from 25 to 18 kilograms, in some cases and less. You have the opportunity to choose tomatoes of this variety, but different colors - red, yellow, citrus, cherry and black. At an early stage of tomato growth, they have almost tasteless flesh, but as soon as the fruit begins to blush - honey taste with a barely perceptible sourness. If you are a beginner gardener, the tomato "one hundred poods" is ideal for you. The only thing worth paying attention to possible diseases. If you start tomatoes and do not follow recommendations, they can suffer from such ailments as anthracnose of fruits, cladosporium, or brown spot, gray rot, fusarium wilt and many others.

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  • How to grow tomato one hundred poods How to grow tomato one hundred poods How to grow tomato one hundred poods How to grow tomato one hundred poods How to grow tomato one hundred poods