How to get land plots for war veterans

How to get land plots for war veterans?

Are land plots allocated to veterans of combatactions? How can they be obtained if there is such an opportunity? To understand all this is not so difficult as it seems. In Russia some categories of the population claim free land. Or to line up on preferential terms. How does this process go if it comes to veterans? Can they claim land from the state in Russia? Or is it just a promise? What features of the queue should be considered?

Modern changes

The first and rather important point is the conditionsland acquisition. The fact is that earlier in Russia, citizens who are veterans could get a site for their needs with a pre-emptive right (that is, the first in line) for free. There was one more right - to get housing. But in 2005 everything changed.

Now land plots for war veteransactions are not provided for free. Is that an exception. There are some categories of veterans, for which the possibility of obtaining land without adding money to the state treasury has yet been fixed. For everyone else there are no benefits. So, the queue will be played on general plots for war veterans

Preemptive rights

Nevertheless, this is far from all changes thattouched upon the issue under study. The allocation of land to war veterans has been canceled free of charge. But in this case, this category of citizens still left one small bonus. Which one?

Veterans (all) remain privileged whenjoining cooperatives and summer / horticultural communities. Small, but a bonus. This should be remembered. Although in practice, such benefits are not so often used. Much more attention deserves land.

Who was left with the rights

How to be the one who pretends to plots, notrequiring a ransom? The land is allocated everywhere, the restriction applies only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these areas it is not issued. Free land plots for war veterans are provided, but not all.

Who has the right in the Russian Federation for such a privilege? Free land will be provided to the following categories of citizens:

  • To the Heroes of the Soviet Union;
  • Heroes of Russia;
  • to the Knights of the Order of Glory.

All the rest participate in auctions or ransoms. The only thing that can be hoped for - the veterans will first of all allocate land. And nothing more. As the modern practice shows, there is practically no point in waiting. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase plots on general grounds. That is, buy acquisition for veterans of military operations

We get the grounds

Land plots for war veterans, likeit has already been said, on a free basis only in some cases are laid. The rest will have to redeem the land. The region has the right to provide discounts for veterans, but no more.

The first step is to obtain information aboutsite that interested the citizen. This can be done in the administration of the region. Once information is received, it is recommended to obtain grounds for redemption.

What is it about? Provision of land to veterans of military operations with the right to purchase these should be justified. Just like a piece of land you can not get. You can, for example, rent it. Once the basis for using the land is obtained, you can proceed to further action.


What's next? Now you should do paperwork. This is the main problem, which can bring a lot of inconvenience. How to get a land plot to a veteran of military operations, which is not included in the list of those who have the right to free land? After acquiring the rights of use, it is necessary to conduct a land survey and obtain a general, as well as a cadastral plan of the land.provision of land to veterans of military operations

This issue is handled by special services. Also it is necessary to apply with the application for carrying out of geodetic works. Veterans are usually provided with privileges for the services of the listed organizations.

Collection of documents

The next stage is the collection of the bulk of the documents. The allocation of land to veterans of military operations without this step can not be made. After all, then the whole procedure of redemption is violated.

What documents are needed? The list is impressive, with the receipt of some papers there may be problems. But more often than not, citizens are required to:

  • Identity card (passport);
  • War veteran certificate (required);
  • pension certificate (preferably);
  • land survey plan;
  • cadastral passport for land;
  • The document is the basis for acquiring a site.

Facilitating the process

Among other things, you can somewhat easethe process of land redemption. The fact is that land plots for war veterans are provided faster if the need for a family is proved. Then you will additionally have to provide an additional list of to get a land plot veteran of the fighting

Which ones? To them at this time include:

  • an extract from the house book;
  • certificate from BTI;
  • certificate of registration as a needy (obtained by the city administration);
  • certificate of family composition;
  • form 2-NDFL (not mandatory);
  • certificate of marriage and the birth of children (if you live together);
  • cadastral passport of current housing.

On this you can finish. All the above documents are required to apply to certain authorities. After that it will be possible to redeem the land.

Contacting the Administration

Once all documents with copies and originalscollected, you need to write an application for the purchase of land. It's not so difficult. It is enough to fill a certain form, in which a citizen writes about the desire to acquire this or that land. The entire previously mentioned list of documents is attached to the appeal.

Are there benefits? Land plots for war veterans are provided in this case without bonuses. Is that such citizens are offered to buy land without holding an auction.Free land plots for war veterans

Then within 30 days the application from the veteran andhis family will be considered. At the end of the process, the person will be given a decision by the administration. If the answer is positive, you will have to pay the entire cost of the land at the cadastral price. In this case, the contract of sale and purchase in two copies. Only then the property is registered. The receipt for payment is recommended to be shown in the administration of the settlement.


Now it is clear how the land is allocatedveterans of military operations. The right of redemption is far from what the veterans are waiting for. But this decision was made only in 2005. After a ransom, one should not rejoice. There was one more important point - land registration in the property.

For this we need:

  • identification;
  • document indicating the status of the veteran;
  • cadastral passport of the land plot;
  • contract of sale;
  • a check on the payment of the cost of the site.

With this list it is necessary to come to the MFC orRosreestr, then write an application for the registration of land in the property. Within 30 days, this process will be implemented. It is enough to take the appropriate certificate on the day, which will be called by the employees of this or that organization. This requires only an identity card.privileges land plots for war veterans

For free receipt

Some veterans of the fighting are laidland plot on a free basis. In this case, you have to queue up. Some waiting time - and you can apply for registration of the property.

In fact, you can wait for your turnis very problematic. Everyone wants to get the land. Some redeem sites - this is the fastest and easiest, albeit costly way. Nevertheless, money is not always there, sometimes they are not enough to buy. Then you have to get in line. The land plot to the veteran of military operations is given exactly the same as for redemption. That is, a citizen provides a similar list of documents that he refers to the city administration. Only have to produce a certificate not just a veteran, but a Hero of the Soviet Union or any other beneficiary, which was mentioned earlier. And you do not need to look for documents that are grounds for obtaining land.

At the end of the application, the citizen will be informed of thesuccessful queuing. Then you just have to wait. When the time comes, the citizen will be given in the same city administration a certificate confirming the issuance of the site. With him, you can go to Rosreestr to complete the process of registering land in the property. There is nothing difficult in this.

Before the changes

But this is not all the features that willconsider. How to be the one who has long been in the queue? The land plot to the veteran of the fighting, who tried to obtain land before 2005 inclusive, reserves all the rights that exist before the introduction of new changes. What is it about? The right to free land along with the Heroes of Russia for them remains. So, you can just wait.

The algorithm of actions for such categories of veteransremains the same: obtaining a certificate confirming the receipt of the site, registration with Rosreestr, issue of a certificate of ownership.allocation of land to veterans of military operations


But this is not all the features that should be followed.consider. Land plots for veterans of military operations in Russia are now provided far from free. At the same time, it is important to remember that the state undertook obligations, under which it pays half of the expenses for the maintenance of any housing. So, after the completion of construction of his home citizen-veteran will have to pay only 50% of the cost of utilities.

Thus, the landsite. War veterans are granted land on a variety of conditions: either with the right to buy out, or on a free basis. It is enough only to follow the already known algorithm of actions.

Can I refuse a free site? Only those who stood in line after 2005. The rest of the veterans have the right to free land. It is worth to prepare for the fact that your turn will have to wait a very long time. Quicker just buy out the site.

Another benefit, which was not mentioned, isexemption from property tax. Veterans will not have to pay annually for the available land. As for any other property. This right is enshrined in legislation, and no one can take it away.

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  • How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans How to get land plots for war veterans