How to get a survivors benefit

How to get a survivor's benefit

With the loss of a husband or father who earnedmoney, the family, among other things, gets, most often, in a difficult financial situation. Trying to help, the state in this case assigns a survivor's benefit to dependents (most often, children under 18) who have remained without support in this case. However, there are several nuances that need to be taken into account when preparing this payment. It is worth bearing in mind that it can be social or labor. In the second case, its size will depend on the savings that came from the deceased to the Pension Fund. In 2011, the minimum amount was about 1500 rubles per person, and for round orphans, this amount was almost doubled.

To begin with it is necessary to determine who hasright to survivor's benefit. Firstly, these are his underage children, who do not even need to particularly prove their right to this assistance from the state. Further, depending on the situation, the spouse or the parents of the breadwinner can claim, as well as his brothers, sisters or other close relatives. An important factor is the complete financial dependence on the deceased breadwinner for reasons not dependent on dependents (disability, age under 23, full-time education at the university, etc.). Also, the payment is due to the relatives of the deceased, who cares for his young children.

The organization to which to apply is the local(concerning registration) branch of the Pension fund. Having addressed there, first of all, it will be necessary to fill out the application on a special sample form, which contains the data of the applicant, the deceased breadwinner, and a list of dependents. In advance it is necessary to take care of opening an account with the bank, for which payment of the survivor's benefit will be made. It can be transferred to either a savings book or a plastic bank card. The law states that this application can be sent to the relevant institution by mail, but it must first be notarized.

The package of documents that will be needed consists ofmandatory and additional, while the latter are individual for each specific case. In order to clarify them, you need to contact the employee of the pension fund. The documents that will be needed in any case include the applicant's passport, the death certificate of the breadwinner, a document that must confirm the status of the dependent (for the children - the birth certificate), the work book of the deceased. Additional documents can be the following: a certificate of the salary of the breadwinner, a document confirming the disability of the dependent, a certificate of education in full time form, etc.

The period for which the loss benefit is drawn upthe breadwinner, varies depending on the situation. If it is appointed by disability, then its entire term will be paid. For the underage dependents, two stages of its payment are distinguished. The first one - until the age of 18, the second - if the child continues to study at full-time, then, with the provision of relevant certificates, up to 23 years. Usually when registering an application, a specialist of the Pension Fund gives detailed comments on the payment term and the possibility to extend it.

In addition, dependents are entitled to sociala survivor's benefit, which is paid in cases where the deceased has no work record, officially registered, or when he commits an intentional act punishable under the Criminal Code, which resulted in death.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact thata survivor's benefit is awarded from the day of his death, therefore, it is necessary to apply to the relevant institution not later than 12 months from this date. This payment, though not too large in size, but allows the state to provide all possible assistance to persons in need of it.

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