How to do quilling

How to do quilling?

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How to do quilling?

Quilling, as a technique, arose many years ago, butlately it has become more and more popular. The art of paper-making first appeared in Europe at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. The inmates of the monasteries made the most beautiful medallions in such a technique and sold them. However, the paper is a very fragile material, and to date no such medallion has survived. Today paper circulation has moved to the East and has become popular in Korea and China. In South Korea, even organized a whole society of fans to create paper compositions.

In the nineteenth century, quilling was considered simplefeminine hobby, and in the twentieth and completely gone into oblivion. Today, several centuries after its appearance, it is gaining more and more popularity.

What is quilling

Quite simply, quilling is ordinary paperwork. In this technique, you can create various patterns and crafts that you can do for yourself and for sale.

Let's look at how to make crafts fromquilling. In order to create a beautiful pattern, you will need several strips of colored paper, a little fancy and a toothpick. Create a pattern is very simple. It's best to start with the simplest products.

Quilling: crafts

The simplest figure that is the basisall skill is a spiral. It can be either tight or free. To make it, you need to prepare in advance the strips, which will have to be twisted. After that, the strips are tightly wound on an awl or toothpick, then glue the free end of the roll to the dense part of the strip with glue so that it does not unwind. Only after the glue dries, you can begin to form a figure. If you squeeze the roll on one side you can get a drop, and if it is from two, then something that looks like an eye. Thus, if you include fantasy from one twisted roll you can get absolutely different shapes. Now consider how to make quilling from paper using several parts, but first of all, it is worth paying attention to the paper itself. It should be bright and dense, otherwise, the twisted strips will be untwisted. In order to cut the strips evenly, it is advisable to use a paper knife and a steel ruler. Strips are made not thinner than 1 mm and not thicker than 1.5 centimeters. The length of the strips is 25 cm.

Winding strips can be as ordinarytoothpick, and on an awl or other pointed object. Sometimes even a hair brush is used for such purposes. The glue needs to be selected as high as possible, because it is thanks to it that the most difficult work is performed. Also for work is not necessary, but it is advisable to use tweezers. With his help crafts will look more beautiful and tidy.

Flower of paper

So, consider quilling flowers, how to make them onpractice. To make a beautiful flower, you need to cut a few strips and wind the rolls out of them. Two rolls make a green color and sharpen them on one side. Thus, we will have two petals. In the same way, wind the yellow roll and make the middle of the flower out of it. It must be left round. Petals make of bands of a red or crimson shade and we sharpen them with one of the parties. Now with the sharp end we glue each petal to the base. The simplest flower is ready. You can make the original braid from the ribbon or decorate it in another way. If you do not succeed, you can find on the Internet on the topic - how to make a quilling, video. Each step will be described step by step and an explanation will be given to each action. A flower can be a wonderful decoration for a card or picture.

Now you can consider more complex compositionsQuilling snowflakes, how to do them and in what order. They will become a wonderful decoration of your house on the eve of the New Year holidays. First you need to make a few pieces. We roll the rolls on the toothpick, glue them and wait for a few minutes until the glue stops. The sizes of rolls are desirable to be made different, that the snowflake was unique. The resulting blanks can be slightly disbanded so that the rings are more spacious. They should not be tight, because in that case the snowflake will not be beautiful. Now we start to perform various figures in the quilling technique. In addition to the mug and droplets, we can get a square, holding the circle from four sides, from the square to make a diamond. From the drop, you can get a triangle, making a base in it, and if the triangle is pressed into the base, then you get an arrow. There are many other forms, but they are basic. Now we proceed to the final stage - the assembly of crafts. It is necessary to invent an original pattern and arrange in a certain order all the above figures. The number of rows of these figures can be different. It is very important that the figures perfectly match each other and easily glued together.

Thus, we see that quilling israther simple technology for creating beautiful handicrafts. You can use it to create beautiful panels and pictures, postcards and other compositions. Quilling can be done by every girl, regardless of whether she did it earlier or not.

Now you know how to do quilling yourself, and if you need to create a unique composition, then no doubt, you can start the business.

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