How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment

How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment

Torturing diarrhea? How to treat is the first question that arises in this unpleasant phenomenon. Ways of getting rid of the disease can be as follows:

· Therapeutic effect on the cause of pathology in order to eliminate it.

· Prevention of subsequent complications.

· Restorative process of resources and functions of the organism of the victim after elimination of the disease.

The solution of these problems is the goal of a modern approach in the treatment of diarrhea.

Before you understand how to cure diarrhea, you shoulddetermine the possible cause of the pathology. This is what is important in the appointment of therapy. Such treatment is called "etiotropic therapy", that is, aimed at eliminating the underlying cause of the disease.

There are often cases of diarrhea in whichTo determine the cause of its occurrence is very difficult. Significantly facilitates the diagnosis and purpose of effective treatment of the definition of the nature of pathology. If there is such a possibility, the diagnosis is specified by studies, in particular microscopy of feces. Thus, pathogenic bacteria are established, if any, to occur. Less commonly, as a diagnostic, sowing is used on a nutrient medium. This method is used for epidemiological purposes.

How to cure diarrhea at home? It's no secret that there is an opinion that diarrhea does not represent any danger and this symptom is absolutely harmless. Many people cope with this problem on their own, using, for example, folk methods of treatment or all known medicines ("Attapulgit", "Bactisubtil", "Bifidumbacterin"). Nevertheless, the disorder of the stool requires attentive treatment. Only the specialist can determine the true cause of diarrhea.

At least, wondering how to cure diarrhea, know that seeking help in a medical institution is necessary with such symptoms accompanying diarrhea:

  • Pathological thirst.
  • Persistent pain in the abdomen.
  • Strong weakness, fatigue.
  • Heat.
  • In stool, blood is seen or black.

Such symptoms can signal the presence of serious pathologies. In such cases, the specialist will determine how home treatment of the disease is possible.

How to cure diarrhea if you do not call a doctor quicklyit turns out? There are folk methods for solving the problem. First of all, you should stop eating, but keep drinking. From drinking it is recommended warm green tea, "Regidron", mineral water without gas. You should not drink carbonated water, juices, coffee and milk during this period. Liquids need to drink a lot and continue until urination becomes frequent, and urine is transparent. The yellow color of urine in this case indicates the presence of toxins in the body.

The next step is to prepare rice. Suppose for starters it will be a decoction with the addition of a small amount of butter. In the absence of serious problems, diarrhea will cease in a day.

If diarrhea in children, treatment is similar. At least, the volume of food should be reduced. It is best to eat rice, as well as: boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, bananas. It is completely necessary to limit the intake of baby milk, raw fruits and vegetables. Apples can be grated. A complete restriction in food is useful briefly.

How to cure diarrhea in children and adults with the help ofpotatoes, onions and carrots? This recipe has long been used successfully as a folk remedy: peeled potatoes along with carrots are taken in equal parts. Cook together with one onion from 40 minutes to an hour, after which the onion is removed.

A specific soup will be obtained, in which the remainingvegetables need to be kneaded a little. Lightly salt, and at first take the spoon, and then the usual portions. Thus, flora of the intestine is gradually restored. Soup is consumed for three days, after which it is possible to start adding oil to it and gradually making a transition to light, habitual food.

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  • How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment How to cure diarrhea at home. Diagnosis and treatment